8 Best Tools for Web Designers in 2021

With the changing times and the growing demand for online presence of various businesses and even individuals, web designers need to rethink their designs and make use of the latest tools to keep up with the market. While there are tools made specifically for experts, there are those that are fit for any starting designer. Have no budget to start with or probably a little to spare? There is a wide range to choose from depending on your need and the client’s requirements.

Eager to start the search? Here are some of the trending best tools in 2021.


Great visuals are a must in every website. If you’re looking for a tool to provide you with all sorts of images, graphics, icons, fonts, and even audio files that are royalty-free, well, StockUnlimited has over 1 million options ready. Are you after no download limits? Get three years of access for just $49.

Design Wizard

Personalized, inspired, and protected – these are 3 things you should expect to get out of using the Design Wizard. Enjoy free features and customize fonts, designs, logos to fit your site’s theme. With over a million premium images, videos, and graphics, you’ll never feel that there is even a need for you to look further. Your protection is as well a priority knowing that all videos and images have been licensed for commercial usage.

Adobe XD

Adobe will never be out of the list. Here to help you finalize that UI/UX design in no time, you’ll enjoy its collaborative setup allowing you to do animation, wireframing, prototyping, and a whole lot more. Adobe XD is a faster option that turns your ideas into reality. You can always opt to try the Starter plan for free or go all out and browse their available packages.

Private Internet Access

It’s a must to have a secure and reliable VPN for your website. It doesn’t only secure your clients but as well makes all your hard work worth it.  PrivateInternetAccess VPN will protect your online identity and privacy. At the same time, you can browse and stream without limits through its capability to unblock geographic restrictions and protocol filters. Highest speeds and most encryption are two things to expect from this world’s leading VPN.


It could get time-consuming to custom made your design from scratch. At some point, you will need an easy-to-use, automated tool to help you out. Have a bunch of colors, fonts, and pictures but don’t know where to start? Upload them and RelayStart will do the work by automatically generating designs you can choose from.


I’m sure you will agree with me when I say Canva is a must-have. With its easy-to-drop layouts, variety of designs, texts, and images to choose from, you can finalize every social media graphic in no time. A free version will be more than enough to start with but if you have a little budget to spare, it’s nice to have more options by securing one of its affordable plans. Even someone with no design skills can come up with a visually appealing graphic just by using Canva.


A newbie in coding? Webflow is a great tool to start with. This no-coding platform allows designers to build their website design in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Online stores are now doable anytime through its custom databases of dynamic content types. Level-up designs are also made possible through easy-to-use interactions, graphics, and animations.


Landed an e-commerce client? This will be your go-to tool which is best used even by those with little to no coding experience. Choose from a variety of themes to fit your products/services, personalize with its easy-to-use drag and drop tools. More to the design-related features are its built-in SEO and analytics tool to help you maximize your online presence. Weebly makes that professional, responsive, mobile-friendly site possible for you with its free trial, or maybe opt for more alternatives through their paid plans.

There are more to this list. It’s a matter of knowing what you need and at the same time, working within the budget of your client. Nonetheless, know your capabilities and be practical in choosing a tool that would fit your skills.

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