Android App Marketing: Power Up With These Tips

Making Information Handy Through Mobile App Development

Developing applications or apps for mobile devices has become an important component of digital marketing today. Most users looking for information not only access the internet through browsers but search for an appropriate app on their mobile devices and download them to get all the information they require quickly.


Mobile app development is the collective term used for the procedures involved in writing software for handheld devices. These apps or software are downloaded on wireless mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The user gets instant information about the product or service provided by the company through the app. Smartphones have certain specific features according to their operating systems and the software is written to take advantage of those specific features. Different apps are used on different types of mobile operating software. Digital marketing companies develop software to be used on three mobile operating systems, iOS, Android and Windows. There are three types of apps. Native apps are written to suit specific devices. HTML5 apps are apps based on web technology and can run on any operating system after small changes are made. Hybrid apps are native apps where one can embed HTML5 apps within the app.


The advent of the internet ushered in an information explosion. More and more people used their computers to access the information about the subjects they wanted to learn about. The impact of the information explosion increased in magnitude after the advent of the smartphone. The number of persons using their handy smartphones to access information is over a million times more than the number of people who accessed information on their computers. Mobile app development including mobile app development Houston is important because a business needs both a website and a mobile app to effectively market its products or services today. More mobile devices are used to browse the internet and search for information than personal computers today.


Mobile app development in Houston is performed after identifying the purpose of the app and researching the market for the products and services promoted by the app. Mobile apps are developed to support different mobile platforms so that customers who use different types of mobile devices can download the app. They are developed for Android, iOS, and Windows-based devices. Mobile apps are developed with features that bring in revenue for the business. The app should be easy to use and should convert those who download the app into customers.

Mobile apps are developed by digital marketing companies according to the budgets of their customer. They are upgraded and updated according to the success of the app in marketing the product or service of the company. The digital marketing company will design a native, web or hybrid app according to the needs of a customer. Initially, they will create a prototype and show the customer. They will then include an analytics tool to track their consumers’ downloads of the app. They will use beta testers to get feedback about the user-friendliness of the app from those customers. They will finally deploy the app on the different platforms once it gets the approval of the business. Digital marketing companies will keep track of the number of customers downloading and using the app and their feedback to ensure that customers return and continue to use the app. They will add new enhanced features and upgrade the app periodically based on customer feedback.


Developing a mobile app that markets products and services effectively is essential today because the number of mobile users who search for products and services has increased by leaps and bounds as compared to those who search by browsing the internet on their computers. Digital marketing companies have experts who not only develop mobile apps but app store optimize the app to make it visible among the top ten apps displayed when a user searches for a specific app about products or services on the app store of their device.

Digital marketing companies help to develop marketing and sales apps for companies and monitor the success of the mobile app marketing campaign. Using the services of a digital marketing company helps the business to focus on its core competency while leaving marketing to experts.

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