Quform Vs FormCraft: Top WordPress Form Builder Plugins Compared

Without a doubt Quform and FormCraft are two of the most popular and highly-rated WordPress form builders on the market, but which of these two giants is right for you? Today, we take a peek under the hoods to see at what makes these form builders so special. We’ll identify the best features of each and help you decide which of them is the plugin you need. 

Quform WordPress Form Builder

Let’s start with Quform. Quform is one of most the feature-rich and easy-to-use WordPress form plugins available today. 

Quform WordPress Form Builder
Quform WordPress Form Builder

Create A Variety of Forms

First, Quform allows you to not only create beautiful contact forms, but also provides a wide range of templates that will allow you to build a variety of other forms, some of which you might not think you’ll need—until of course, you do.  

For example, Quform allows you to create a quick question form for your visitors and embed it anywhere on your site. This type of mini form might be used to check the visitor experience of your site or gain feedback on the services and products you offer. 

Taking this idea a step further, Quform also enables you to create your own surveys and multiple choice forms. So, if you’re looking for a WordPress quiz plugin or a plugin that allows you to create a survey to get to know your visitors better, you don’t need to look for further because Quform allows you to create your own surveys and quizzes. It also provides more specialised templates for creating forms for bookings, RSVPs, job applications, pre-sale questions and much more.

Easy-to-Customise Drag and Drop Form Builder

Another quality that makes this WordPress form builder stand apart from the competition is that it is very easy-to-use and to customise to suit your brand. That’s because it’s an intuitive drag drop form builder that offers 11 themes, modifiable colours schemes, and scalable element sizes, as well as the ability to create your own theme.

Though it’s simple enough for website building novices to use well, Quform won’t disappoint the more advanced user who can create unique and complexe forms using the extensive layout options and styling features. 

Some of the best features are:

  • multi-page forms
  • edit entries
  • duplicate element
  • submit button element that can be moved
  • unlimited emails can be sent from a single submission
  • conditional logic on notifications
  • add attachments to notifications

This is what user johanlimm says about the WordPress form builder:

“Code quality: 10/10, design quality: 10/10, customer support: 10/10, documentation quality: 10/10, flexibility: 10/10, customizability: 10/10, feature availability: 10/10”

Now that you know why Quform is one of the best form plugin WordPress users can add to their site, let’s take a look at its competition.

FormCraft Premium WordPress Form Builder 

Like Quform, FormCraft is a superb drag drop form builder for creating stunning forms. The builder uses a WYSIWYG system, so you can move elements around with your cursor to create the look and functionality you need in your contact form, and see the result of your choices immediately. 

FormCraft - Premium WordPress Form Builder
FormCraft – Premium WordPress Form Builder 

Forms That Pop Up On Any Page

As with Quform, you can create among the best contact form WordPress plugins can offer, but you can also create just about any form you like with this WordPress form builder. What’s really great though is that users can not only embed forms on any page on your site but also set them to popup on any page, or trigger a form using an existing element on a page. 

Easy and Extensive Customisation 

You can customise your forms extensively and easily by changing fonts, modifying layouts, adding an entire custom colour scheme, adding a background image or logo, or even adding custom CSS to tweak the look and feel of your form.

Awesome Addons

As awesome as these features are, there are a few other qualities that have earned the drag drop form builder its chops as one of the two best form plugin WordPress has to offer. The first is the possibility of extending its functionality beyond its basic features. Formcraft offers a number of terrific free and paid addons that take the plugin to the next level. These include MailChimp, GetResponse and Campaign Monitor, Signature Pad, and more. 

Web Form Analytics

Secondly, Formcraft also comes integrated with web form analytics that allow you to monitor form views and submissions, and monitor conversion rates on a weekly, monthly, yearly, or custom basis.

Integrated Help Files

Finally, the Formcraft WordPress form plugin gives users access to dozens of tutorials, search help topics with real life examples from within the form editor making it super easy to get help on the fly while you work.

User 625539 says of this WordPress form builder:

“It’s about time I rated this plugin for it’s awesomeness. It has great design and functionality, and more importantly, Nishant can always be relied upon to solve issues. My most favourite plugin of all time.”

Choose Your WordPress Form Plugin

Whether you choose the Quform or FormCraft as your go to WordPress Form Plugin, you can’t go wrong with either of them. For some users Quform will tick all the boxes, while for others the ability to incorporate MailChimp and other great functionality will make FormCraft the right fit. Check these two amazing WordPress Form Builders out, and let us know in the comments below which one you prefer.

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