Halloween Design Elements for Kid-Friendly Websites

Halloween design elements are on trend this season and we all know why! It is because Halloween is just around the corner. This is a season where a lot of website design updates are conceptualized and updated. Now, as designers, we all know this is a big holiday for children, just like Christmas. Depending on the owner of the website, designers may be required to change up a few design themes or elements.

Especially within a kid-friendly website, designers are surrounded by endless options on the internet, thankfully. There are also so many design tools available for use as well. Every designer needs to ready their collections for this event since a lot of websites require rapid changes between October and January.

Designing for Halloween is always fun and exciting for many web designers. Websites during this time require new landing pages, electronic invites, sales promotions, banner designs, and more. Choosing a color palette, an overall theme, and a “spook-level”, creating kid-friendly Halloween design elements is always a challenge.

Since it is more a holiday for children (costume wearing and trick or treating), commercialized Halloween is cute and kid-friendly most of the time.  Now the thing is when designing for kid-friendly websites non-spooky designs are a huge requirement. A lot of the design elements need to be cute but still with the intention of a slight spook. It is always a challenge to turn horrifying stuff into kid-friendly designs, but it has been done commercially since Halloween became a holiday for children. The great thing is, there is a lot of inspiration available everywhere.

Here are some examples of Halloween design elements and samples you could check out to be inspired for your kid-friendly Halloween-themed website:

Landing Pages

Trick or Treat Landing Page With Pumpkins

Pumpkin and Ghosts Landing Page

Halloween Orange Moon Landing Page

Landing Page for Halloween

Neon Halloween Landing Page Design


Neon Pink Theme Landing Page design

Simple Neon Lights Design

Kid-Friendly Neon Design

Pumpkin and Spiders Design

Pot and Potions Neon Design

Error 404 Pages


Cute Monster 404

Monster Eater 404 Page

Ghosts Error Page

Zombie 404 Page

Spooky cartoon animations


Animated Loader

Boo Animation

Spooky Vibes GIF

Dazzling Zombie Ghost

Halloween-themed cursors


Cute Voodoo Cat Cursor

Laughing Bat Cursor

Witch’s Hat Cursor


Cute Halloween backgrounds


Glowing Pumpkins

Autumn Leaves and Pumpkins

Skulls and ghosts

Everything Autumn

Hallow’s eve Icons and Stickers

Cute Halloween Sticker Set

Pumpkin Stickers

Cat Icons

Ghost Stickers


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