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Avoid These When Working on Open Source Projects

Every website developer should work on open source projects once in their career. It is a great way of getting feedback on works. Working on these kinds of projects is also a good way of learning how to create codes that are flexible enough to fit other developers’ works. Developers could get not only feedback but also recommendations from other devs in the field. It is truly a holistic experience. However, working on open source projects is not for the faint of heart.

Here are some of the things to avoid when working on open source projects:

Forget to include a README file

The README file is one of the most essential elements of every successful open source project. This file includes two important things: licensing instructions and how-tos. A lot of developers forget to include licensing details in their work, and it could get hairy at some point. Remember, if a dev does not explicitly point out that the work is free to use commercially or non-commercially, internet laws treat the project as copyrighted work. This defeats the entire purpose of getting your work on open resources and could mean that other people cannot use your work freely. Furthermore, it is important to give some insight into your project. This includes the goal of the project, what it is for, and how other devs could use it on their own projects.

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Be emotional about any open source projects

Every open source project or contribution is indeed a work of art. These are the results of great thinking and hard work. However, it is very important to keep a level head and professionalism for any open-source contributions. Reactions and reviews online could get a little too honest and, in many cases, #savage. There are also instances where users are going to spend extra time finding out what’s wrong with your work.

A close mind for new solutions

The main goal of open source is to create and collaborate. Sometimes, it is also a great way to find new solutions to problems that you couldn’t solve. The purpose of open source is to let everyone chip in and contribute with ideas – what mistakes were made, how to make it work better. In this case, it is humbling to ask for help within the community and someone will surely go out of their way to help you. It may sound like roasting your work but, eventually, your project will become better. In fact, many people within the open-source community recognize and appreciate true talent when they see one. It could also make you a better programmer, no matter how pro you already are.

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