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45 Official Government Agency Websites for Design Inspiration

If there’s one area of web design that could use a few exemplary models, it would be worldwide government websites. Most countries and cities around the world launch websites that are difficult to use or just plain ugly (or both!). These projects do not always garner necessary attention because of budget constraints and micro-managing creative directors.

In this post, I’ve cataloged 45 examples of beautiful government agency websites for inspiration. Whether you’re revamping an existing city’s website or creating a new design for fun or profit, these layouts should give you plenty of fresh ideas. Content placement and color choice are two vital pieces to any successful website. When it comes to public sector design work, every little detail counts.

President of France

US House of Representatives

US Treasury

US Department of Justice

City of Vancouver

President of Poland

Government of Romania

Parliament of Sweden

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Government of Chile

Federal Ministry of Finance

President of Portuguese Republic

US Department of Defense

State of Oregon

UK Parliament

President of Russia

Parliament of Australia

President of Mexico

Papua New Guinea Parliament

President of South Korea

Royal House of the Netherlands

Government of Luxembourg

South African Government

Czech Republic Parliament

Czech Republic Ministry of Finance

Singapore Ministry of Defence

President of Ireland

Hungary Ministry of Defence

State of Alaska

City of Boston

City of Seattle

City of Atlanta

City of San Francisco

Ministry of External Affairs

The Danish Monarchy

Government of Estonia

President of Croatia

The Scottish Government

Finnish Government

Government of Italy

Republic of Austria

Government of Indonesia

The Government of Malaysia

Government of Qatar

The UAE Government

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