How to gain more followers without doing too much: that one secret hack that is actually working

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably the person who has just created their blog on IG and now has lots of questions about how to promote it. True, it is harder for beginners – they don’t have a base that they can rely on while trying to gain more subscribers and more likes. But thanks to progress, we now have a huge sphere of social media marketing that offers an enormous number of tools and options for people who want to move their business online, or who want to become known and loved online because of their personal reasons. In any case, there are methods that can help boost your page, for free and for money. You can choose whichever you find more convenient; but we’d say that the paid ones are better, because they help with sparing time and effort and concentrating it on more important things – such as blogging itself.

What is that hack that we’ve been talking about in the header? You might be surprised, but we’d like to talk about the chance to buy Instagram followers – yes, this method has gathered lots of controversial opinions about it, but we will be talking about its pros today. Cons are questionable and can be totally eliminated by following the rules that we will be revealing in this article. So, if you’ve made a decision to purchase a paid service, you should first of all figure out whether that company is selling real subs or the fake ones. Fake subscribers are exactly the danger that everybody is talking about – if you take on subs that are fakes or bots, IG is going to put you into the shadow ban, and you’re going to have a long hard time getting out of it. Why? Social media (all of them) are having pretty strict policy towards bots nowadays, as those are littering the online environment and are making real people’s time on those social media less pleasant.

But if you buy real Instagram followers, things are going to be completely different. For example, you’re not going to have any troubles with the Insta algorithms – your page is going to be visited by real people, and that’s good. Plus, those people might want to also leave you likes or comments, if they find your content interesting enough. It’s only a possibility, not a one hundred percent happening, but it’s still there – and this is a weighty bonus for people who are having their online promo campaign running right now. And those bought subs are going to become exactly the base that we’ve been talking about in the very beginning of this article; when people see that somebody is already liking someone’s content, they are more willing to check whatever content this person is posting. So start with the paid service and put forward several nice posts, be in stories daily and interact with your audience, answering their questions in comments and direct messages and initiating discussions yourself.

You should always remember though that paid services are only the support to the efforts that you should make yourself; no paid followers, thumbs up or comments will bring you the success that you’re dreaming about. You should be able to induce people’s interest and work with it, make them stay with you and make them want to check what you’re posting on your account daily. Without that you’re risking losing all the benefits that paid services can give you. If you don’t have time to contact with people and to plan ahead that you’re going to post, you should hire a person for that or ask somebody for help – we get that the services of a professional social media manager can get pricey sometimes, and that’s exactly why we’re offering you to purchase followers and concentrate on other things yourself.

And we also strongly recommend that you include cross-posting into the process of development – this trick helps to expand the audience and connect all your online acquaintances and customers to the process of promoting that one social network. Be sure to let them know that you are doing something new on IG, intrigue or even hold a raffle (yes, raffles work great to attract people) so that as many of your subscribers in other social networks as possible are interested in your activities in Insta.

In general, flirting with the audience becomes the main thing on the way to online success, because in order to keep people, you need to constantly surprise them and entice them to make new purchases or help promote your blog. When the trust index is high enough, your audience can even do the profile promotion for you – after a while (if everything goes well), you will not have to put any effort into promoting your own product or your own blog. People who are used to you and who love you will do it on their own.

Getting back to the paid services: saving time and making your development online quicker and more comfortable will be totally worth the price; moreover, today those services are way cheaper than they were before, as the sphere of social media marketing grows and offers something new to its clients almost each day. If you’ve found the decent website to buy subs from, you won’t have to worry about the safety and about other things, they will take care of that themselves – and they can even offer you free trials so you could decide whether you want to cooperate with that company or not.

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