A Showcase Of 10 Well-Designed Educational Websites

Alright, you have clients and they need websites designed, like asap too! However this goes around, you merely need to preview a few educational website designs to give yourself some ideas in relation to site concepts and themes. No prob, that’s what we’re here for.

Universities and colleges necessitate an effective slash appealing website to promote campus life, tuition fees, academia and akin resources. Caliber websites ineluctably attract more applications from new students, and these sites convey information to existent students, parents, and even donors. The epitome of the phrase “Image is everything” — websites, hands down.

Breeze through the top 10 well-designed educational websites online below. Enjoy!

10 Well-Designed Educational Websites

10. Southeastern

Southeastern’s site offers a great deal of information for a very broad range of users. The new design permits prospective audiences to procure a speedy snapshot of all that the University has to offer. While aimed toward potential audiences (i.e. students, faculty, staff, alumni, vendors), the site still renders categorized resource pages for present students, staff and faculty. Info for these groups can be downloaded via a column.

9. University of Michigan

C’mon, do we even have to say anything about this site!? Look at the cool behind-the-scenes training of Michigan’s aeronautics program … sweet! Aside from this radical home page, Michigan University’s website’s too user-friendly and enlightening—the two qualities most-looked for by site surfers.

8. American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine

The American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine took the scenic route as far as home pages go. The site’s designer(s) stuck the subcategories on the far right, convenient and out of the way. The school’s website is clean, sublime and painless. You couldn’t lose with a template such as this.

7. University of Arkansas

Whoa, we didn’t even know ‘Sweat Science’ existed! Any site that you can learn from instantly, is worthy of making this list. The discernible Search bar in the upper right-hand corner too, gotta love that. It’s not really much more to say, for UOA definitely has one of the snazziest educational websites on the worldwide web … oh, and their sports teams aren’t too bad as well.

educational websites

Homework help answers not included; Photo: UOA

6. William & Mary

William & Mary’s website reflects the university’s visual identity guidelines and integrates W&M’s principal logo, which appears conspicuously at the top of each page in the site. “Last fall, for the first time in its history, William & Mary implemented a new logo with visual identity guidelines,” noted Tina Coleman, director of creative services. “The university website reaches visitors from all over the country and the world. We knew our next priority was to implement a new website design that effectively represents the importance of our visual identity.”

educational websites

Ludacris, W&M’s homepage; Photo: William & Mary

5. Biola

Biola is a private, Christian university situated roughly 16 miles (26 km) from downtown Los Angeles, in La Mirada, California. With that said … even Jesus loves there website! Flamboyant, easy drop-downs, and groovy graphics — The religious school’s site is enough to make atheists want to enroll. It’s perchance the ‘most fun’ out of the educational websites.

educational websites

Biola Undergrad; Photo: Biola

4. Regent College

One of the best educational websites out there is certainly Regent College’s. The school’s site features a pristine, intuitive site-wide navigation, mobile-friendly design, and easy access to important services and resources. It too comprises a news section delivering regular updates on special events, library news, and new resources and databases.

“I am so delighted at this opportunity to serve our users even more effectively,” stated Cindy Aalders, Library Director. “We are deeply grateful for the generous donation that made the project possible. We trust that the site’s simplicity of design and user-friendly layout will support and encourage researchers of all kinds, from members of the public browsing through our digitized rare books to advanced students working on their dissertations. We look forward to continuing to improve the site as we receive valuable feedback from our users.”

educational websites

Regent College; Photo: Regent

3. Bates

Bates website has before won top honors in a eduStyle sponsored competition, a premiere website for higher education Web design professionals. Bates won the popular award for Best Home Page and Best Overall Website.

“We basically razed the online campus. Then we redesigned and rebuilt the site,” said Ethan Wright-Magoon, digital creative director in the Bates Communications Office. The WordPress-driven site harvests bounteous analytics, too. “That, combined with data from phone calls, emails, and face-to-face questions, gives us an accurate picture of what our users would like to know and how well the website is helping them find that information,” web team member Nicholas O’Brien said.

2. Oberlin

Oberlin’s latest website design, which extends a more contemporary feel and look does a better job of communicating the sense of energy that the people feel on the Oberlin campus on a daily basis. It too has been designed to be mobile-friendly across, while substantially improving their ability to curate content and cross-pollinate. The fresh design and establishment of the site are aimed principally at prospective students to assist them in gaining a better grasp of what Oberlin is all about as they determine where to apply and enroll.

educational websites

; Photo: Oberlin Edu

1. Drexel

DUO (Drexel University Online) recently launched Virtually Inspired, a website that features a string of high-quality videos spotlighting some of the best practices and brightest minds in the world of online and integrated education. The site boasts virtual success stories from around the globe, implementing the latest technologies—from robotics and holography, virtual reality, to real-time video conferencing, wearables and gamification. Who knows, it may even possess an English homework help feature!

“The website serves as a repository for knowledge-sharing; a place where educators facing the unique opportunities and challenges of the digital age can come for inspiration, while also adding examples of their own virtual success stories,” said Dr. Susan Aldridge, president of Drexel University Online.

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