Add HTTPS to Your Local Website to Enhance Your Business

The Benefits of Switching from HTTP to HTTPS…

Security is something that Google takes very seriously, which is going to be way more important in the future. Around last year, Google even officially made the announcement that if you switch your website to HTTPS, your site will get a ranking boost, although a minor one at that. But let’s go over what HTTPS is and how it can positively impact your business.

HTTPS basically stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, where S signifies SSL that is Secure Socket Layer. It is a technology whose purpose is to encrypt your connection to a website so that no hacker could intercept your data. To secure your sensitive information, it is an internet security measure.

So, how is it that HTTPS is a good idea for the local website of your business? Let’s take a look.

Website Security

It has been stated that HTTPS is only for those businesses that handle sensitive communications. But the same is refuted by Google on the grounds that every unprotected HTTP request is in danger to reveal user information. This protocol basically protects the website from any outsiders (aka hackers) who may try tampering with the website. Not only does it safeguard the security of your data but it also gives you piece of mind since protecting your business is a wise decision.

Helps with SEO

To secure the top spot and get the cutting edge over your competitors, the addition of HTTPS is one step in the right direction and to secure a spot in the good graces of Google. There are other additional benefits to this as well…

Referrer Data – The secure referral information is preserved when the traffic passes through an HTTPS site. But in the case of an HTTP site, when traffic passes through it, the referral data is stripped away. This particular traffic appears in your analytics report as ‘Direct.’ The issue is that you won’t actually know where the traffic comes from.

Improved Rankings – It’s obvious that Google has already declared the boost in ranking of HTTPS sites. Although it is difficult to individualize it on its own, it needs to be kept in mind. However, you may see the value of switching to an HTTPS site increase over time.

Privacy and Security – HTTPS not only provides security to your sensitive information but also to your SEO goals. It prevents tampering from third parties and encrypts all the communications which also includes URLs that protect your credit card numbers and history as well as other similar data. The verification of the website you are talking to is also verified by HTTPS and further makes your site more secure for your visitors.

AMP Requires HTTPS

Mobile optimization is the talk of the town nowadays and if you are also serious about being found, selling and search online, you better jump on the bandwagon of the mobile revolution. There is a lot of talk going on about making the websites mobile responsive and friendly. The spotlight is yet again on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) due to the emergence of mobile-friendly index of Google. The purpose of developing the AMP was to ensure that the page loads faster on the mobile devices, predominantly for the online mobile users.

AMP is an important element in mobile optimization, which needs HTTPS to work. The modern browsers and progressive web apps requires HTTPS to perform properly, so, if you haven’t already added it to your website, you will be left with little choice in the matter.

It’s crucial for anyone online with a website to make a well thought out decision as HTTPS has some interesting advantages to offer your business and even more so in future. It’s time to make the switch and our specialists at Angel SEO are here to help!

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