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Best Video Background Plugins for WordPress

Video backgrounds
are a hugely popular website design trend that undoubtedly adds a touch of cool
to any site. More importantly, though, using a video background is a powerful
way to amplify your site’s message and engage visitors.

If you’ve been
thinking of adding a video background to your WordPress site, here are the
eight best plugins available at CodeCanyon.

1. Video and Parallax Backgrounds For Visual

Video and Parallax
Backgrounds opens our list for very good reasons. The plugin, which is designed
to work with Visual Composer, makes adding video backgrounds to your WordPress
site oh so easy. Just download the plugin and activate
it in your WordPress theme, and the video background elements will become
available in your back-end Visual Composer editor. 

What’s more, all you need to
do is to link to the video you want to use in your YouTube or Vimeo account, and
the plugin takes care of everything else.

Video and Parallax Backgrounds

Best features:

  • responsive design
  • HD video backgrounds
    just by linking to your YouTube or Vimeo accounts
  • adjustable to full-height,
    full-width or full-screen 
  • and more

Video and Parallax Backgrounds For Visual
Composer also includes image
parallax and hover background features, which are great extras to add variety to
different pages on your WordPress site if you so desire.

Plugin user
Asianhorror says of the plugin: “Excellent customer support and excellent theme! Worth every

2. Video Player and Full-Screen Video

The Video Player and Full-Screen Video Background plugin is
an HTML5 Video Player that
allows you to create full-screen video background pages for your WordPress site
from videos hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, or other self-hosting sites.

Video Player and Full-Screen Video Background

Best features:

  • responsive design
  • full-screen video background
  • texture over video available
  • and more

Video Player and Full-Screen Video Background
– WP Plugin can also be used
as a video player on those webpages where you want to show video but don’t want
to use a full-screen video background.

Plugin user
Sandrasusin says of the plugin: “Great plugin and great support. Had some issues
but everything is working 100% now.”

3. Parallax and Video Backgrounds for Visual

Parallax and Video Backgrounds is another great video
background plugin for users of Visual Composer. The plugin allows you to easily add video backgrounds as
well as image parallax scrolling effects to your WordPress site. It also provides
Row Adjuster Elements that
allow users to adjust their video backgrounds to cover full-width, full-height, or

Parallax and Video Backgrounds

Best features:

  • HD video backgrounds
  • supports self-hosted
    as well as YouTube videos
  • mix and match
    between parallaxes, videos, and hover backgrounds
  • and more

The Parallax and Video Backgrounds for Visual
Composer provides an exciting and easy way to liven up your website by adding video and parallax features to your background.

4. Vimeo Background Video for Visual Composer

If you already use
Visual Composer and have a Vimeo account full of great videos that you want to
use to create a video background for your WordPress sites, the Vimeo Background
Video plugin was created specifically with you in mind.

Vimeo Background Video for Visual Composer

Best features:

  • fast page loads directly from your Vimeo account
  • fully responsive for
    all screen sizes 
  • full-width and full-height settings 
  • automatically handle videos of any dimension without having
    to tweak aspect ratios
  • and more

Plugin user 352Digital
says of the Vimeo Background Video for Visual Composer plugin: “This is a top WordPress plugin for
Vimeo video backgrounds … and a great way to use video backgrounds on WordPress

5. Full-Width Background Gallery with YouTube

For you diehard YouTubers out there, The Full-Width Background
Gallery plugin is designed with you in mind. It not only allows YouTubers to
use existing videos hosted on their YouTube channel to create video backgrounds
for their WordPress site, but users can also add a different video to each page
if they choose.

Full-Width Background Gallery with YouTube Video

Best features:

  • full-width YouTube video backgrounds
  • various overlays available
  • fully responsive
  • and more

Though Full-Width Background Gallery with YouTube
Video is ideal for YouTubers,
for those who don’t use the service, you can still take full advantage of this
plugin using videos you’ve uploaded and stored in the WordPress media library. In
addition, the plugin offers alternative background options like the single full-page background image and a full-page background slider to add some variety to
your other site pages. 

6. Easy Video Player WordPress Plugin

Easy Video Player is primarily a video player for WordPress
sites, but it can also easily be used to create a video background.
Like many of the other plugins in this list, you can link to videos from your
YouTube or Vimeo accounts, but you can also play video from your server.

Easy Video Player WordPress Plugin

Best features:

  • mobile and desktop optimised
  • responsive layout
  • full-screen available
  • and more

Plugin user TheWebFix says of the Easy Video Player WordPress Plugin: “Very customizable, and the Author is always willing to assist with any issues
or questions. Love the flexibility and work put into this plugin.”

7. Most Wanted WordPress Plugins Pack

The Most Wanted WordPress Plugins Pack combines a whopping
22 plugins with features like zoom in and out sliders, radio players, grids, and
carousels. For the purpose of this article, however, we are most interested in
the Video Player and Full-screen Video Background plugin offered within the

The HTML5 video player supports YouTube, Vimeo and
self-hosted videos and can also be used as a full-screen video background for
your WordPress site.

Most Wanted WordPress Plugins Pack

Best features:

  • combines video background plugin with a variety of other
    useful plugins
  • easy to use
  • responsive
  • and more

If you’re looking
for a video background plugin but are also interested in slider, grid, radio and
a variety of other plugins, Most Wanted WordPress Plugins Pack will give you the best value for money.

8. Maintenance PRO

At some point, every
website owner is either in the position of owning a URL without a website ready
to go online, or needing to take an existing site offline to make necessary
changes and updates. It’s at those times that the Maintenance Pro plugin will
come in handy.

The plugin allows
you to create an engaging maintenance mode splash page to keep your visitors
interested and give them a taste of what’s in store for them. The plugin isn’t
strictly for running video backgrounds alone but includes this feature among

Maintenance PRO

Best features:

  • easy to customize
    and configure
  • responsive HTML layout
  • backstretch full-screen background with blur option
  • background video
    from media gallery, YouTube, or Vimeo
  • and more

Maintenance PRO – WordPress plugin is a must have for every website owner. It
plays extremely well with the free Maintenance WordPress plugin and
gives you the ability to run engaging video background for your visitors while
you’re working on getting your site up and running or back online as the case
may be.


These plugins just scratch the surface of products
available at Envato Market. So if none of them catch your
fancy, there are plenty of other great options there to hold your interest.

And if you
want to improve your skills building WordPress sites, check out the ever so
useful free WordPress tutorials we have on offer.

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