How to Make Your Digital Art Piracy Proof

How do you make your digital art piracy proof? Is it even possible? Intellectual property rights on the internet are among those that are very hard to protect. People who have negative interests in any content or work on the internet will always find a way to steal other people’s work. The good thing, however, is that the face of the internet has already been changing lately to try to eliminate theft and copyright violations. Although, preventing theft is difficult, there are ways to protect one’s intellectual property on the internet. At the very least, it makes it easier for the owner to bring an illegal redistributor to court.

Here are some ways to protect your digital art against piracy:

How to Make Your Digital Art Piracy Proof: Watermarks

This is very simple but very important for digital work. Especially for photographs and digital art, creating a watermark will make it easier to identify it as an original. The problem with this, however, is that watermarks are quite easy to edit out. At least, the original owner of the artwork would know if what is redistributed is a pirated copy or a purchased original.

Make your work easy to access

When products are easier to access, people become more willing to purchase your digital goods. How can your digital work become more accessible to clientele? One way is to make it available (albeit paid) on various platforms. If making your work affordable enough to gain more buyers is not an option, then maybe keeping it available on more sources can increase accessibility.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

For instance, music is one of the most pirated digital works on the internet. However, the introduction of Spotify where people could stream music for free (with ads) has significantly reduced the piracy of music. If you make your work available on platforms like this, it becomes easily accessible to more people, reducing the chances of someone pirating it.

Invest in digital protection

When uploading your artwork on different media, maybe investing in a paid account is worthwhile. This is to ensure that people will be purchasing licenses for your work before using them. Or maybe, apply for copyright claims for your digital art. This is so you could easily report others who illegally distribute your work. Remember, if a product is too hard to steal then people will get less motivation to find pirated copies of it.

Always require logins for downloads

If you want to make your work available online, maybe choose a platform that requires logins before downloads. At least it prevents unauthorized access to your digital work. Also, you could use logs to figure out which of them stole your content for illegal redistribution.

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