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20 Useful Laravel Packages Available on CodeCanyon

Laravel is web application framework that many developers say is a dream to work with. That’s because it aims to take the tedium out of routine web projects tasks, like authentication, routing, sessions, and caching and make the development process simple and straightforward without sacrificing application functionality.

If you’re not familiar with the Laravel framework, then it’s time to discover what you’ve been missing by checking out these 20 popular Laravel tools and packages to be found at CodeCanyon.

1. Ninja Media Script

Ninja Media Script allows you to create your own media sharing site. It is easy to install and fully customisable so that you can use your own logo and preferred colour scheme. Users can sign up with Facebook, Google or email and upload an unlimited number of videos, GIFs, photographs, drawings, etc. 

Ninja Media Script

Key features:

  • easy-to-use Admin Panel
  • supports YouTube, Vimeo and Vine
  • multiple layouts available
  • and more 

User 68mustang says: 

“Great script. A lot of amazing functionalities.”

2. Buzzy

Buzzy is another Laravel package option for those who want to create their own media sharing sites. It offers users unlimited widgets, pages, categories and the ability to create featured posts, lists, polls, videos and more.  All media can be tracked daily, weekly, or monthly so that the site admin knows what is most popular and interesting to visitors. 


Key features: 

  • customisable layouts
  • a back-end administration panel
  • integration with various social media channels
  • and more

User Phalon says:

“This script is truly amazing. Professionally Coded and looked after well.”

3. Schoex

If you run a school or your own private classes Schoex is a powerful school management system that can help you get and stay organised. Schoex allows users to organise students by academic year or any other category, and helps manage class schedules, attendance, vacation and homework assignments, as well as online exams, mark sheets and reports. Once set up, the systems administrator can assign roles to teachers, students and parents so that they can access relevant areas of the system and keep updated with news and events. 


Key features:

  • control information access based on user roles
  • manage class schedules, exams, etc
  • upload and share images, videos, news and events
  • and more

User debojyotidas says:

“This template has the best support, hands down! The developer is very helpful and has handled every bit of small or medium problem I had with the script.”

4. Acelle

A self-hosted email marketing web application written in Laravel 5, Acelle allows users to send a high-volume of marketing emails via their own server or through other email service providers. This means that users have full control of their entire email marketing system and can replace costly email marketing services like Mailchimp. 


Key features:

  • manage list and subscribers 
  • integration with your own SMTP server
  • fully featured automation and autoresponder
  • and more

User jab1000 says:

“Acelle Email Marketing has allowed us to ditch our previous Mailchimp campaigns (and high monthly fees) while still delivering the same results and giving us far more features! Really excited about this!”

5. Josh

Josh is a user-friendly Laravel admin template that has every component necessary for making beautiful backend applications.  The template comes with more than 100 pages but if you need only a few pages for your application, the template includes a handy starter kit which includes the most necessary pages like login, register, forgot password and user management. If you require additional pages beyond those provided in the starter kit, you can easily get them from the main version of Josh.  


Key features:

  • backend  and frontend pages with master layouts
  • login, register functionality
  • blog module with comments
  • and more

User daveke7 says:

“I got great help with my problems. The creator really took his time to solve the issues I had. I highly advise buying this Admin panel.”

6. Vanguard 

Vanguard is a login and user management app that allows website owners to quickly add and enable user authentication and authorisation features to their website. It provides an easy-to-use interactive dashboard, a powerful admin panel and an unlimited number of user roles. It also comes with fully documented JSON API which allows you to easily authenticate users using your favourite mobile device.


Key features:

  • secure user registration and login
  • social authentication using Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • password reset
  • Google reCAPTCHA on registration
  • and more

User Apiening says:

“Very nice package to get authentication and permission system up and running. Saves tons of work compared to custom implementation.”

7. Classic Invoicer

A web-based invoicing and client management system, Classic Invoicer allows users to create custom invoices and send them to clients directly. It also produced detailed reports which are useful in managing and tracking income. 

Classic Invoicer

Key features: 

  • responsive design 
  • stores client information for each invoice
  • handles estimates within the app
  • manages various payment types
  • and more

User Philomenas says: 

“Great features, probably wont use them all. The customer support is fast, friendly and they will make it work for you whatever problems you have.”

8. BeDrive

Looking to create your own version of Dropbox or Google Drive, then check out BeDrive. This Laravel package allows you to create your own self-hosted file sharing and hosting website in minutes with no coding knowledge.


Key features:

  • intuitive dashboard
  • configurable and easy to use subscriptions system
  • admin panel
  • Google analytics integrated
  • and more

User King123456 says:

This is the best file hosting script that i have ever used. Great design and great features. I definitely recommend people to buy this.

9. HelloVideo

Want to create your own video website? HelloVideo is a PHP script built with the Laravel framework that you install on your server. You can then customise it, add unlimited videos, posts, and pages to your site and make them available for free or only to subscribers.


Key features:

  • add unlimited YouTube, Vimeo and other media files
  • organise all your content into categories and menus
  • view live stats and analytics about users
  • seamlessly integrates with Stripe
  • and more

User vegatow says:

“Love this code. It’s exactly what I am looking for. Great Job!”

10. Chandra

One of our best-rated Laravel packages, Chandra may be just what you need if you’re looking for the perfect admin back-end application for your site. 


Key features:

  • six colour schemes
  • different layout options
  • over forty pages included
  • multi-level menu
  • and more

11. GamePort

With video games ever growing in popularity, creating a site dedicated specifically to selling, buying and trading video games is simply genius and if you’re looking to create such a site, GamePort is a great choice. 


Key features:

  • create trade lists 
  • powerful search and add function
  • support for over 15 platforms and digital distributors
  • social login 
  • and more

User mafikes says:

“Quality code and no bugs. Customer Support is really perfect! I can recommend it.”

12. SmartEnd

SmartEnd provides developers with an admin dashboard containing all the options needed to build any type of website. It contains front-end site preview with a flexible RESTful API and uses open source code that is easy to update. 


Key features:

  • dashboard with 4 different colours and styles
  • responsive admin panel
  • responsive Bootstrap flat design
  • dynamic menus and pages
  • and more

User abeaventh says:

“A nice, clean step-by-step guide to customise things. Documentation, design, features, flexibility and code quality are top notch.”

13. Fundme

Fundme is a crowdfunding platform that can be used to raise funds for any cause. The administrator adds users who can each create unlimited campaigns to support their causes.


Key features:

  • members can create unlimited campaigns 
  • social sharing
  • option to delete account
  • PayPal integrated
  • and more

User reliablewebhosting says:

“This script is powerful. I like the fact that the installation documentation was direct and to the point. It takes just a few minutes to install. Most developers will sell a similar crowdfunding script for thousands of dollars. Thanks for a great software – I love it.”

14. Smile Media

Going viral on the internet, is today’s holy grail as more eyeballs on a page can raise the profile of an entire site or business and generate more revenue. With this in mind,  Smile Media bills itself as the package that helps promote content for going viral by providing a solid platform from which you and your users can share media throughout your various social media channels. 

Smile Media

Key features:

  • responsive design
  • Amazon S3 support
  • builtin analytics
  • and more

User Gkhngyk says:

“This theme is so cool.”

15. Filepicker

A file-uploader script that allows users to upload multiple files to a server easily and quickly, Filepicker also includes three plugins for pagination, taking pictures with the webcam and image cropping. It also makes use of the Intervention Image library allowing for advanced image editing options. 


Key features:

  • multi-file upload
  • file list display
  • Webcam plugin
  • multiple image versions
  • and more

User warrio4 says:

“Amazing plugin. Simple but yet complex and efficient. Just what you’d need.”

16. Socialite

Create your own social networking site with Socialite, a social networking script developed on Laravel which lets you create a website to suit your needs and tastes that makes it easier for clients, friends and fans to follow your updates.


Key features:

  • login with major social networks
  • realtime notification
  • unified search
  • multilevel comments
  • and more

User ferithon says:

Very good code. Fantastics features. Competent, available and professional staff; Highly recommended!

17. Botble

Botble is a Laravel content management system that allows you to create, modify and manage any kind of digital content you want. The system accommodates multilingual admin back-end, has two readymade themes that can be modified as you like and has many great features like a gorgeous photo gallery, and integrated Google Analytics.


Key features:

  • theme and widget management
  • powerful permission system
  • social login
  • blog and news theme included
  • and more

User martinbeek says

“This is a great product for a very reasonable price. The best in it’s category in my opinion. Thoroughly coded and feature packed. This author has given me the best support to date. Fast response, always polite and helpful and can be reached through Skype.”

18. Booksi

An ideal system for property managers, Booksi is a rental and directory management system that allows owners of rental or vacation properties to advertise their properties, approve or reject offers, and more. It also allows users to view available properties, reserve them and leave reviews on a property they’ve stayed in.


Key features:

  • powerful admin panel
  • booking and reviews
  • ability to change design and colours
  • payment settings
  • and more

User christhoo says:

“This developer has done such a wonderful job with his script. His response is almost immediate and he is very patient and detailed when it comes to supporting me in all my enquiries! His work is highly recommended indeed!”

19. Laraship Subscriptions

Subscription are a very popular way of offering online goods and services today and Laraship Subscriptions is a great recurring billing platform that will help you manage your subscriptions. It can support multiple products with different subscriptions for each, offers Stripe integration, allows you to send out invoices and users to subscribe, cancel or upgrade subscriptions.

Laraship Subscriptions

Key features:

  • automatic remote updates for modules
  • theme management
  • custom fields
  • encrypted URLs and SSL tested to ensure security
  • and more

User mattltm says:

“An excellent package with great support. Clean code, great features and easy enough to understand and build a custom application around. Regular updates are great and the author even helped sort out a few issues I had by remote access. Very happy.”

20. Themeqx Classified

Themeqx Classified is a Laravel classified ads content management system with many powerful features like a built-in social login, Amazon S3, SEO, and a free blog with multi-language support. Users can add YouTube video or Vimeo video to every ad to help attract more customers.

Themeqx Classified

Key features:

  • easy setup wizard
  • regular and premium ads available
  • ability to monetise
  • PayPal and Stripe supported
  • and more

User PremierDigitalMarketing says:

“Outstanding script! I am really impressed with it and the support was fantastic in helping me resolve an issue with my server (which wasn’t even their fault). Highly recommended. I will keep an eye out for your future releases.”


Over the years Laravel has grown from a budding PHP framework into something that’s used across the industry as a solid foundation for building PHP-based web applications. 

The 20 Laravel packages featured here just scratch the surface of options available at CodeCanyon that aid developers in building mature, robust solutions for their clients. So if none of them catch your fancy, there are plenty of other great options there to hold your interest.

And if you want to improve your skills using Laravel yourself,  head on over to the site and check out the ever so useful Laravel tutorials and Laravel courses we have on offer.

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