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How Tuts+ Has Helped People in Their Careers

People use Envato Tuts+ for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes it’s just for fun or to pick up some creative skills as a hobby. But many people also use the site to help them in their careers. 

We ran a reader survey earlier this year, and some of the responses were quite inspiring. Here’s a look at how some of your fellow learners have used the site to help them make progress in their careers.

Landing Their First Job

Quite a few of our learners are students who use Envato Tuts+ to help them supplement their formal school or university education with some extra practical skills.

Bartłomiej Szubert was one of those people. He started to learn web development from our courses and eBooks while studying, and after a few months he prepared his CV and applied for a web developer position at a company in his city. And he got the job!

Right now I’m a Mid-Level PHP Programmer / Senior Web Developer in another company, while my colleagues from university often haven’t even found their first job. And that’s all thanks to Envato Tuts+.

For Pouya Rezaei, it was after graduating from university in Economics & Finance that he realised he wanted to work in a different field. So he set out to teach himself everything he needed to know about designing websites. 

Two years later I began freelancing, six years on I am creating websites, design work, PHP, HTML, JavaScript … Everything I learnt and all the CMS plugins I used for my clients when I first started, it ALL was with the help of you guys. I’m living my life doing what I LOVE. 

Pouya Rezaei
Pouya Rezaei

Humaira Mahinur only started on the site a few months ago, but has already learned a lot and is moving towards a freelance career. 

I am a learner of web design and development, graphic design and other skills … After completing some projects, by the will of Allah, I will start my career with Envato Studio and some freelance marketplace. 

And Michelle Silva is a graphic design student about to graduate and now working in a printing job to gain some experience. 

This website has definitely helped me improve in areas that I didn’t understand or weren’t covered in class and need to learn quickly to complete a job. Tuts+ guarantees that the ONE course you watch will help you learn what you need. 

Michelle Silva
Michelle Silva

Finding Better Job Opportunities

Sometimes, people are already on the career ladder, but are not satisfied with the opportunities available to them in their current roles. 

Jenny Yamada, for example, says:

I’m using it to refresh my memory and apply for jobs I wouldn’t qualify for otherwise. I was able to build out my website in WordPress from taking Adi’s course. 

But you don’t always need to move on to move up. Alexander Kozhurkin was already working as a full-time developer, but felt stuck at a junior level. By learning new skills, he was able to start working on more fulfilling projects.

Now I’m working on an enterprise-level business app. I realized that my success depends on my own efforts, and quality education is the key for this. Envato courses let me grow fast, it’s like watching an expert coding over his shoulder. 

Making a Career Change

Envato Tuts+ is also helping people retrain so that they can make the career change they’ve always dreamed of.

Some, like Dave Perlman, are still in the early stages of a career change, but have accumulated skills that are moving them towards a dream job:

I’m closer now than I ever have been to having a career as a web developer and I’ve only put in about a year learning code.

Others are further along. Treighton Mauldin took a big risk several years ago by quitting his job in the construction industry to pursue a career in web development. 

I had no experience, and no clue where to start. When I found Tuts+ I was able to start learning rapidly, going through the free courses and tutorials, and within a year I had my first full-time job as a developer. Now I am a back end developer and am helping lead a development team of four people. 

Treighton Mauldin
Treighton Mauldin

Another person who switched careers with the help of Tuts+ is Traci Brinling. After being laid off three years ago, she decided to follow her passion for animation and break into a new career. She used our online courses and tutorials to help her make the change.   

I did something right because I am working as an in-house animator and now just trying to build up my freelance client base. 

Meanwhile, Neeru Mokha is using the site to help her get back into work after a career break.

It’s really helpful in updating my resume as I took 4 years of break but now I am getting very close to filling my gap. Videos posted are very knowledgeable and very helpful in improving your basic to advanced level skills.

And so is George Millard:

I have got back into software development after a number of years working in a different field. I am using it to get back up to speed and learn the new languages that are now popular.

Being More Effective as a Freelancer

Many freelancers use Envato Tuts+ to brush up on their skills and land better contracts. When Christian Nazha had a client ask for a Laravel site, he tried various other sites to get the information he needed, but none could help him. Some had bad English, poor sound quality, or even skipped the basics. 

Here I found the perfect combination of explanatory and quality videos.

Meanwhile, self-taught web developer Tracey Niblett is using Tuts+ to improve the quality of her work, resulting in big cost savings. 

Tuts+ has really helped to fill in the gaps in my knowledge so that my code has become more efficient and reliable. Reliable code means happy customers and less time supporting and more time developing new stuff so the money I have saved in time supporting has more than covered the cost of my subscription.

Being Their Own Boss

Lisette Marie McGrath has been struggling to set up an online business while grappling with health issues. The online courses and tutorials have helped her to keep her skills updated while working at her own pace. Now her health is improving and she’s able to devote more time to her business, using the skills she’s acquired.

Envato Tuts+ has kept me going for the last few years, keeping me interested, inspired and focussed on what matters the most to me.

Meanwhile, Martine Kerr says she went from 813 to over 10,000 Instagram followers in just over a year with videos she’s created using skills learned on Tuts+, and now she’s ready to design and film her own courses.

The skills allowed me to save a huge amount of time in filming and basic editing workflow. I’m now confident enough to create my own online courses.

Doing a Better Job

And finally, what better way to enhance your career than just being better at the day-to-day job you do?

Cassie Porcella got her first job as a corporate web developer/designer five years ago, and she used Tuts+ to help her thrive in the new role. When she started, the company website was very basic, and she used our courses and tutorials to learn the skills she needed to overhaul it.

I quickly started using Tuts+ and it helped me take my coding from basic HTML and CSS to full PHP, MySQL and JavaScript/jQuery. After a full redesign of the site design and architecture to align with our business objectives, I started using Tuts+ to refine the site and add user-friendly features. 

But as we all know, technology is an ever-changing industry, and a couple of years ago, Cassie updated her knowledge with the help of Kezz Bracey’s explanations of responsive design. 

This course helped me to transform our site and its usability and help future-proof the design structure for the multitude of device sizes. Additionally, it really encouraged me to see a female coder getting recognition in a field where us gals are often the minority. Thanks for providing such helpful tutorials that have helped me excel in my job, which benefits my company, our team members and our customers! I look forward to refining my craft and boosting my skills with your help! 

Cassie Porcella
Cassie Porcella

Over to You

How have you used Envato Tuts+ tutorials and courses? Have they helped you in your career? Let us know in the comments below. 

If you haven’t tried our full membership yet, why not give it a go? As you can tell from these stories, many people enjoy the kind of career progress that quickly pays for the cost of the subscription. Try our new combined subscription to Envato Tuts+ and Envato Elements. For just $29 a month, you get unlimited video courses and eBooks, plus unlimited downloads from a huge library of professional-quality graphics, photos, web templates, and much more.

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