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25 Fresh Logo Designs

2021 wasn’t up to a good start and what better way to refresh the year than to rebrand? There’s currently a shift of where design concepts are headed when it comes to logo trends and now is a great time to refresh your trademark. Gone is the trend based on reinvention and now comes the concept of innovation within constraints. In this post, we have featured some well-designed logos for inspiration.

25 Fresh Logo Designs in 2021

Unseen by aleT

Chardonnay by Dusan Klepic

Umrah by gromovnik

Ventura by Alicia

Imiteo by KisaDesign

Fortitude Games by Kinetec

Anthology by Ian Douglas

Chicken & More by Sanjar

STRM.BIO by casign

My House Decor by matanomira

MUSA by PrstiPerje

The Humboldt Confection by AWiz

Smoky T’s by sarvsarr

Bark & Pine by humbl.

Aria by artomatic

New World Harmony by vraione

Oily Mama by Jani Tavanxhi

The Barn Owl by Wintrygrey

Tokmo Reisen by C1k

Angel Cake by Yokaona

Roman Films by Dmitry Litvinenko

Athara by Arthean

Cabritos Cabrones by Rock N Draw

Gaea by Fe Melo

Farm. Field. Sea. by EWMDesigns

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