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20 Best WPBakery Page Builder Addons & Extensions of 2018

With over a million users worldwide, the popular drag-and-drop page builder, WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer), has inspired a legion of developers to create loads of cool and useful addons and extensions that increase its functions and provide virtually unlimited possibilities when it comes to creating the WordPress site of your dreams. Here’re a list of the 20 best of these addons and extensions for 2018 to be found at CodeCanyon.

Some offer a huge range of features within one powerful extension, while others provide just one specialised and targeted function. Some have been on the market for a while and have earned a reputation as the go-to plugins for users of WPBakery Page Builder, while others are newer to the market but have the potential to carve out their own unique following. Either way, you’re bound to find a plugin here that will answer your prayers… some of them, anyway.

1. Ultimate Addons

It’s no surprise that Ultimate Addons is one of the highest rated and best selling addons for WPBakery Page Builder. With 20 updates since its inception, this is an addon that works consistently to stay ahead of the competition and deliver a product that meets the needs of a wide range of designers.

Ultimate Addons

Notable features:

  • parallax and video backgrounds
  • video tutorials
  • over 40 unique elements
  • 15 demo pages for inspiration
  • and more

A perennial favourite, Ultimate Addons ticks a lot of boxes as a reliable WPBakery Page Builder Addon.

2. Massive Addons

Massive Addons has been gaining quite a following over the past two years. This all-in-one extension is packed with features that will make even the most demanding web designer happy. The latest version 2.0 has incorporated a ton of user suggested improvements. Most notably it has integrated a feature called container presets which allow users to preset entire rows or columns.

Notable features:

  • over 70 customisable shortcodes and addons
  • 31 page templates
  • supports WooCommerce
  • over 15 training videos
  • and more

Massive Addons is exactly what you need if you’re looking for a WPBakery Page Builder extension that covers a huge range of functionality.

3. Calendarize it!

Calendarize it! is a feature-rich calendar for your WordPress site that can be used as a standalone plug in or an addon for WPBakery Page Builder.

Calendarize it

Notable features:

  • events countdown
  • events year view
  • payment options
  • social share panel
  • and more

User deezeeweb says of Calendarize it!:

“I really love the plugin itself – beautiful, thoughtful design and UI. The add-ons handle just about any additional needs we could have, plus they offer a lot of free features. Support seals the deal – quick to respond and helpful. And aside from that, well documented with quality coding.”

4. Composium

One of the top sellers at CodeCanyon, Composium is packed with a dizzying amount of features including a Google Font Manager with more than 810 fonts, over 70 CSS3 animations, and the option to use any WPBakery Page Builder element in a sidebar. In addition, when you download this extension, you also get a built-in downtime/maintenance manager for your site, which allows you to create a custom maintenance page.


Notable features:

  • over 150 different elements
  • Icon and Google Font Managers
  • custom premium Lightbox
  • template and widget builder
  • and more

With its record of consistent updates and the addition of new features to an already great product, Composium is bound to remain a crowd favourite for years to come.

5. Kaswara

Kaswara entered the market in January last year with a few addons and extensions, quickly gaining a lot of attention with its modern and stylish designs. Now it has expanded its offerings to 45 elements and over 550 shortcode options and has become a powerful contender in the WPBakery Page Builder addons and extensions market. 


Notable features:

  • contact form designer
  • shortcode manager
  • replica section
  • Icon and Google font managers
  • and more

User laughingsteam says of Kaswara:

“Tons of features and add-ons! Truly the one package you need to fulfill whatever you want! Support is super good as well. Had an issue with a bug, and wanted HTML Code inside Hotspot images, and they made that possible, which is super cool!”

6Super Bundle

Last year, Video & Parallax Backgrounds made our list of the top 20 Best WPBakery Page Builder Addons and Extensions. This year it’s still our favourite addon for adding video backgrounds as well as image parallax scrolling effects to your WordPress site, and you can still buy it as a standalone. But if you’re looking for a few other great effects as well, Video & Parallax Backgrounds now comes bundled with over 20 other fabulous addons from the same developer in the Super Bundle collection.

Super Bundle

Notable features:

  • hover animation
  • animated text effects
  • carousel
  • background gradient
  • and more

User gpf1973 says of Super Bundle:

“Really nice set of useful plugins. Works across my site (Carbon theme) without any problems. Good work.”

7Sortable Grid and Taxonomy Filter

If you’re looking for an interesting way to display your posts or products, then the Sortable Grid and Taxonomy Filter may be the answer for you. This addon is packed with features that allow you to display your products, posts or other types of content in a selection of grid layouts.

Sortable Grid and Taxonomy Filter

Notable features:

  • fully customisable
  • five different grid layouts
  • CSS3 animations to animate your grid items
  • custom taxonomy filter—you can enable filter posts from a determined category
  • and more

Sortable Grid & Taxonomy Filter is a great addon to bring some variety to the way you sort and display content like posts, products, and more. 

8All In One Addons

An oldie but goodie, All In One Addons combines 64 different functions in one powerful tool that extends WPBakery Page Builder wonderfully.

All In One Addons

Notable features:

  • carousel and gallery
  • to-do list and price table
  • draggable timeline
  • iHover with 35 transitions
  • and more

User JordanHobbs says of All in One Addons:

“Customer service and quality of features have me buzzing about this plugin. We have been through multiple “Addon” packages with VC/WPBakery and this one fills a lot of gaps!”

9Team Showcase

Team Showcase for WPBakery Page Builder is another specialised addon for WPBakery Page Builder that enables you to add a team or staff member section anywhere on your website in different layouts.

Team Showcase

Notable features:

  • ten predefined responsive themes
  • four different display options
  • ability to create custom links for each team member
  • animated in and out slider
  • and more

Though designed specifically for showcasing team members, Team Showcase can also be repurposed to display testimonials or other image and text content.

10. Image Hotspot with Tooltip

The Image Hotspot with Tooltip comes bundled with another bestselling CodeCanyon addon, All In One Addons, but for those who don’t own that plugin, this standalone enables you to add a hotspot icon with a popup tooltip to any image on your site.

Image Hotspot with Tooltip

Notable features:

  • the tooltip feature supports text, images, video, and other kinds of content
  • hotspot icon’s position easily customisable
  • hotspot icons come in a variety of colours
  • and more

Image Hotspot with Tooltip may not be for everyone but will be of great value to photographers and e-commerce or educational sites.


VCKit is another relative newcomer to the WPBakery Page Builder addons and extensions market. This feature-rich collection of addons offer over 45 beautifully designed elements and highly customised features and is fast becoming a major player at CodeCanyon. 


Notable features:

  • five pre-designed demo homepage templates
  • over 45 animation effects
  • 30 gorgeous effects
  • one-click installation
  • and more

User by CSWCSW says of VCKit:

“Five stars for design quality,  features availability and customer service! Certainly an awesome and powerful kit to have in my toolbox. Has a total of 42 great effects, each with a video tutorial. Any questions, ThemeLego is prompt and friendly. Any problems, ThemeLego offers helpful tips, advice, etc. You won’t be disappointed!”

12. Testimonials Showcase

Testimonials Showcase is designed specifically to help you display and manage your testimonials. It comes with several themes, colour schemes, and customisable options that will allow you to integrate the addon into your site seamlessly.

Testimonials Showcase

Notable features:

  • ten responsive themes
  • grid or slider display
  • submission form that allows customers to write and submit their testimonials
  • ability to filter testimonials
  • and more

Testimonials Showcase will have a broad appeal to businesses that need an elegant and easy solution to collecting and displaying customer feedback.

13. WP Post Modules

WP Post Modules is ideal for creating online magazine layouts, newspaper blocks, creative portfolio showcases, and regular blog feeds using a drag-and-drop interface.

WP Post Modules

Notable features:

  • 7 display styles
  • 20 pre-built home page layouts
  • grid and list module
  • 100% responsive design, optimised for retina display
  • and more

User HELKE says of WP Post Modules:

“The design, features, flexibility, customisability and customer support are really amazing. Very dedicated author. I’m really happy and hope that this piece of software continues to develop and stays up-to-date for as long as possible.”

14. Modal Popup Box

Modal Popup Box comes bundled with CodeCanyon’s top-selling Ultimate Addons but can also be bought as a standalone for those who are just looking for a popup feature. The addon allows you to add popups for a wide variety of purposes: opt-ins for email subscription, shortcodes, images, videos, contact forms, or social media widgets.

 Modal Popup Box

Notable features:

  • ability to create popups of various content, including images and video
  • MailChimp supported
  • shortcode support
  • and more

Modal Popup Box is the easy solution for adding various types of popups and opt-ins to your website.

15. Templatera

Created by the authors of the WPBakery Page Builder, Templatera is a WordPress template manager that allows users to create, manage and set access to templates based on user roles or content type.


Notable features:

  • easy content reuse across templates
  • edit content across templates from one central place
  • import/export templates in XML format
  • and more

User viablethought says of Templatera:

“This is such a great plugin to use for larger sites that have the same designed elements that exist on many pages (e.g. custom sidebars or call to actions). This allows you to update everything from a template rather then going to each page individually. This is a “must have” tool for those using WordPress for client projects. Such a time saver!”

16. Smart One Page

Smart One Page is a great plugin for users looking for a quick, easy, no-hassle way to create a landing page or a single-page website.

Smart One

Notable features:

  • supports Google Fonts and Font Awesome Icons and Image Icons
  • smart sticky navigation
  • supports fullscreen scrolling 
  • unlimited colour selection
  • and more

A five star rated addon, Smart One Page is the only WPBakery Page Builder addon you need to create a beautiful single-page website or landing page.

17. Fast Gallery

Fast Gallery allows you to build a variety of photo galleries and insert them into your WordPress site. With its large selection of gallery types, layouts, and animation effects, the addon is an indispensable tool for image-rich sites.

Fast Gallery

Notable features:

  • eight types of galleries
  • nine different layouts
  • animations with over 200 effects
  • video tutorial available
  • and more

User TimJamesNSW says of Fast Gallery:

“The best responsive gallery plugin for WordPress. Customer support was immediate and had a solution very fast. Would highly recommend this product for it’s quality and flexibility.”

18. Cost Calculator

If you’re looking for a WPBakery Page Builder addon that will enable you to create price estimates that give clients an idea of the costs involved in your service or product, Cost Calculator might be the perfect plugin for you. Cost Calculator allows you to easily create quote or price estimation forms for your WordPress site.

Cost Calculator

Notable features:

  • dropdown menus with images icons
  • numeric slider
  • on/off switcher
  • and more

Cost Calculator also includes PayPal integration and Contact Form 7 support.

19. WooCommerce Page Builder

Design a stylish and individual WooCommerce store with the popular WooCommerce Page Builder, which comes with a full set of easy-to-use WooCommerce shortcodes.

WooCommerce Page Builder

Notable features:

  • single product, category, cart and checkout page builders
  • easy installation
  • easy configuration
  • online documentation
  • and more

User Ovisz says of WooCommerce Page Builder:

“Very good plugin that gives you freedom with WooCommerce to display products how you want without any coding knowledge. Customer support is amazing I have to say, my theme and WooCommerce Page Builder plugin had some compatibility issues and I couldn’t fix it, so I contacted support and they created custom product template that I wanted without any problems and very fast.”

20. Vera

Vera is a multimedia addon for WPBakery Page Builder that enables you to add video, audio and radio players, multimedia carousels, countdown timers and more to your WordPress site.


Notable features:

  • video, audio and radio players
  • logos showcase pro
  • multimedia carousel
  • multimedia playlist slider
  • and more

One of the great things about purchasing Vera is that users continually receive bonuses that extend the functionality of the plugin.


These 20 WPBakery Page Builder addons and extensions are just scratch the surface of products available at CodeCanyon. So if none of them catch your fancy, there are plenty of other great options there to hold your interest.

And if you want to improve your skills building WordPress sites, head on over to the site and check out the ever so useful free WordPress tutorials we have on offer.

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