5 Mobile App Genres Budding Entrepreneurs Should Look At

The diversity of mobile apps on App Store and Play Store opens up the new door for hundreds of thousands of indie developers and app development companies — but probably the shortcoming is the limited categories. It’s understandable that the way mobile apps and startups cultures are evolving, we’re likely to see a lot more new app genres in the future.

Have you ever brainstormed on the startup idea?

Are you considering working on your mobile app-based startup?

If you’re one of those budding entrepreneurs that pondering on the mobile app ideas and trying to look at the app genres, then we’ve gotten something interesting to share with you.

A startup ideation process can’t be more amazing if the idea is shimmering. Therefore, settle in, grab a cup of coffee and take a look at the unique mobile app genres, which could be a stepping stone to your startup launch.

Please be advised: This article isn’t going to give you a specific idea to launch your mobile app. Instead, we’re provoking the thought-process inside you by sharing a few genres as examples.

Moreover, you may not find these genres as the main categories on either of the app marketplace, but of course, you can go add your app to the most relevant app category.

Here are five mobile app genres budding entrepreneurs should look at.

1. Dog Care

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There is no way on earth you think of an idea and something slightly relevant isn’t there. There will always be some apps claiming to help guide people on dogs care. What you need as an entrepreneur is that just take the generic dogs care niche and build your own idea around it instead. Maybe, you go for a social network of dog owners, an educational platform for dogs management, or something like that. The idea of the mobile app is that you bring together dog owners who want to learn, understand, and teach dog care. What you offer in the app will write the direction of the startup.

2. Online Education

It’s one of the emerging online businesses in the world. Have you ever heard about a mobile app-based startup that brings the audience together who wants to learn something and the others who want to teach something? Of course, there are platforms like Udemy, Lynda, and more like those which have their apps, but in general, their apps are the byproducts of their websites growth. The way online education is booming, you can think of an idea around online education in which people connect to teach and learn via a mobile app. 

3. Mental Health

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You’ll find tons of apps on physical health and fitness. From running apps to exercise guides, there are hundreds of health & fitness apps available, which is cool, but the opportunity for budding entrepreneurs here is that we don’t often see community-based mental health apps. Mental health is a rapidly growing business solution which a lot of people can cash in on. There could be some cool startups just based on mental health. Of course, one should be different from the others. The scope of mental health genre is humongous because of the awareness of mental health that people are getting through the internet and mass communication.

4. Selfie

Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone. It means somehow either we take our selfies with kids or barge into a friend’s Selfie to photo bomb. In other words, the Selfie is a norm. As a budding entrepreneur, you must look at this phenomenon as an opportunity. Why don’t you launch a specific camera app that helps improve the selfies? Whether it’s with the filters, lighting, effects, color grading, quotes, text, or other things, perhaps the options are boundless. In short, people are obsessed with the selfies. An app that takes the Selfie game to the next level could gain the traction.

5. Exploration

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There should be some mobile apps that help educate people on exploration and tourism. The exploration based apps could work as a guide for those who have never been to certain places or haven’t had a chance to see the place before. Basically, the exploration based apps help explorers find new places, tag the location through GPS, and share pictures with the community or following. The more you explore and share, the more you grow. This is just a single idea on exploration. Certainly, there could be more ideas similar to this one.


The purpose of this article is to articulate the opportunities that are sitting close to us but we haven’t had a chance to understand them.

If you’re a budding entrepreneur, you might not want to make the next Facebook and Uber because they are there, moving forward, and getting better at what they do. If you want your startup to survive and thrive along the way, you got to have a concept (of an app) that people haven’t seen before.

The best way to get started as a startup is to come up with the unique, new, and innovative idea that stands out. The harsh reality is that there is no guarantee that it will get traction in the long run, at least, you’d learn so many lessons to use in the next launch.

The true entrepreneurs never sit back once they fail, instead, they use what they learned from their failures.

How you would go ahead to launch your mobile app-based startup is something you need to decide, after all.

The question is:

Will you choose a generic idea to work on or use the essence of this article to bring something new to the table?


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This post was written by Jim Sanders, a technology enthusiast and researcher working with the CitrusBits, a Mobile App Development Company. Connect with him on LinkedIn. 

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