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30 Fun & Creative Web Designs From DeviantArt

How many web designers can say that there are too many places to draw inspiration from? Exactly. None. Inspiration is welcomed from high and low, far and wide. Sure, there are CSS galleries you can check out or even other designers’ portfolios on Twitter or other social media websites, but what about DeviantArt?

I have taken the time to gather some of the best, most creatively designed websites from users on the site and put them together in this list of 30 Fun & Creative Web Designs.

Some of the popular elements in the designs below include:

  • Trees & leaves
  • Light blurs
  • Cartoon characters
  • Realistic animals
  • Water
  • Sky/clouds

So sit back, relax, and get inspired!

Bird House ↓


Bonza ↓


Creative Flu ↓


Deewater ↓


Designers Junior ↓

designers junior

Designers Weblog ↓

designers weblog

Detskiy ↓


Feartox ↓


Garden First Aid ↓

garden first aid

Iihe ↓


Imagine Air ↓

imagine air

Insurances ↓


Kempes ↓


Kindergarten ↓


Kosmos Travel ↓

Kosmos Travel

Lion City ↓

lion travel

Eye for Art ↓

Portfolio ↓

portfolio v2

Private Planes ↓

private planes

Some Web ↓

Some Web

Sports Deluxe ↓

Sports Deluxe

Tateljee ↓


Web Agency Web Design ↓

web agency web design

WordPress Fairy Theme ↓

Wordpress Fairy Theme

Savannah Sahara ↓

Pirat ↓

Webolize ↓

Bakery ↓


Sense Design ↓

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First published in June 2009; updated September 2021

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