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30 Passionate Valentine’s Day Graphics & Illustrations

With the season of love fast approaching, it seems only natural to celebrate this profoundly amorous occasion. Valentine’s Day is sprinkled with illustrative ideas of chocolates, flowers, pink hearts, and that dastardly matchmaker known as Cupid. Designers from around the world jump on this season with amity and congeniality towards their craft.

To get the lovey-dovey spirit flowing strong, here’s a gallery of Valentine’s Day graphics and illustrations. You’ll find all sorts of creative ideas made by designers from all around the world. It’s a season of love and care, which can be demonstrated prominently through relationships and true love. Whether you’re looking for Valentine’s inspiration or simply yearning for visuals of endearment, this gallery has a little something for everyone.


kisses kiss the cat vector

Ice Cream Cupid

ice cream cupid artwork design valentine

Love is Blind

love is blind pink valentines artwork

Chocolate Candy

chocolate candy box artwork vector icon

Aphrodite Loves Ares

aphrodite loves ares valentines day

Cards & Notes

cards notes valentines day icons

Valentine’s Day Chef

baking a cake valentine sweets chef

Teddy Bear

vector teddy bear artwork valentine

Sweet Melting

sugar cubes coffee sweet melting

Make Love

make love painting icon heart design

Pinterest Valentine

valentiens day pinterest heart graphic

Red Chocolates

red chocolates design icons


lovebirds pink icons valentines

Chinese Valentine’s Day

chinese valentines day artwork flowers

Red Rose Valentine

valentine card guitar music icon

Bmo Mine

bmo mine adventure time bmo video game

Heart Shield

cinema4d design heart shield icon design

Sparkle Icon

sparkling red heart pink background icon

Monsters in Love

monsters in love valentines day

I Love You

red ruby ring hearts iloveyou

Sailor Valentine’s Babe

sailor valentines babe graphic inspiration

9 Heart Freebies

hand drawn hearts icons freebies set

Kiss in the Park

valentines day love kiss in the park vector

Purple Present

chinese valentines day gift ribbon

Will You Be My Valentine?

Warm Hug


Love at Sunset

That One Time When…

Dog Valentine’s Day

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