55 Beautiful Moleskines

Moleskine notebooks are typically bound in coated paper cardboard with an elastic band to hold the notebook closed. They include a sewn spine that allows it to lie flat when opened, cream-colored paper, rounded corners, a ribbon bookmark, and an expandable pocket inside the rear cover. So today we’ve collected 55 remarkable Moleskines. Enjoy!

Return of the Bump, Moleskine Feb-May 2011

Moleksine sketchbooks


moleskine. infection.


Moleskine Sketchbook

looking down on everything

on the couch

hidden in the back seat of my head


where the shadows come to play

along for the ride


I love my Moleskine

Campfire Coffee

Summer McCollum

Caribbean Fantasy


calling the wolf


Harvest Alpaca

Napoli, Piazza Amadeo

First published in September 2011; updated September 2021

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