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5 Women Web Designers We Can All Learn From in 2021

What better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than to feature the best women web designers of 2021. Let’s face it, the population of women designers in the industry does not compare to the number of men in the profession. However, that does not mean that the excellence of women web designers is overshadowed. Women in the industry should serve as an inspiration for all, no matter the gender. Let us celebrate their success and their talents.

Here are some of the best women web designers of 2021:

Dana James Mwangi

This boss lady is a force to be reckoned with. She is an award-winning web consultant and digital entrepreneur. She established a business known as Cheers Creative through hard work and talent. Not only did that, but she is also a great digital coach for both web and graphic designers.

Women, in general, underrepresented in this industry, but colored women are also even more underrepresented. Aside from that, colored women are also underrepresented in almost all industries! It is about time to change that. #YesSheCan

Kimberly Coles

Happy Monday was created not only as a professional website for her services, but it is also as a portfolio of all of her works. Kimberly Coles is one of the most recognized professionals in the UX/UI Web design industry. Not only that she also offers services on branding. She coaches building and growing businesses as well through website design.


Kate Bingaman-Burt

Her works are among the most unique designs in the industry. All the artwork, she usually hand-draws herself. She is actually more popular for her art, doodles, and drawings. They are unique, quirky, cute, and cool all at the same time. She provides illustrations, animations, and more. She has worked with big brand names such as Uniqlo, Harvard Business Review, and Oprah Magazine.

Jan Cavan

Currently living in southern California, she was born and raised in the Philippines. She started out her career as a web designer in the US when SendGrid invited her to come to the US and become their first designer. Jan has since become a household name in the industry, her website clearly says it all. She is recognized by multiple international publications and she is even invited to speak for multiple web design conferences all over the US.

Jina Anne

This woman probably has one of the most impressive web design resumes known in the industry. She has been designing and creating websites for 22 years. With her expertise, she is coaching, consulting, and advising multiple companies. She has partnered with big named companies such as Amazon, Salesforce, Apple Online Store, Github, and more! On top of that, she also founded a design systems conference known as Clarity. This offers multiple sessions for workshops and new learnings. She makes sure that she is able to share knowledge and expertise with all practitioners in the industry.


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