Best Affiliate WooCommerce Plugins Compared

WooCommerce and WordPress have become a powerful combination for online commerce. Leveraging these two is the perfect combination for selling physical products, digital goods, and services online. It’s certainly no accident that it has become “the most customizable eCommerce platform for building your online business.”

But having the most awesome WooCommerce storefront and the best products may not be all you need to find online business success. You may want to consider an affiliate program to help spread the word and get your business in front of as many eyes as you can.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the best affiliate WooCommerce plugins and how they compare.

Affiliate WooCommerce Plugins You’re Looking For

The following affiliate WooCommerce plugins are what you would usually find in an affiliate solution. There is some deviation among these, but nothing too extreme. You’ll find differences in their feature sets and approaches. From simple to robust, to earning points to multilevel referrals, these are the affiliate WooCommerce plugins you were probably looking for.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin

Let’s start with the Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin.

It is easily one of the most robust affiliate WooCommerce plugins as it is integrated with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, PayPal, and Stripe, and it includes a robust feature set to get your own affiliate program up and running.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin

You’ll find all sorts of useful features such as:

  • performance bonuses and banner management
  • unlimited affiliates and special offers
  • rankings and commission levels
  • referrals and social shares
  • PayPal and Stripe Payouts
  • and much, much more

This is one of the best affiliate WooCommerce plugins you’ll find on Envato Market.

If this all wasn’t impressive enough, this also includes free login, register, and account page templates; and connects with the top email marketing platforms like MailChimp, Constant Contact, and many more.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin is the ultimate affiliate WordPress plugin.


If you’re looking for something a little more WooCommerce centric that offers a unique approach to affiliates, here’s a WordPress plugin you’ll want to check out.

“Your users and visitors can customize the look of the products’ widget to place it into their own web sites and pages by simply copying a line of code into their web pages.”

So instead of providing an affiliate link, you can make a widget generator for users to create custom snippets to be placed and embedded into their website for referrals.


Features include:

  • place your widget generator with a simple shortcode
  • add to cart button widget option
  • visual widget options
  • and more

The Woocommerce-Probox takes a clever approach, taking your affiliate program beyond the affiliate link.

WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Plugin

Interested in building a strong referral chain?

The WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Plugin allows affiliates to earn credit points while their followers purchase your products from the existing online store.

Build your affiliate perks through sales.

WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Plugin

Features you’ll find here:

  • set custom credit and redemption limits
  • full admin reporting of registered users
  • global or product specific settings
  • shortcode support
  • and much more

This is a multilevel referral system for WooCommerce, something that’s outside of the typical affiliate transactional system.

WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Plugin is unique in approach and may be exactly what you’re looking for.

SUMO Affiliates – WooCommerce Affiliate System

The SUMO Affiliates – WooCommerce Affiliate System is simple and straightforward.

Its approach is on point:

“…logged in users can apply and become Affiliates and promote the products in the site. Whenever a user purchases a product by using an Affiliate Link, the Affiliate associated with the link will earn commission for the purchase.”

SUMO Affiliates - WooCommerce Affiliate System

This solid solution works with WooCommerce supported themes and also includes:

  • CSV export for unpaid commissions
  • translation and WPML ready
  • affiliate cookie validator
  • affiliate link generator
  • highly customizable
  • affiliate applications
  • affiliate dashboard
  • and much more

If you’re just looking for an affiliate WooCommerce plugin, look no further.

The SUMO Affiliates – WooCommerce Affiliate System hits all the right marks.

Add Some Amazon?

WooCommerce is an excellent platform for selling digital and physical products with WordPress. Adding an affiliate system is an excellent way to increase your reach around the web and reward those who are funneling more sales your way.

But what if you sold your own products and became an affiliate yourself?

RelaZone – Related Amazon Products

By using the RelaZone – Related Amazon Products affiliate WooCommerce plugin, you can advertise Amazon related products with your WooCommerce products.

This solution can be used on any WordPress site, blogs included, but this solution could be a great way to augment your own products.

RelaZone - Related Amazon Products

Features include:

  • post, page, store product display options
  • six front-end templates included
  • Amazon Affiliate compatible
  • link products to keywords
  • 90-day cookies
  • and more

Get some Amazon affiliate traffic on your WordPress site with RelaZone – Related Amazon Products.

Going Fully Affiliate

I’ve always thought of WooCommerce as being a physical and digital marketplace for those creating a product or offering a service.

But that’s not what it is limited to. It can also be used for affiliates.

Let’s face it, Amazon and other marketplaces are full of everything. So what if you offered a niche of particular products? A curation of the tidal wave that comes your way with every product search?

By using the power of WordPress, WooCommerce, and some of the following plugins, you can create a niche portal that has the look, feel, and convenience of a WooCommerce shopping experience, while serving users products from Amazon, Walmart, and others.

WooAffiliates – WordPress Plugin

Of all the affiliate WooCommerce WordPress plugins, this is the most robust of the bunch.

WooAffiliates – WordPress Plugin draws from some of the biggest online names, including Amazon, eBay, and our very own Envato Market.

WooAffiliates - WordPress Plugin

Earn commissions from all, some, or simply one. Features include:

  • easy product import
  • advance search
  • geotargeting
  • bulk import
  • and more

Join the biggest affiliate networks and then get started with the WooAffiliates – WordPress Plugin.

WordPress Monetize Now

You’re using Envato right now. You’ve searched and found your favorites, so why not build out your own affiliate site?

You’ll want to use WordPress Monetize Now.

“It also connects to your Envato account and right in your WordPress admin you’ll have all the statistics of your account and the last statement.”

WordPress Monetize Now

Features include:

  • for both Envato authors and non-authors
  • all-in-one shortcode generator
  • official Envato API v3
  • real-time stats
  • and more

WordPress Monetize Now will help you monetize now!

WPCJ Pro – WooCommerce CJ Affiliate WordPress Plugin

WPCJ Pro – WooCommerce CJ Affiliate WordPress Plugin will convert your WooCommerce store into an affiliate website by

WPCJ Pro - WooCommerce CJ Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Some features include:

  • cron job scheduling
  • automatic import
  • import options
  • and more

Are you a CJ affiliate?

WPCJ Pro – WooCommerce CJ Affiliate WordPress Plugin is your best bet.

Walmart to WooCommerce Affiliate

Just behind Amazon, you’ve got another big player in the online commerce and affiliate game: Walmart.

Wire up your affiliate WooCommerce store with the easy to use Walmart to WooCommerce Affiliate plugin.

Walmart to WooCommerce Affiliate

“Earn Commission by redirecting to Walmart from your WooCommerce site using Walmart affiliate link share id.”

Import products from Walmart into your WooCommerce site based on keyword search.

It’s that simple.

If you’re interested in building your own Walmart affiliate store, Walmart to WooCommerce Affiliate is exactly what you want.

WooCommerce eBay Product Import Manager

WooCommerce eBay Product Import Manager sets up your affiliate site using the eBay Affiliate with eBay Partner Network.

WooCommerce Ebay Product Import Manager

Import products with

  • item and category URLs
  • store and seller name
  • keyboard
  • IDs
  • and more

Start earning commission as an eBay affiliate with WooCommerce eBay Product Import Manager.


Offering an affiliate program for your products and services is an excellent way to leverage grassroots advertisers and help identify where you may want to give more attention. Envato Market offers some solid and unique solutions that are worth serious consideration.

Diving into this comparison of the different affiliate WooCommerce plugins, I was surprised to find affiliate WooCommerce plugins that were built with affiliates in mind. It was honestly something I had never thought of before.

If you’re looking to start your own affiliate program or you’re an affiliate yourself, you’re likely to find the best affiliate WooCommerce plugin here.

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