36 Fun Charity Logos

Fun charity logos are not only enjoyable to view, but they are also inviting. They make the organization more approachable and friendly. Although it takes up just a small percentage on the main page of a website, an organization’s logo says a great deal about its advocacies. Logos are essential to a

If a logo is too plain, or serious, smaller individuals or communities might feel too overwhelmed or intimidated to ask for help. On top of that, volunteers might find it more encouraging to join organizations that look fun. Many people join charities and organizations not just because of their principles and advocacies, but there are still so many people that join organizations to build meaningful relationships. These are the types that want to build both professional and personal relationships with people with the same advocacies and principles as theirs. A logo may seem superficial but it may be a precedent to other people’s impressions of the charity.

Here are some of the best fun charity logos on the internet:

Ambitious About Autism

Charity Water

Feeding America

Free the Slaves

The Mentoring Project

Seattle Children’s Hospital

Lucky’s Friends

Stand Up To Cancer

Humane Society International

Humane Society of the US

One Drop Organization

Africa Now

Dog Charity

Designs for Charity

Black Health Alliance

The Water Trust

Fooding Forward

Canines at the Cross

The Desert Dog Project

World of Nature

Giving Purpose

Community Foundations of New Zealand

Culture Week

Simon on the Streets

Beatson Cancer Foundation

Mind For the Better Mental Health

Home Start: Southwark

Children’s Literacy Charity

Trust for London

Ready Stead Read Foundation

The Humour Foundation

Red Dust

Global Wildlife Conservation


Farm to School

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