Challenge: Build a React Component

The best way to learn a new skill is by putting it into practice. So here’s a challenge for you.

In this video from my course, Modern Web Apps With React and Redux, you’ll be challenged to create a React Component for displaying a Twitter avatar. You can try solving it on your own (with a hint), or you can let me walk you through the solution.

Challenge: Build a React Component


The Challenge

In this challenge, you need to build a React component for displaying a Twitter avatar. As you can see from the CodePen below, it just takes props.handle and prints out a little URL in an image tag. Very simple. 

What we need to do is write a profile component that uses a Twitter avatar component to show the image and the name. You can see the ReactDOM.render call for some hints.

If you’d like to try this challenge on your own, go ahead! Otherwise, read on as I walk you through the solution.

The Solution

Start by forking the pen so that you can build our own component, and then rename it by adding “MY SOLUTION”. 

In our ReactDOM call, we have a Profile component that we’re calling, and we give it a name and a handle.

So this should be pretty straightforward. Let’s go ahead and create a profile. I’m going to do this as a stateless component, just using a JavaScript function. If you want, you can actually use React.createClass, or the class syntax itself. Do whatever you like. But I like using stateless functions as much as possible.

This is going to take one parameter, which is our props object, but it’s going to have name and handle properties. So let’s go ahead and destructure that.

Then let’s return a div. And inside this div, let’s return an h1 with the name for this specific account. And underneath this, we will have a TwitterAvatar, which requires a handle property. So we will pass it a handle, which will be equal to the handle we have. 

There we go. It should be that simple. So save this in CodePen, and you can see that we get ReactJS and we get the Twitter avatar. 

CodePen solution showing ReactJS and its Twitter avatar

Let’s go ahead and change the name to Tuts+ and the Twitter handle to tutsplus, and you can see that it updates.

CodePen solution showing Tutsplus and its Twitter avatar

So, as you can see, we can change this to different names and Twitter avatars, and we can see this in action. Good job! You have built a very basic React component. It’s a good place to start in seeing how you can create components and use their properties, and also how you can pass those properties on to other components, to do some of the work for you.

Here’s the final pen showing the solution in full:

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