9 Alternatives to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is maybe the best, and most affordable, tool to measure website performance. Although Google products may be the most used, it does not mean that there are no available alternatives. In fact, there are multiple alternatives to Google Analytics available on the internet. Some offer their services for free, while others offer services for affordable fees.

Here are some of the most preferred alternatives to Google Analytics available online. Not arranged in order of popularity but all are either free or offers free subscription packages:

Free alternatives to Google Analytics


Also known as HubSpot Marketing Analytics, it is one of the most comparable alternatives to Google Analytics. Sadly though, Hubspot only offers its CRM feature for free. This tool is offered to users completely free. Features may be limited. At the least users may be able to view data on page performance, conversions, and traffic sources.

Where to download:

Hubspot Website

Subscription Pricing: 

CRM tool is free. HubSpot Marketing tool starts at $45 per month for starter packages.

Goat Counter

If you are looking for open-source analytics, this is the best option for you. It boasts of privacy-friendly web analytics that could be accessed simply by signing up.

Where to download:

Goat Counter Website

Subscription Pricing: 

Completely free


Boasts to be a Business Intelligence Platform that offers management solutions in collecting and presenting pertinent data.

Where to download:

FoxMetrics on GetApp

FoxMetrics Website

Subscription Pricing:

Offers a free basic package. Paid packages start at $299 per month.


Also downloadable as a WordPress plugin. Offers comprehensive real-time data collection, management, and analysis.

Where to download:

Clicky for WordPress

Clicky Website

Subscription Pricing:

WordPress plugin and the basic package both can be downloaded for free. Pro versions are affordable starting at $9.99 per month.

Piwik Pro

Piwik Pro is probably among the few analytics suites available for download as a WordPress plugin.

Where to download:

Piwik Pro Website

WordPress Plugin

Subscription Pricing:

Piwik Pro for WordPress can be downloaded for free. Piwik Pro subscription pricing is customizable and varies depending on customer requirements. Quotes could be requested from the website.


By simply registering for an account, users may be able to avail free packages for at most 1,500 sessions per month.

Where to download:

SmartLook website

Subscription Pricing:

Offers a basic package for free, unlimited use. Subscriptions start at $39 per month.



Mix panel provides free services for at most 100k tracked users per month complete with pertinent analysis and reports.

Where to download:

Mix Panel Website

Subscription Pricing:

Offers a basic package for free, unlimited use. Subscriptions start at $25 per month.

Paid Alternatives to Google Analytics

SE Ranking

The clean and sleek interface is what many devs like about this product. The diagrams and graphs are presented simply and without fuss. The features are fairly similar to Google Analytics. Customer requirement is a big factor to control the pricing of SE Ranking packages.

Where to download:

SE Ranking Website

Subscription Pricing: 

Basic packages start at $39 per month and executive packages are priced at $189 per month. Discounts are available depending on the chosen payment scheme.


This alternative offers two different packages – SAAS and E-commerce. The packages could be varied depending on your website’s conversion requirements. Users may also request a demo before actually purchasing the subscription packages.

Where to download:

Kissmetrics Website

Subscription Pricing: 

Depending on customer requirements, Kissmetic packages are customizable.


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