Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

If you run a WordPress site, you need a reliable contact form so that visitors can reach you with their questions and comments. However, with so many WordPress form builders on the market, it can be difficult to find the very best contact form WordPress has to offer. To save you the time-wasting and head-scratching that goes along with trying to sift through hundreds of plugins and reviews, we’ve identified the top seven contact forms. You can’t go wrong with any of these!

Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

1. Quform WordPress Form Builder

Quform WordPress Form Builder
Quform WordPress Form Builder

Quform is one of most the feature-rich and easy-to-use WordPress form plugins available today. It allows you to not only create beautiful contact forms but also provides a wide range of templates that will allow you to build a variety of other forms, like surveys and quizzes, forms for bookings, RSVPs, job applications, pre-sale questions and much more. Its intuitive drag drop form builder is very easy to customise to suit your brand. It offers 11 themes, modifiable colours schemes, scalable element sizes etc., as well as the ability to create your own themes.

Best Features

  • create a variety of forms
  • easy to customise drag drop form builder
  • multi-page forms
  • unlimited emails can be sent from a single submission
  • conditional logic on notifications
  • add attachments to notifications

User Acteeratelier1 says of the drag drop builder:

“Truly a top product! Efficient, well built and many, many useful features.”

2. FormCraft – Premium WordPress Form Builder 

FormCraft - Premium WordPress Form Builder
FormCraft – Premium WordPress Form Builder

FormCraft is another superb drag drop form builder that allows you to create gorgeous contact forms as well as a plethora of other forms. Once created, you can not only embed the forms on any page of your site but also set them to pop up on any page, or you can trigger a form using an existing element on a page. You can customise your forms easily by changing fonts, modifying layouts, adding an entire custom colour scheme, adding a background image or logo, or even adding custom CSS to tweak the look and feel of your form.

Best Features

  • web form analytics
  • integrated help files
  • responsive
  • dozens of addons
  • triggers, conditional logic, math formulas

User Ferdinand Foundries says of this WordPress form builder: 

“Great customer support, code quality, flexibility and the most importantly customisability.”

3. NEX-Forms – The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder

NEX-Forms - The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder
NEX-Forms – The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder

As is the case with all the best contact forms WordPress developers are creating today, NEX-Forms not only helps users create fully responsive contact forms, but also a wide variety of forms of every description, quickly and easily. The drag drop form builder provides you with complex layouts, a large selection of form fields, fonts, icons, animations and preset colour schemes, etc., so that you can create just about any kind of contact form you can imagine. 

Best Features: 

  • form analytics 
  • conditional logic 
  • multi-step forms and online quizzes
  • popup forms
  • built-in anti-spam filter

User tristarfreight says of the NEX-Forms:

“This plugin does exactly what I need it to do and was easy to learn, even for a beginner.”

4. ARForms: WordPress Form Builder Plugin

ARForms WordPress Form Builder Plugin
ARForms: WordPress Form Builder Plugin

ARForms allows you to create beautifully executed contact forms in a matter of minutes.  The WordPress form plugin has just received a complete makeover and the all-new UI is packed with powerful features that allow users to process forms quickly. With almost 30 form elements available, the plugin allows you to create a wide range of other types of forms as well.

Best Features:

  • 12 different ready-made form templates to get you started
  • custom images for radio and checkbox
  • enhanced conditional logic
  • email marketing ready
  • powerful analytics

User bhoudek says of ARForms:

“I’m a professional web developer and I believe this is the best form builder for WordPress. Additionally, the support I received when I had an issue was superb. I highly recommend ARForms.”

5. Ninja Kick WordPress Contact Form Plugin

Ninja Kick WordPress Contact Form Plugin
Ninja Kick WordPress Contact Form Plugin

Unlike many of the plugins featured here, Ninja Kick’s is solely dedicated to adding a contact form to your site. Instead of just linking to your contact page from your site’s menu however, the plugin adds a floating button to your site that is always visible. This highly visible floating contact button serves as a constant reminder to your visitors that you are available to respond to their queries. This increases the likelihood that at any moment during their visit to your site a visitor can click the button to send you a message, or visit one of your social media accounts if you’ve activated this feature.

Best Features

  • highly customisable
  • three themes
  • cool animation
  • responsive design
  • GDPR compliant

User marcussunday says of Ninja Kick:

“Simple but very effective plugin. Way more customisation and settings going on behind the scenes that the front-end would hint at. A solid product and great support.”

6. Super Forms – Drag Drop Form Builder

Super Forms - Drag Drop Form Builder
Super Forms – Drag Drop Form Builder

Super Forms is another user-friendly WordPress form plugin with unlimited options that will help you to create any kind of forms. It offers all the important features you’d expect in the best contact forms WordPress developers create, like admin email alerts, anti-spam protection, ability to save all submitted contact information and export said information to CSV with one simple click, conditional logic, and more. And of course all options, elements and settings are customisable options to fit your needs.

Best features:

  • over 30 elements
  • ability to export contact entries
  • anti-spam protection
  • conditional logic
  • file upload

User KostasT says of Super Forms:

“This form is one of the best. Easy to configure and customised. Highly recommended.”

7. Contact Us Form

Contact Us Form
Contact Us Form

We round out our list with Contact Us Form, a newcomer to the field of WordPress form plugins that has been making waves since it hit the market just six months ago. With a perfect five star rating, the WordPress form plugin was an easy choice for one of the best contact forms WordPress developers have created. The beautify of Contact Us Form is it’s simplicity and reliability for those who simply want to add a classic contact form to any page of your WordPress site. Though simple, the plugin still offers great customisation features that will allow you to create the exact kind of contact form you need. You can customise the plugin in any way you like. 

Best Features:

  • Google reCAPTCHA protection
  • seamless message submission
  • flexible layout to suit your needs
  • floating layout option
  • ability to add photos, logos etc to your contact form
  • all fields fully customisable

User bob069 says of Contact Us Form”

“Twelve bucks for this simple and so effective plugin! Best of the best!”

Choose Your WordPress Contact Form Plugin

That completes our list of the seven best contact forms WordPress has to offer. Whichever you choose, you’re in good hands. For those looking for a simple contact form, Contact Us Form and  Ninja Kick will be the perfect choice, but for others who’re looking for a WordPress form builder that allows them to create contact forms as well as a wide variety of other forms, NEX-Forms, Quform, ARForms, FormCraft, or Super Forms would be a good choice. Check them all out, and let us know in the comments below which one you prefer.

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