20 Useful PHP Scripts Available on CodeCanyon

For many, PHP is the lifeblood of web development.

It may be a general-purpose scripting language, but it powers WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and more; not to mention the thousands of individual PHP scripts available. If you’ve got a problem that needs an online solution, more than likely, you can solve it by creating a PHP script—or by downloading something already built.

PHP is clearly suited for web development. Take these 20 popular PHP scripts available on Envato Market, for example:

1. Vanguard – Login and User Management

If you run a website of any sort and are looking to introduce some type of login and authentication management, then take a look at Vanguard.

Vanguard - Login and User Management

In short, Vanguard is a Laravel-based application that makes it possible to introduce user registration, login, and authentication (through a variety of techniques) to a pre-existing website.

Some of the features it offers include:

  • interactive dashboard
  • unlimited number of user roles
  • powerful admin panel
  • unlimited number of permissions
  • super easy installation using installation wizard
  • user activity log
  • Avatar upload with crop feature
  • built using Twitter Bootstrap
  • active sessions management (see and manage all your active sessions)
  • full Unicode support
  • client-side and server-side form validation
  • fully customizable from settings section
  • complete and detailed documentation
  • fully object-oriented and commented PHP and JavaScript code.
  • localization support—translate the application to any language (English, Serbian and German translations included)
  • with more

If you run a website and are trying to figure out how to introduce memberships without moving to a completely different platform, give Vanguard a try. Perhaps it’ll give you exactly what you need.

2. Instagram Auto Post & Scheduler – Nextpost Instagram

Turn your Instagram into an automated marketing powerhouse using Instagram Auto Post & Scheduler – Nextpost Instagram. This online marketing tool allows you to auto-post, schedule, and manage your Instagram accounts from one place.

Instagram Auto Post  Scheduler - Nextpost Instagram

“With Nextpost, you can post and assess your posts in a single panel and save time managing multiple Instagram accounts.”

Features include:

  • extendable
  • proxy support
  • schedule posts
  • easy installation and great UI
  • supports multiple Instagram accounts
  • supports photo, story, video, and albums
  • and much, much more

The list of features included are impressive and include just about anything you would ever want with an Instagram online marketing tool.

Instagram Auto Post & Scheduler – Nextpost Instagram is a must-have for any Instagram marketer.

3. PHP Login & User Management

There’s no need to use an entire CMS to handle user logins and have private pages that can only be viewed by logged-in visitors to your website.

This can easily be done by leveraging PHP Login & User Management, a MySQL-powered website PHP login script. You can even change User Levels using the built-in Control Panel when you need different levels of page security.

PHP Login  User Management

This script includes:

  • captcha integration
  • profiles
  • social media login support
  • login expiration
  • lost password activation code email
  • welcome and activation emails
  • as well as many control panel features for Admin

With the installation wizard and the HTML5 Twitter Bootstrap design, you’ll be up and running with solid PHP Login & User Management in no time.

4. Ultimate Client Manager – CRM – Pro Edition

If you need a CRM for your business, or maybe you want to up your freelance project management, instead of adding another monthly fee to your expenses, why not host your own customer and project management system?

More specifically, the Ultimate Client Manager – CRM – Pro Edition.

Ultimate Client Manager - CRM - Pro Edition

UCM Pro really does pack an impressive punch of features. You can:

  • enjoy industry-standard PGP/RSA encrypted fields
  • email support tickets
  • organize your leads, customers, projects, and invoices
  • have your customers log in and see their project status
  • enable subscription billing features to help organize and automate client billing
  • convert invoices into PDF documents
  • make multiple currency and tax rate adjustments
  • have customers and staff upload project files

This is only a fraction of the useful features you’ll find. And while this CRM contender is robust enough to challenge many other subscription-based CRMs, it’s the little things like being able to change your CRM theme that give the Ultimate Client Manager – CRM – Pro Edition that extra polish.

5. Perfex – Open Source CRM

When it comes to managing customer relationships, there are a wide variety of solutions. Truth be told, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution, which is why it’s a good thing to have a number of choices.

And one of those is Perfex.

Perfex - Open Source CRM

Since we’re all looking for a different set of features as it relates to CRM systems, here are some of the things that Perfex offers its users:

  • Build professional, great-looking estimates and invoices.
  • Powerful support system with the ability to auto-import tickets.
  • Track time spent on tasks and bill your customers. Ability to assign multiple staff members on task and track time per assigned staff member.
  • Add task followers even if the staff member is not a project member. The staff member will be able to track the task progress without accessing the project.
  • Keep track of leads in one place and easily follow their progress. Ability to auto import leads from email, add notes, and create proposals. Organize your leads in stages and change stages easily with drag and drop.
  • Create good-looking proposals for leads or customers and increase sales.
  • Record your company/project expenses and have the ability to bill to your customers and auto-convert to invoices.
  • Know more about your customers with a powerful CRM.
  • And much, much more. 

You can view features, requirements, and more on the product page.

This particular product is inexpensive, available in the marketplace, and can be installed on any system that supports PHP and MySQL (which is nearly any popular, current host). 

6. PHP Live Chat Pro

Build your own PHP and MySQL chat without monthly fees using PHP Live Chat Pro. This useful PHP script boasts many useful features.

PHP Live Chat Pro

“Live Support Chat. PHP & MySQL based. For any website. No monthly fees.”

Features include:

  • easy to install installation wizard
  • conversation history with filters
  • full translation support
  • supports file sharing
  • sound notifications
  • mobile support
  • geolocation
  • and more

From the desktop to mobile applications, this works with any website.

Start chatting it up with PHP Live Chat Pro.

7. Turbo Website Reviewer – In-Depth SEO Analysis Tool

Analyze SEO issues using the Turbo Website Reviewer – In-Depth SEO Analysis Tool and provide white-labeled PDF reports. With over 50 different checks, this tool checks key issues surrounding good SEO.

Turbo Website Reviewer - In-Depth SEO Analysis Tool

“Turbo Website Reviewer helps to identify your SEO mistakes and optimize your web page contents for a better search engine ranking.”

Features include:

  • user management system
  • full multilingual support
  • powerful admin control
  • fully customizable
  • built-in analytics
  • easy installation
  • and more

With a side-by-side domain comparison, the Turbo Website Reviewer – In-Depth SEO Analysis Tool includes just about anything you would ever want to be included in an SEO analysis tool.

8. Super Store Finder

Customers can easily find your store in style with Super Store Finder.

By fully integrating Google API V3 and using Geo IP to detect the user location, Super Store Finder allows your customers to find your location quickly and easily from their smartphones.

Super Store Finder

The Twitter Bootstrap powered design—complete with modal popups, tabs, alerts, and more—looks great on the desktop or smartphone. But it’s the feature set of this PHP script that really catches your eye:

  • results sorted from nearest to furthest
  • use Google Street View
  • unlimited locations
  • bulk CSV import
  • autofill search field
  • multi-language support
  • users can request to add locations
  • multiple admins
  • add your own map markers
  • and much, much, more

This is a great way to leverage Google Maps into your website for both desktop and mobile users, and includes enough unique features to use Super Store Finder for more than your stereotypical use cases.

9. MailWizz – Email Marketing Application

There’s no need to keep monkeying around with your email marketing.

If you’re serious about having your own email marketing application, this is a great place to start. In fact, the MailWizz – Email Marketing Application is robust and feature-rich enough for you to become an email service provider for your customers!

MailWizz - Email Marketing Application

Autoresponders? Check.

Restful API and Web Hooks? Double check.

Powerful theming system, customizable list forms, and customer back end? Triple check.

You’ll have no problem sending tens of thousands of emails in just an hour, or importing and exporting subscriber lists, reports, and stats; not to mention enjoying IP location services, and best of all, unlimited lists and subscribers.

The MailWhizz – Email Marketing Application includes support for many delivery servers, including SMTP Amazon SES, Directory Pickup, PHP’s mail, and Sendmail.

10. Freelance Cockpit

If you’re a freelancer, then you know the challenges of managing all of the overhead that comes with actually managing the business (aside from managing solutions for your clients).

Freelance Cockpit aims to help you do exactly that.

Freelance Cockpit

The application offers an all-in-one solution for managing projects, tasks, support, messaging, and so much more. Some of the features include:

  • Multi File Upload and File Commenting. On all projects you can upload any kind of files, like a screenshot of the mockup you made for a new web project, and share them with your client.
  • Client Management. Easily manage your clients with all the details you need.
  • Client Portal. Your clients can view the status of their projects and invoices.
  • Invoice Management. Creating and sending invoices was never that easy!
  • Expenses. Track all your expenses.
  • Estimates. Send estimates to your clients.
  • Recurring Invoices. Create recurring invoices.
  • Calendar. Beautiful calendar with optional Google calendar integration.
  • Item Management. Manage your items/products.
  • Reports. A nice chart to view your income and expenses in a given period.
  • User Activity Widget. See who is online.
  • Email Notifications. Get email notifications on new messages, project assignment, etc.
  • User Access Levels. Control the access of your agents to the different modules.
  • Quick Access. Quickly open a project or start/stop the timer using the Quick Access widget.
  • Database backup. Never lose any data again!
  • And more.

If you’re a freelancer, or even a small business, and you’re looking for an all-in-one solution to help manage the overhead for all things that you’re doing related to your business, check out Freelance Cockpit.

11. Coin Table – Cryptocurrency Market CMS

Keep up to date and share the current exchange rate for over 1,000 different cryptocurrencies with the Coin Table – Cryptocurrency Market CMS. Easily manage it within its own admin panel and create multiple authenticated users.

Coin Table - Cryptocurrency Market CMS

“Coin Table is a Content Management System built for Cryptocurrency Real-time Information.”

Customizable pages include:

  • home
  • table
  • currency
  • converter

Features include:

  • supports all the major social networks
  • plug and play custom HTML ads
  • convert to 156 currencies
  • and more

Keep up with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency with Coin Table – Cryptocurrency Market CMS.

12. Premium URL Shortener

If you’ve used very much—especially if you’re using a custom domain—you’ll find there’s a giant leap between their free and paid service. That makes something like Premium URL Shortener a “no-brainer”.

Premium URL Shortener

This PHP URL shortener was built with performance in mind, and that’s exactly what it does. It comes complete with a powerful dashboard, admin, and geotargeting, and it’s fully social-media ready. You’ll not only enjoy using Premium URL Shortener, but maybe even take advantage of the new built-in membership system.

13. ContactMe – Responsive AJAX Contact Form – HTML5 PHP

There’s hardly anything more useful than a good contact form. Look no further! ContactMe – Responsive AJAX Contact Form – HTML5 PHP is an excellent solution.

ContactMe - Responsive AJAX Contact Form - HTML5 PHP

“Extremely customizable Contact Form, in a easy and quick way you can create THOUSANDS of different Contact Forms to fit your needs!”

Forms include:

  • general
  • send files
  • hotel contact
  • job application
  • restaurant contact
  • and many more

With over 28 combinations ready to use, you’ll be up and running quickly with a good-looking contact form.

Features include:

  • no database required
  • easy to customize
  • add attachments
  • no page reload
  • supports CC
  • and more

ContactMe – Responsive AJAX Contact Form – HTML5 PHP is perfect for every developer’s toolkit.

14. PHP Live Support Chat

Set up a live support chat system with PHP Live Support Chat. This PHP and SQL-based solution brings real-time chat to your website.

(Yes, it also includes a high-quality emoticon set.)

PHP Live Support Chat

On the customer/user side, PHP Live Support Chat offers:

  • a well-designed chat window
  • avatars and emoticons to keep communication clear
  • and mobile support

From the customer support side, you’ll benefit from the:

  • chat logs
  • desktop notifications
  • prepared messages
  • and more!

PHP Live Support Chat is easy to install, supports multiple users at once, and has unlimited usage.

15. VTGram – For Instagram Marketing

Ever since Instagram introduced videos, anyone and everyone who uses the service has seen the sponsored posts.

But what if you were able to leverage the platform to market your own product without needing to use the sponsorship features they provide? Or what if you were able to target people, likes, comments, posts, etc., all from within a single application.

Enter VTGram.

VTGram - For Instagram Marketing

Just some of the features include:

  • Auto Post: You can post an image and/or video. The world’s first Instagram video posting tool post from your desktop—PC or Mac.
  • Auto Direct Message: You can send direct messages to your followers easily.
  • Auto Comment: Search and comment all the posts you want in one click.
  • Auto Like: Search and like all the posts you want in one click.
  • Auto Follow: The fastest and most economical way for you if you want to increase following.
  • Auto Unfollow: One reason that you want to unfollow all friends. Tools can also help you.
  • Auto Follow Back: You’re tired of follow back. This feature will help you save time.
  • Search: Search top hashtags and users in the quickest way.
  • Social Login: Supported login via Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

You can purchase, read more, see the requirements, and even test drive the application all from its page in the Envato marketplace.

16. phpDolphin – Social Network Platform

With the popularity of Facebook, many people have found themselves leaving the popular social network for smaller, niche online communities.

With the phpDolphin – Social Network Platform, you can host your very own social network.

phpDolphin - Social Network Platform

Facebook users will find themselves right at home with:

  • likes
  • profile pages
  • news feed
  • groups
  • sharing
  • and much more

As Admin, you’ll have full control to manage users, groups, and reports. You can even add phpDolphin plugins to extend your social network’s features—Dislike Plugin, anyone?

phpDolphin is very robust, so don’t let its Facebook “cloned” design deter you from it.

17. Ninja Media Script – Viral Fun Media Sharing Site

Creating your own media sharing site has never been so easy—or looked this good!

The Ninja Media Script – Viral Fun Media Sharing Site delivers lots of features and solid design.

Ninja Media Script - Viral Fun Media Sharing Site

Built with Laravel 4, Bootstrap 3, Font Awesome 4, and more, this PHP script is easy to install, customizable, and fully responsive.

Users can log in and register with their email address, Facebook, or Google, and then upload images and videos that can then be approved by a site admin or published directly.

Add a logo, use a watermark, choose your layout—you’re dealing with a ninja.

Features include:

  • add pages
  • commenting
  • likes
  • NSFW functionality
  • translation ready
  • and more

Any YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, GIF, or JPG could go viral with the Ninja Media Script – Viral Fun Media Sharing Site PHP script.

18. FileGator

Copy, move, rename, edit, delete and upload files online with FileGator.

Without using a database—or Flash—you can run this powerful PHP file manager and Ajax uploader.


Share, zip, and manage multiple files online with your own file manager.

With FileGator’s fast and easy-to-use UI, you can:

  • use Google’s URL shortener for email links
  • have multiple user and guest accounts
  • search files and folders
  • create archives with zip
  • unzip and decompress files online
  • and much more

Easy to install, easy to use, easy to download FileGator.

19. Stock Manager Advance with Point of Sale Module

You can update product stock, purchases, and sales with an Internet connection and Stock Manager Advance with Point of Sale Module.

Manage multiple warehouses, generate reports, and more.

Stock Manager Advance with Point of Sale Module


  • works well with touch screens
  • print order and bill
  • supports Stripe and PayPal Pro
  • calendar and calculator
  • staff and customer notifications
  • and more

Manage your standard, combo, and digital products with Stock Manager Advance with Point of Sale Module.

20. Rise Project Manager

Project management is one of those areas of running a business that some prefer more than others. If you’re a freelancer, it comes with the territory; if you’re part of a larger business, then it may be your role.

Regardless, finding the best way to manage said projects can be tough. Perhaps Rise is a viable solution?

Rise Project Manager

Straight from the product page:

Ultimate Project Manager is the best way to manage your projects, clients and team members. You can easily collaborate with your team and monitor your work. It’s easy to use & install.

And it has a ton of features, to boot. Some of the examples include:

  • Projects. Manage all your projects using some amazing tools. Create tasks in projects and assign your team members on the tasks. Create milestones to estimate the timeframe. Upload files by dragging and dropping in projects and discuss with your team. Let your team members comment on tasks and get notifications for important events. See activity logs for projects.
  • Clients. It’s very simple to add your clients in Rise. You’ll get detailed information about contacts, projects, invoices, payments, estimates, tickets and notes of each client. You can allow your clients to use the client portal. Each client will get a separate dashboard to see their projects. Let your clients create tasks for the projects and get feedback instantly.
  • Team members. Assign tasks to your team members and monitor the status easily. You can set different permissions on their access.
  • Invoices. Send invoices to your clients by email with a PDF copy of the invoice. And get paid online via Stripe and PayPal.
  • Estimates. Create estimate request forms according to your needs and let your clients request estimates. Review the estimate requests and submit your estimates to clients.
  • Tickets. Let your clients create support tickets and get notification by web and email. Assign team members to tickets and track the status.
  • Expenses. Track all your expenses and get information about your project cost easily.
  • Event calendar. Create your personal events list and share events with team members.
  • Messaging. Send private messages to team members and clients.

And there’s clearly much, much more.

If you find yourself in this role, then I highly recommend checking out what Rise has to offer and see if it fits the bill. In a field that’s got a lot of competition, this particular product may hit the right price point.


You can clearly see how versatile PHP is—it can be used for anything from simple solutions to full social networks and project management.

On Envato Tuts+, you’ll find all kinds of helpful resources to learn PHP, like PHP tutorials, code eBooks, and video code courses. I particularly enjoy the video code courses. They have beginner PHP courses, like Introduction to WordPress Plugin Development and PHP Fundamentals, or more advanced video courses such as PHP Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals and Go Further With WooCommerce Themes. No matter your learning style, you’ll be sure to find helpful PHP code courses.

And if you’re curious to know what other PHP scripts are out there, take a peek at what’s on offer at Envato Market.

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