Short Online Courses for UI/UX Design

Website design goes beyond a website’s physical attributes. Websites are not just a jumble of elements put together to create content. A good-looking website may not always be a high-functioning one. The problem may lie in the essential User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design standards. There are meticulous considerations in web design and development that aims for improved user experience and customer satisfaction. When both of these are achieved, the performance of an app or a webpage will soar dramatically.

Learning the basics may just be the beginning, but learning about UI and UX design surely makes a difference in websites. Here are a few short courses available on the internet:

The No BS 2-Hour UI Design Course on Udemy

When you are looking for a short, literally short, course, this particular lesson from Udemy may be the way to go. If you are looking to quickly review and brush-up on essentials, this is a straight-to-the-point course to choose from. For only $12.99, the course promises a quick brush-up on the latest lingo for old pros, a quick run-through of Figma, and how to properly showcase your portfolio.

Image Source: Udemy

CalArts UI/UX Design Specialization Series on Coursera

This course series on Coursera is offered by none other than professors from the California Institute of Arts. It is a certificate course where everything is completely done online. It is good for both beginner and professional level designers. Its requirement is about 5 hours a week for four months for a total of Four specialization courses.


Image source: Coursera

Varied Design Courses on Hackdesign

If you are looking for a less structured short-course, then Hackdesign is a good place to go. They offer a total of 101 lessons for design. It encompasses not only UX and UI but other topics that touch upon the design.

Image Source: Hackdesign

Intro to UX: Fundamentals of Usability on Skillshare

The Intro to UX: Fundamentals of Usability is a good course to learn for those who are trying to formally learn how to design UX and UI. Learning should always start with the basics. There are other more advanced courses on Skillshare, fortunately for professional levels.

Image Source: Skillshare

SuperHi: Intro to User Experience Design

This may be one of the most expensive (at $149) but maybe one of the most detailed online courses on UX and UI. It touches up not only on the design process (modern versus traditional) but also conducts testing with real people. This allows the designer to gain real feedback for better-informed decisions.

Image Source: SuperHi

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