fantasy city architecture tutorial

Photo Compositing Tutorials for Adobe Photoshop

Many web designers use Photoshop as a graphics editing tool for creating website mockups. However, Photoshop is primarily meant for digital photo editing. One such area of work is compositing which takes two or more photos and combining them together into one awesome picture. These images can capture the attention of users and keep them coming back to your website.

Compositing is a difficult skill to pick up but can be considered very powerful across many careers. It can be used to create banners, logos, book covers, or even print advertisements. The best way to learn compositing is through repetition and consistent practice. If you don’t know where to get started, dig through some of these tutorials that cover very thorough methods of compositing.

Photo Compositing Tutorials for Adobe Photoshop

Fantasy City

fantasy city architecture tut

Realistic Placement

realistic placement of people

Spooky Forest

spooky forest composite photoshop

Fantasy Matte

fantasy matte photoshop composite

Realistic Train Composite

photoshop composite train tracks

Exploding Planet

photoshop exploding planet

Falling Snow

Paint Splatter

mold paint splatter on face

Sports Composite

sports portrait composite

Filter Design

filter composite photo

Extended Depth of Field

extend depth of field photoshop

Refine Edge

howto composite refine edge

Focus Stacking

focus stacking photoshop

Heart shaped Smoke

composite smoke ring heart

Portrait Mask

photoshop face mask composite

Distressed Rust

photoshop distressed rust effect

Panoramic Composite

panoramic composite hq photo

Disaster Scene

earth disaster scene photoshop

Disintegration Effect

human disintegration effect photoshop

Fantasy Scene

photo fantasy scene tutorial

Snowy Landscape

snowy composite photo tutorial

Micro Machines

photoshop composite scene machines

Scenic Landscape

scenic landscape composite photoshop

Glassware Composite

composite octoberfest glassware howto

Sinister Haunted House

sinister haunted house composite

Crocodile with a Frog

crocodile combined with frog composite

Replacing Lipstick

composite lipstick in photoshop

Battlefield Scene

photoshop composite battlefield tutorial

Rim Light

Blending Images

Dispersion Effect

Realistic Shadows

Perspective Bending Effect

Bokeh Overlays

3D Pop-out Photo

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