How to Use Doodle Ipsum for Your Illustrations

Doodle Ipsum is a website where designers can customize their dummy illustrations (or graphic placeholders) depending on their design requirements. Using this website, you can turn simple doodles into works of art and readily use them for simple work like landing pages, page samples, banners, and the like.

What do we put in when we want to convey an idea for a client but we don’t know yet exactly the kind of content they want to put in? That’s where the Lorem Ipsum comes in. Usually, Lorem Ipsum is a “gap text” used by web designers to show clients how the text would look like on a website. Instead of putting in actual information (that could distract from how the design looks), a web designer uses dummy text to show the layout. Nowadays, Lorem Ipsum isn’t just text, it could now also be illustrations.

In the most basic of forms, Lorem Ipsum illustrations can be considered as “stock” vector images, icons, clipart, graphics, or doodles. Doodle Ipsum is a great website to use when trying to create a Lorem Ipsum illustration.

How to Use Doodle Ipsum

Using Doodle Ipsum is pretty straightforward. It does not need any tutorials and the idea is pretty easy to understand. Simply follow these four steps and then you would be able to customize your own Doodle Ipsum. The most fun thing about Doodle Ipsum is the fact that you can pretty much randomize everything. Each step has a “shuffle” option where the algorithms will just choose the style and background color for you.

Choose A Style:

Users could choose from a variety of styles which include hand-drawn doodles, abstracts, and even avatars.

Select a Proportion

This is one of the most important features of the Doodle Ipsum. The point of putting in a lorem ipsum illustration is to gauge what an image would look like (its size, background color, design, etc) against the entire theme of the website. So, choosing the correct proportion is essential in creating a doodle Ipsum.

Select a Background Color

This is also a feature that could be randomized.

Choose between URL and Embed Code

Based on the website’s needs, a designer can choose between a URL or an embed code so they could use their customized doodle Ipsum on their websites.


Here is an example of a Lorem Ipsum Illustration from Doodle Ipsum


Illustration by Pablo Stanley

Illustration by Pablo Stanley

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