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5 Angular 11 Tutorials for Beginners

Angular 11 tutorials for beginners are not difficult to find on the internet. Angular, a Google-developed open-source web framework, has recently released its latest version known as Angular 11. The good news for anyone wanting to try it out – there are massive resources of tutorials available online.

These tutorials teach about the basics: where to download, how to install, and what are the features. Then, it teaches beginner-level lessons on how to use the framework. However, tutorials available online are not just for beginners. These are also great for professionals that are wanting to try out the new version of the web framework.

Here are some of the best tutorials you could check out online:

Free Code Camp on Youtube

A full course you could try out FOR FREE. The Free Code Camp on Youtube has offered a full tutorial on how to start an Angular 11 and build a project from scratch. What sets this tutorial apart from other courses is the fact that you would have a working product at the end of it. That way you’re learning not just the theory but how to actually build something from the software.

You can also visit their website here

Tutorials Teacher

What this tutorial aims is to teach Angular 11 step-by-step. It paces the learner starting from beginner level to advanced level. All lessons are broken down into shorter sections which makes it easier for learners to go back to anytime. It also makes it easier for the learner to end the lesson and come back to where they left off at another time.

This is a great resource if you’re looking for a review reference. Say, you forgot how to code something specific that you need from your project. Simply go to this page and search for what you need.

Tek Tutorials Hub

This resource is great for professionals that are trying out the new framework. The layout is designed like a Wiki page where you can click on which part or aspect of Angular (yes, all of the other versions too) you would like to learn.

The Angular Web Page

Since it is open-source software, it might be difficult to get support from the developers on certain bugs, issues, or queries. So, the Angular website is a great place to learn about these bugs or updates. The page also provides an extensive tutorial on all versions of Angular.

Techie Diaries

Angular Tutorial by Example usually focuses on specific issues or queries from the readers. So, the website will explain how to work around the issue or teach how to do the specific query via an example. This is a good resource if you already have some prior knowledge of how to use Angular.

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