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Learn Web Development With These Web Developer Courses

If you’re a newbie hoping to learn web development, these web developer courses below will be powerful tools in your journey to greater knowledge.

As you embark on this journey, remember that Google and websites like StackOverflow are your best friends. You will encounter many frustrating problems along the way, but they are all problems that have been solved by someone else before. You just need to find the answer.

Learn Web Development Basics

Getting Started with the Web (Mozilla)

learn web development getting started with the web mdn

If you’re not sure what HTML even is, this is where you should start. This collection of articles called Getting Started with the Web is designed to get complete novices familiar with the basic functionality of websites. And the Mozilla Development Network (MDN) is an amazing resource for web development documentation, so bookmark them.


HTML and CSS are the backbone of every website in existence. They’re used to create the structure, content and visual design of web pages, and expert-level knowledge is essential for any web developer.


learn web development html dog

HTML Dog is an excellent, informal portal for those looking to learn HTML, CSS and Javascript rom scratch. It starts with extremely basic tutorials to get you up and running. But the best way to learn web development is to see real solutions to real problems. So once you’ve mastered that, you can move on to the interactive examples to explore how real web code works, and review the techniques section to see how common web development problems are solved.

Learn HTML & CSS (Codecademy)

learn web development codecademy html css

Codecademy is an invaluable resource for folks looking to learn web development or learn to code. Instead of watching video lectures, you’ll learn to code in your browser, typing real HTML and CSS to accomplish real goals. Like many of their courses, the Codecademy’s HTML & CSS introduction is one of the best available.

Intro to HTML/CSS (Khan Academy)

learn web development khan academy html css

Khan Academy’s HTML and CSS course will introduce you to the broad basics, with video lectures and coding challenges.

HTML5 Game Development (Udacity)

learn web development cs 255

If you already known HTML but you want to expand your skills, we’ve got something for you too. You can use HTML5 to build in-browser games and high-performance web apps in this Google-sponsored course from Udacity. This intermediate-level course will be most useful to folks with a solid grounding in basic HTML.


JavaScript is the language used to create much of the user interaction you’ll find on web pages. As a scripting language, it’s more closely related to programming languages than markup languages like HTML. Nevertheless, it’s just as essential for a career in web development.

JavaScript 30

learn web development javascript 30

Learn JavaScript in thirty days with thirty real-world coding challenges based on 30 tutorials. Great crash course!

Learn JavaScript (Codecademy)

learn web development codecademy javascript

Like their HTML course, Codecademy’s JavaScript course is one of the best available. You’ll learn the ins and outs of the language while building projects in your browser.

Modern JavaScript Tutorial

learn web development modern javascript tutorial

This detailed course covers everything about JavaScript, from the very basics to advanced concepts. Thorough, impressive and crucial for web developers at all skill levels.

Learn Javascript (Mozilla)

learn web development javascript mdn

Mozilla’s dry but informative JavaScript course is an excellent resource for those that do best with book learning. It’s also an amazing resource for JavaScript documentation that you’ll be sure to return to time and again.

Modern JavaScript (Angular Class)

learn web development modern javascript angular

This intermediate JavaScript course from Angular Class covers the newest features of JavaScript, covering Node.js, NPM, ES2015, asynchronous JS and more. Come to this course with a decent understanding of JavaScript.

jQuery (Codecademy)

learn web development jquery codecademy

jQuery is a modified version of JavaScript designed to focus on user-friendly code and animation frameworks. While some of its functionality has been replaced by HTML5’s canvas, it’s still a valuable resource for developers. Codecademy’s jQuery course is a great way to get introduced to the basics of the language.

Learn Node

learn web development node js

Node.JS is a JavaScript library use to build server-side web applications and APIs. It’s based on JavaScript, so you’ll need basic JavaScript language to make sense of it. It’s a bit on-trend right now, but still extremely popular. The Learn Node course is taught by the talented Wes Bos, a full stack web developer and JavaScript expert.


PHP is a hugely popular server-side scripting language for the web. It expands the capabilities of HTML with new features like collecting user input through forms, interacting with MySQL databases and editing cookies. It’s often derided as insecure, but it’s still a massively popular, in-demand language.

Learn PHP (Codecademy)

learn web development php codecademy

Codecademy offers an excellent introduction into PHP, covering the basics of the language and its capabilities for new users.

Learn PHP Programming From Scratch (Udemy)

learn web development php udemy

Udemy’s excellent PHP course will help you learn PHP from the very beginning, or brush up on your rusty PHP skills.

Getting Started with PHP (PHP.net)

learn web development php.net getting started

PHP.net is the website for PHP, housing all the official documentation. It’s an invaluable resource for you to have as you learn PHP, but they also include a brief getting started guide to help get your feet wet.

Computer Science

Computer science covers a lot of ground. We’re referring to courses that don’t strictly cover web development, but are nevertheless useful for aspiring web devs.

CS50 (Harvard/edX)

learn web development cs50

Harvard’s CS50 course, taught by the charismatic David J. Malan, is considered a challenging but essential introduction to computer science. Using the C programming language, you’ll learn about sorting, functions, application design and more. An excellent resource for anyone without a straight computer science background, including experienced self-taught developers that missed introductory comp sci.

Intro to Computer Science (Udacity)

learn web development cs101

Udacity’s Intro to Computer Science uses Python to introduce many of the same concepts covered in CS50. Python is typically considered a simpler language to pick up for beginners, so if using C has you in fits, check out this course.

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