40 Resources for Getting Started with jQuery Development

Each year, a new batch of young web developers are jumping into the field head-first. Often times, frontend web development is the easiest barrier to jumpstart learning. HTML/CSS work is quite simple, but delving into JavaScript provides a deeper realization of general programming topics. These include functions, loops, and variables, along with an understanding of how JavaScript code affects elements in the DOM.

In this post, you’ll find a series of 40 powerful jQuery articles, tutorials, and free plugins. Each of these resources should provide a starting point for anyone interested to learn frontend scripting. It’s a long road with many hurdles, but well worth the effort. Take a look through some of these links and jump right into any subject matter that you find intriguing.

jQuery Basics & Selectors

Introduction to DOM Manipulation

document object model dom manipulate jquery

The jQuery Object

tutorial howto coding jquery object dollar sign


jquery howto tutorial iterating

Master the .each() Loop

Event Delegation

Using jQuery Plugins

Writing Your Own jQuery Plugins

writing custom jquery plugins tutorial

jQuery Animations

Building a Login Form

building a jquery login form tutorial

Quick Tips for jQuery Newbs

newbies newcomers learning jquery tips tricks

Animate Content with jQuery

Reading XML with jQuery

Sticky Table Headers & Columns

Lateral On-Scroll Sliding

lateral scroll sliding effect jquery tutorial

Multi-Item Slider

jquery tutorial multi item slider howto

Swatch Book using CSS3 and jQuery

jquery css3 swatchbook colors design tutorial

Vertical Showcase Slider

Sliding Letters with jQuery

Portfolio Image Navigation

portfolio navigation menu jquery tutorial

Item Blur Effect

item blur effect jquery design tutorial

3D Thumbnail Hover Effects

3d tutorial hover effects thumbnail image jquery

Ajax with jQuery

tutorial howto coding jquery javascript ajax

Animate Sliding Content with jQuery

A-Slider Plugin

jquery aslider open source github project plugin

Pick-A-Color Plugin

Viewport Crop Plugin

stickyMojo Plugin

sidebar sticky plugin jquery navigation open source

scrollUp Plugin

open source jquery plugin scrolling freebie

Reddit API Webapp

jQuery Mobile for Beginners

beginner tutorial howto jquery mobile coding

Manipulate HTML Attributes

Traversing DOM Elements

Manipulate DOM Element’s Dimensions

jQuery post() Method

jQuery load() Method

How to Use jQuery No-Conflict Mode

Implementing TheMovieDB (TMDB) API with jQuery AJAX

jQuery Timer Examples

jQuery fadeIn & fadeOut Methods


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First published in March 2014; updated November 2021

The post 40 Resources for Getting Started with jQuery Development

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