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A Survey of 10 Popular Angular Projects for Your Web Application

If you need to build a web application and are looking for a
little help to cut down the hours of tedious work involved before you can bring
your brilliant idea to life, one of the Angular projects here may be just what
you need.

Angular is a platform that makes it easy to build web applications,
and we’ve scoured CodeCanyon to find the 10 most popular ones so that you focus
on the best parts of creating your application.

1. Awesome
Form Builder

Offering four basic layouts, cross-domain support, multiple form fields
and built-in lead reports, it’s easy to see why Awesome Form Builder leads the
list of the most popular Angular projects.

Awesome Form Builder

Other features include:

  • ability to create unlimited forms
  • anti-spam protection
  • Ajax and SMTP support
  • and more

If you need to build
a form quickly and easily, Awesome
Form Builder should be your first stop.

2. Material Shop

The Material Shop
is a single-page e-commerce web application that provides users with all the
great features customers have come to expect from the online shopping
experience. They can save favourite items to a wish list, use PayPal or Stripe
to pay for purchases, and even log in using Facebook, Google, or Twitter.

Material Shop

Other features include:

  • ability to review and rate
  • secured authentication system
  • image uploader
  • and more

Shop is a great choice for
adding an e-commerce page to your site.

3. AngularJS
Quiz Module

If you need to add a quiz to a site, look no further.
AngularJS Quiz Module allows you to create beautifully designed quizzes that
will keep visitors engaged and allow them to share their scores on social

AngularJS Quiz Module

Other features include:

  • tooltips
  • can be used as a stand-alone application
  • some configuration possible
  • and more

A quiz like AngularJS Quiz Module brings some
variety and interest to a site and can be used in a myriad of ways to keep
visitors on your site longer.

4. Angular
Email Builder

Emails are such an integral part of our online life,
it’s hard to imagine a time we didn’t rely on them. With its drag-and-drop
system, The Angular Email Builder makes it easy to create responsive email templates.
It offers several layouts, a TinyMCE
text editor, and the ability to upload images.

Angular Email Builder

Other features include:

  • ability
    to preview email
  • import
  • responsive
  • and

The Angular
Email Builder
is a sure bet for ensuring that your clients can access their email quickly and

5. Sticky

Who doesn’t love sticky notes? Well this Angular project is
all about Sticky Notes, a great web application that allows users to save and share
notes between each other in real time. 
Even with an unreliable Internet connection Sticky Notes won’t be lost,
as they’ll sync when the Internet becomes available again.

Sticky Notes

Other features include:

  • Firebase Data Cloud
  • ability to easily customise notes for your project specific
  • highly configurable
  • and more

Sticky Notes
are one of those real-life items that translate exceedingly well to a web
application which of course cuts down on paper waste. 

6. Weekly Planner using

Weekly planners are an integral part of keeping on
top of events, appointments and deadlines, and the Weekly Planner using Angular
JS will help users do just that. With its click-to-edit function and ability to
set multiple events in different colours, this planner is flexible and easy to

Weekly Planner using AngularJS

Other features include:

  • ability to create planner PDF
  • drag to start and end entries
  • equipped with Node.js back end
  • and more

With its clean design, Weekly
Planner using AngularJS will appeal to those seeking a web calendar without too many bells and whistles. 

7. HTML5 AngularJS Music

The standard for multimedia web design, HTML5 players come in a nice variety of styles and functions. The HTML5 AngularJS Music Player is a streamlined player that offers a streamlined approach to music player design. 

HTML5 AngularJS Music Player

Features include:

  • iD3 Support
  • local storage
  • search playlist
  • and more

AngularJS Music Player is compatible with Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome. 

8. Simple AngularJS Contact

Contact forms are one of the most indispensable features
of any web presence, and the Simple AngularJS Contact Form is designed to make
it easy for users to keep on top of correspondence. Using just two files, this
contact form is simple to configure and easily integrates with HTML or PHP

Simple AngularJS Contact Form

Other features include:

  • validation script
  • CAPTCHA anti spam
  • PHP mail function
  • and more

With Simple
AngularJS Contact Form, users can rest assured that they’re not missing any
important news.

9. Angular Cropper

Cropping has become synonymous with photography, and the
Angular Cropper is designed to do one thing: crop. It does so in the simplest way possible, and is
even fully responsive with touch capability.

Angular Cropper

Other features include:

  • easy to read code
  • lightweight
  • good documentation
  • and more

Cropper may be simple, but it certainly is indispensable.

10. OctopusCodes

OctopusCodes is a single-page e-commerce web application that, like so many in this list, is easy to install and highly customisable.


Other features include:

  • bootstrap themes
  • responsive design
  • featured, latest and most viewed products
  • checkout with PayPal
  • and more

With its responsive design, OctopusCodes guarantees that the page will display correctly
across a wide range of end-user devices.


These 10 popular Angular projects are just a small selection
of the Angular
projects we have available at CodeCanyon, so if none of them quite fits
your needs, there are plenty of other great options to choose from.

And if you want to improve your skills building Angular projects, then
check out some of the ever-so-useful tutorials we have on offer.

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