20 Best Social Plugins for WordPress

With around 3 billion people in the world using social media, you can’t afford not to use social plugins on your WordPress site. 

Adding social widgets, such as the Facebook like button, Twitter buttons and social share buttons can help to drive some of those billions to your site and social accounts, and can even improve your search engine rankings.  But with thousands of plugins and platforms to choose from, how do you find the best ones plugins for your WordPress site?

Well, we’re here to make your task a whole lot easier. CodeCanyon offers some of the most useful social plugins available on the market today. Here are 20 of the best. We’ve divided them into categories to help you find the ones you’re looking for easily. 

WordPress Social Share Widgets

Social share widgets allow visitors to your website to share your content on their social media platform of choice. This exposes your content to a new wider audience and can increase your page and site view numbers if members of this audience follow links back to your website. Here are the two best social share widgets. 

1. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress (Currently Trending)

Add the Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress to your site and create the opportunity to have your content shared on over 40 of the most popular social networks and mobile messengers.  The plugin enables you to place your buttons in 30 locations on your WordPress site, and provides automatic button triggers which will allow you to remind visitors to share on pages where they’re most engaged or when they’re in danger of leaving your page.

Other features:
  • integrates with social metric, for tracking and monitoring 
  • integration with most popular mailing list subscribers 
  • 12 native social buttons including Facebook like button and Twitter button
  • offers follower counter display

User sportyman says: 

“Simply loving it! The best social sharing plugin seen after a long time. The only downside, it takes a bit of learning curve due to its complexity. But it’s great!”

2. Social Locker for WordPress (Currently Trending)

The Social Locker for WordPress has a clever way of incentivising visitors to share your content on their social media platform of choice. The plugin hides your most valuable site content behind a set of social buttons until the visitor likes, shares, +1s or tweets your page. When they do one of these things the content becomes available. The strategy aims at improving the social performance of your website by getting more likes and shares, building quality followers and thus attracting more traffic from various social networks.

Other great features:

  • locked content is still visible to search engines
  • four types of locks available
  • optimised for mobile
  • and more

User borbelykandrea say:

This is an awesome tool for social media. Thanks for creating this!”

WordPress Social Stream Plugins

A Social Stream is created by a WordPress social media plugin that aggregates and streams feeds from a collection of social media sites in a responsive social media wall on your WordPress website. Here are the four best.

3. WordPress Social Stream

Looking for a plugin that will combine all your social network feeds into one single network stream displayed on your WordPress site? WordPress Social Stream does just that. The social widget can also combine all the content from your social network profiles into one single feed on our site. 

Additional features:

  • covers 15 social networks
  • offers 3 social stream wall layout styles
  • option to display wall randomly
  • can handle multiple users per network
  • can handle multiple feeds per network
  • and more

User narotso says:

“The social streams look better than anything else I’ve used, and the plugin is easy to use.”

4. AX Social Stream (Currently Trending)

AX Social Stream is another terrific social widget that allows you to combine all your social networking activities, including all your non-protected Twitter accounts, Facebook pages and Instagram accounts managed by you or any other publisher, into one single social steam and display it on your website. The plugin supports over 15 social networks and provides you with over 30 feed options. 

AX Social Stream

Additional features:

  • six different display modes
  • three ways to add streams to your website
  • slideshow presentation view
  • images lazy load feature
  • and more

User mrcharles says: 

“Love it! Easy to customise and works like a charm!”

5. Flow-Flow — WordPress Social Stream Plugin (Currently Trending)

If you’re looking for yet another option for social streaming on your WordPress site, check out Flow-Flow. The plugin allows you to display your social feeds in social streams. It offers 16 stream sources from the most popular social networks and organises them in over 40 different feed layouts that you can customise to control your stream’s behaviour and style. What’s more Flow-Flow lets your visitors find specific posts or sort content by source. 

Flow-Flow  WordPress Social Stream Plugin

Additional features:

  • Visual Composer compatible
  • content moderation
  • smart serving coaching
  • smart source loading
  • and more

User zby daedubu says:

“Amazing Plugin! It’s an all-in-one. Simple and easy to use! Thanks a lot!”

6. Likebox Slider for WordPress

Likebox Slider for WordPress supports social streaming in a slightly different way from the other social widgets in this section. With Likebox your streams are hidden behind social media buttons to the left or right side of your webpage. When a visitor clicks a button, it flies out to reveal the stream for that specific social network. Visitors are then able to follow, like, subscribe and/or retweet your content.

Likebox Slider for WordPress

Additional features:

  • three click configuration
  • live preview
  • iPad, iPhone, other mobile devices support (disable/enable)
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Vimeo supported 
  • and more

User webchills says: 

“Great plugin with tons of features. Excellent quick customer support has been provided for some questions. Highly recommended!”

WordPress Social Media Galleries

A social media gallery is a bit like a social stream in that it draws content from a social media site and displays it on your WordPress site. The main difference is that it draws content from just one site and displays it as a single feed. Here are the six best. 

7. Instagram Feed (Currently Trending)

If you’re looking for an Instagram widget to display your galley on your WordPress site, take a look at Instagram Feed.  The plugin offers a great selection of slide and grid layouts and you can even choose whether to show just the images or to include the post info as well. In addition you can choose to draw your images from Instagram usernames, hashtags, location, photo URLS or all of the above.

Instagram Feed

Additional features:

  • 10 colour schemes to choose from
  • supports Visual Composer
  • limit number of photos you want to display
  • control gallery width and margins
  • and more

User misterzenith says:

“Feature-rich Instagram feed plugin for WordPress. Excellent quality. Works well with my website.”

8. Instagram Widget

Instagram Widget is a simpler option to the Instagram Feed above that you can use for showing off your Instagram photos on your site. The WordPress social media widget doesn’t offer as many bells and whistles as Instagram Feed, but it does exactly what it sets out to do, display your images beautifully.  You can choose to display photos by username or by hashtag and customise your gallery to match your brand.

Instagram Widget

Additional features:

  • ability to adjust image size
  • use with or without a heading
  • show all photos with a scroll
  • completely responsive
  • and more

User crushdesignco says:

“This is such a great plugin—so easy to setup and configure. It looks great, works great and support fixed an issue I had within a couple days.”

9. Instagram Journal

Instagram Journal  is designed for users who don’t just want to display their own photos on their site, but also want to display photos they’ve liked, photos of a friend’s account, photos of a particular hashtag, photos of a location, etc. This Instagram widget is really about showing off the visual richness of Instagram spectacularly. To this end the plugin also comes with the Instagram Journal WordPress theme, designed to celebrate images. 

Instagram Journal

Additional features:

  • 5 different viewing styles offered
  • photo limit control
  • full customisation possible
  • multilayered design and effects
  • and more

User porridj says: 

“The product works great and looks good out of the box. Also the support provided is fantastic. Great job.”

10. AccessPress WordPress Twitter Feed Pro

AccessPress WordPress Twitter Feed Pro is a WordPress Twitter plugin that fetches the latest tweets from any Twitter account and display them on your site. The WordPress Twitter plugin offers various layouts: default mode, slider mode or ticker mode. There are 12 templates to choose from and loads of other customisation options available. 

Additional features:

  • lightweight
  • configurable number of tweets to display
  • option to show or hide full user name
  • configure tweet date and time format
  • and more

User DeliaWH says:

“Very easy to use. Displays well on my website. Doesn’t slow it down.”

11. Facebook Feed – WordPress Facebook Plugin

The Facebook Feed is a Facebook widget that allows users to embed Facebook posts into their WordPress site. But it’s not just posts that you can be embedded, the social widget also enables you to embed an image gallery and a video gallery of images and videos from your Facebook account.

Facebook Feed  WordPress Facebook Plugin

Additional features:

  • completely responsive 
  • can display posts, videos and images in a popup
  • automatically embeds Facebook like buttons and share buttons
  • and more

User thinks says:

“Fantastic plugin! A breeze to install. works instantly!”

12. YouTube Plugin – WordPress YouTube Gallery (Currently Trending)

Create your own playlist of YouTube videos on your website with the YouTube Plugin.   You can select any source, whether that is a channel, single video or playlist to create your own special collection. After you’ve made your selection, experiment with the three layouts to see which you like the most. Customise with one of the five skins provided or create your own custom look.

YouTube Plugin  WordPress YouTube Gallery

Additional features:

  • unlimited number of sources in each group
  • set width of your WordPress YouTube video plugin
  • show or hide the header of your WordPress plugin
  • add custom YouTube channel name
  • and more

User musicalhelp says 

“This is the best video gallery and site player you will find! Tons of custom options and a great design.”

WordPress Social Share Counter Plugins

A social share counter is a WordPress social media widget that allows you to collect the number of followers you have on various social media platforms and display them on your website as social proof. Here are the best three. 

13. AccessPress Social Pro

AccessPress Social Pro combines two functions in one. First it allows you to show your social media stats on our website. This is known as social proof and is meant to encourage others to subscribe or follow you on their social media of choice. 

The second thing AccessPress Social Pro does is to make any content on your website social-share-friendly by adding social share buttons that allow visitors to share your content on their social platform of choice. 

AccessPress Social Pro

Additional features:

  • 20 social share profiles available
  • dark and light design themes available
  • compatible with WooCommerce
  • floating and popup widgets available 
  • and more 

User meganerd says:

“Love the options. Simple, effective. Fast loading.”

14. Social Counter Plugin for WordPress – Arqam

Arqam grabs the latest counts of your subscribers, followers and fans from your social networks and displays then on you blog. The plugin offers five different designs, is can be customised to fit your site. 


Additional features:

  • 100% responsive
  • cross-browser compatibility
  • displays over thirty social media network
  • drag-and-drop feature to sort icons
  • and more

User mip84 says:

“Great plugin with a great support. Good documentation.”

15. SocialFans – WP Responsive Social Counter Plugin

SocialFans is another plugin that counts up your social network fans, followers and subscribers and displays them on your site. The plugin displays over thirty social media networks. You can configure the plugin with any of the five skins provided or make your own skin. 

SocialFans - WP Responsive Social Counter Plugin

Additional features:

  • retina ready
  • fully responsive
  • fit any of sidebars width
  • animated effects 
  • cross browser
  • and more

User dekomail says:

“Awesome plugin. Perfect documentation and great support!”

WordPress Instant Messenger Plugins

Now you can add the convenience of messengers that you have on your phone to your website with these two super handy messenger widgets. 

16. NinjaTeam Facebook Messenger for WordPress (Currently Trending)

NinjaTeam Facebook Messenger for WordPress  offers visitors to your site one more way to connect with you. The Facebook widget is based on Facebook Messenger. After you install the widget, the Facebook Messenger blue icon and the Facebook Message Us button will appear on the pages of your site. These will enable site visitors and customers to contact you quickly and easily if they have a question. In addition, when any visitor types a message, the Facebook like button shows up in the message box, inviting your visitors to click. 

NinjaTeam Facebook Messenger for WordPress

Additional features:

  • easy setup and customisation
  • unlimited colours
  • responsive
  • and more

User OtstottDesign says:

“Great plugin that works amazingly!”

17. WhatsApp Click to Chat Plugin for WordPress

The WhatsApp Click to Chat Plugin for WordPress provides an alternative to the messenger plugin above. It also enables your visitors and customers to connect with you quickly and easily using WhatsApp. Just embed the click-to-chat WhatsApp widget on your site and whenever someone wants to leave you a private message they’ll have a handier way of doing so than using your contact form. 

Additional features:

  • display multiple accounts 
  • set availability by time and days for messaging
  • editable text and colour
  • customise colours to match your site’s theme
  • and more

User dvanaarle says

“Made my customer very happy with this plugin on her website. Easy installation within a blink. Thank you for making it so easy to use.”

Other Cool WordPress Social Media Plugins

This section is a collection of additional WordPress social media widgets that are really cool and useful but don’t quite fit into any of the categories above. 

18. Social Auto Poster (Currently Trending)

If you’re looking for a social widget that will allow you to auto post your website content to the most popular social media platforms, Social Auto Poster is it. You can schedule your content to post whenever you’d like and even repost your old content to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, Instagram etc. One of the benefits of using Social Auto Poster is that it will improve the SEO of your website by having more links back from Social Media networks.

 Social Auto Poster

User eirehotspur says:

“Top notch plugin. Support was great on setup when I needed it. Buy with confidence!”

19. Facebook Comment Slider for WordPress

The Facebook Comment Slider for WordPress  is a WordPress Facebook widget that contains a comment box, share button and Facebook like button rolled into one and hidden behind the Facebook icon. When the icon is clicked the slider flies out, allowing visitors to leave comments, or to like or share your content using their Facebook login. 

Facebook Comment Slider for WordPress

Additional features:

  • fully responsive
  • ability to lock the screen until the user leaves a comment
  • fixed slider position
  • automatic slide-in when the visitor reach the bottom of the page
  • ability to set up timer to fadeout the slider
  • and more

User patrikerl says:

“I am impressed by this feature. It looks very nice on my website and the results are already showing on my Facebook fan page. The support and advice you get along the way are truly amazing and I do recommend you to get this for your own website.”

20. Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin

Pinterest has just redesigned its site so that users can now visit a linked web page with a single tap on a pin thus increasing the potential for driving more traffic to your site.

If you’d like to take advantage of this change to post your content to Pinterest, you can do so quickly and easily with the Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin. This social plugin allows you to Pin one image to an unlimited number of images from your posts directly to your Pinterest account. To pin more than one post, all you need to do is select the posts you want to pin, and the plugin will pin them one by one according to the set schedule.

Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin

Additional features:

  • automatic images detection
  • automatic boards detection
  • queuing system
  • auto-link pins to your post
  • default pin text and pin board
  • and more

User jodyshop says:

“Awesome plugin. Love it so much! Very helpful for sharing my reviews and products to keep things up to date.”

Choosing the Right Social Media Plugin For You

That’s our list of the 20 best social media plugins for WordPress. They all have specific functions that can either help your visitors share your content more easily, direct more traffic to your site, increase engagement on your website and make it easier for your visitors to interact with you. The plugin you choose will depend on what you want to achieve, but if you’ve gotten to the end of this list and you haven’t found quite what you’ve been looking for we have more great social plugins at Envato Market, so head over there and check them out. 

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