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20 Best PHP Email Forms

Email forms have many shapes and sizes. Sure, there’s the classic “contact form” you’ll find on just about every website, but sometimes you need something more robust—or maybe you should be using something more advanced in the first place?

Different kinds of websites need different form features. Many of them simply need a basic contact form. However, some need forms to collect more data. For example, you might be creating a website where people have to fill out forms to book rooms, register events, apply for jobs, or provide feedback. Even contact forms can be pretty complicated depending on the data you are planning to get from the users.

With so much added complexity, it’s best to simply purchase PHP form scripts that help you save a lot of time while creating these forms. You will get professionally designed forms which can be customized to match the theme of your website.

There are a lot of choices available when it comes to choosing a PHP email form script. This curated list will help you select a top-rated, best-selling script that meets all your requirements.

Here are our top 20 recommendations for people who want to quickly build their own forms.

Hello Form

Hello Form is a fully responsive PHP-based form script. It comes with over 29 different forms with three theme styles.

The forms also support validation of different form input field values along with pretty pop-up alerts in case the validation fails.

This Hello Form script is easy to integrate, and the option to choose different theme styles makes it a perfect choice for adding forms to your website.

Hello Form

It also offers features like:

  • ability to attach files
  • spam prevention using a maths-based CAPTCHA and Google ReCAPTCHA
  • tag input: especially helpful in cases like filling out job application forms or for support questions related to particular topics

Hello Form provides many more features that you can read about on the description page. Don’t forget to check out all the demos to see its full capabilities!

PHP Form Builder

The PHP Form Builder script allows you to easily create forms based on Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4, Material Design, and Foundation Forms.

It comes with over 120 prebuilt form templates. It is very easy to customize so you will have functional forms in no time, but they will still look unique.

PHP Form Builder

Some other features of the script include:

  • Highly customizable layout: you can build horizontal, vertical or inline forms with tooltips, button groups, multiple columns, and custom HTML.
  • Large variety of forms: this single script can be used to create contact forms, registration forms, login forms, and much more.
  • The script offers both client-side and server-side validation for maximum security.

You can read more about the PHP Form Builder on its product page. Make sure you take a look at all the demos based on your framework of choice.

Ultimate PHP, HTML5 & AJAX Contact Form

Are you looking for a contact form that’s easy to integrate and can be set up in minutes?

This script will address your needs perfectly.

Ultimate PHP HTML5 and AJAX Contact Form

It looks great, and you get tons of features like:

  • Google reCAPTCHA for prevention of spam
  • multiple file uploads
  • field validation and prevention of XSS attacks
  • progressive enhancement

Read about all the other Ultimate PHP contact form features and, as always, check the demo to see if this script is the right choice for you.


Are you looking for a solution to create multi-step forms with ease?

You should definitely give the Multi-Step-Form script a try. It’s clean and responsive, and it comes with AJAX support so there is no need for page reloads.

Multi-step PHP Form

Some notable features of the script include:

  • the ability to attach files
  • repeat form submission
  • spam prevention with simple maths-based CAPTCHA
  • support for Google auto-location search in address field

The list does not end here. You can read about many more features of the Multi-Step-Form at CodeCanyon. Also check out the demo to see all the features in action.

ContactMe: Responsive AJAX Contact Form

You can use ContactMe to very easily and quickly create highly customizable contact forms. As an added bonus, the forms are available in six different languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Russian.

There are 28 theme and form combinations just ready for you to use.

Contact Me

The forms from ContactMe offer many useful features:

  • fully responsive
  • no need for page reloads since all the requests are AJAX
  • attach files with your emails
  • add multiple forms per page

Just take a look at some of the demos and you will realize that the forms have a very clean and professional design to go well with almost all kinds of websites.

Multi-Purpose Form Generator

If you are looking for a Bootstrap-based form generator, this Multi-Purpose Form Generator might be great for you.

You can use it to create any kind of form that you want. It is just a matter of dragging and dropping the input fields in the form and tweaking some settings.

Multi Purpose Form Generator

Some additional features of the Multi-Purpose Form Generator are:

  • protection from spam with Google reCAPTCHA
  • email notification system and auto reply
  • ability to upload files as attachments
  • multiple forms per page

Make sure that you give Multi-Purpose Form Generator a try by creating your own forms in the demo with simple drag and drop.

PHP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder

If you are in the business of selling services and products, the PHP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder will prove very useful for you.

You can use it to sell any product or service and provide potential customers an accurate cost estimate in easy steps.

PHP Cost Estimation

Here is a list of some useful features in this script:

  • powerful conditional calculation system
  • easily manageable forms with multiple steps and items
  • multiple file uploads
  • ability to reorder items with simple drag and drop

Just take a look at the demos, I’m sure you’ll be impressed.

Easy Contact Form With Attachments

If you are looking for a contact form script that is incredibly easy to install, this Easy Contact Form with Attachments will be a perfect fit.

All you have to do to get started is add one line of code to your site.

Easy Contact Form with Attachments

Some features of this script include:

  • ability to upload files in the contact form
  • simple and responsive design
  • choose from five different themes
  • protection against spam

You can check out the different themes in the demo of Easy Contact Form with Attachments.

Secure PHP Login & Registration System

Are you looking for a PHP script that will allow you to quickly implement a basic login and registration form on your website?

In that case, this Secure PHP Login & Registration System will serve you well. It is based on Bootstrap, and you don’t have to do any additional coding.

PHP Login and Registration System

There are many useful features in the script:

  • Users receive an account activation email after registration.
  • Users will be able to reset their password.
  • It is possible to log in using Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

The script also pays special attention to keeping the passwords safe with secure encryption.

Check out both the front-end and back-end in the demo of this Secure PHP Login & Registration System.

Email Marketing

People who want to provide email marketing as a service to their clients will find this script to be very helpful. You can use this script to run your own email marketing service like MailChimp without any coding skills. It is very easy to create your email templates with its rich editor.

Email Marketing

Here are some of the amazing features of this script:

  • support for multiple languages
  • track user activity
  • create an email group or list
  • upload email list from a CSV file

The list of features just goes on. Just visit the demo and log in as an admin to see the feature-rich dashboard.

Layered Popups

Let’s face it. Most popups that we come across on the internet are dull and boring. Fortunately, Layered Popups does an incredible job of making these popups interesting again.

Each popup is made up of multiple layers of content with their own transitions and animations. This gives the popups a dynamic and lively feel.

Layered Popups

The script currently works with over 70 popular email marketing providers. Here are some of its other awesome features:

  • The Visual popup constructor makes it very easy to create your own unique popups.
  • Integrate social networking buttons in the popups with ease.
  • Mobile-friendly design.

Easy integration and amazing layout makes Layered Popups a great tool for building your email list. Check out the demo and see all the amazing animated popups layouts ready for you to use!

Clean Form

Clean Form is a PHP-based, fully responsive, multi-purpose form script. It comes with over 14 different form templates to create anything from a basic contact form to a job application form.

Clean Form

Here is a list of some features of this script:

  • ability to attach files
  • jQuery and AJAX-based input field validation
  • spam protection with Google reCAPTCHA or basic maths CAPTCHA
  • prevention of repeat submissions

You can see the different kinds of forms available in the Clean Form demo.

Easy Forms: Advanced Form Builder and Manager

Easy Forms is another incredible tool for creating all kinds of forms using a drag-and-drop interface. The forms you create look very professional and are easy to set up.

Easy Forms Form Builder

The forms you create can be embedded on any webpage, including in a CMS like WordPress or Drupal.

Here are some other features of this script:

  • conditional logic to show and hide fields
  • upload files like resumes and photos
  • spam protection using CAPTCHA
  • multi-column and multi-page forms

Easy Forms has a lot of other features too! Check out some of the options on the demo page.

Zigaform: PHP Calculator & Cost Estimation Form Builder

Creating awesome cost estimation form takes very little time and effort with Zigaform Cost Estimation Form Builder.

What makes it even better is that it can be embedded in any webpage and does not cause compatibility issues with any CMS.

Zigaform PHP Cost Calculator

Here are some other features that make Zigaform unique:

  • invoicing and summary feature to see detailed cost estimation
  • dynamic validation and over 42 different form elements
  • multi-page forms with a progress bar to show readers how far they have progressed
  • over 760 icons, 650 fonts, and 80 animation effects to choose

You can see a complete list of features at the Zigaform product page.


The PHP SmartForm script allows you to create fully responsive, AJAX-based, multi-purpose forms.

It uses the Bootstrap framework to create different form designs and to make them responsive. Media queries are included to keep it responsive on websites which don’t use Bootstrap.

Smart Form

Here are a few of the features that you might find useful:

  • attach files with any form that you integrate in your website
  • nice popup alerts for users if they fill the form incorrectly
  • Google maps integration
  • fully responsive and mobile friendly

Be sure to check out some of the 22+ demo forms created with Smart Form.

Cpanel Email Signup and Login

Do you want your visitors to be able to register email accounts for themselves on your website without having access to the cPanel?

The cPanel Email Signup and Login script serves this exact purpose. It allows your clients to create their own email accounts without accessing cPanel.

cPanel Email SIgnup and Login

Here are some of its useful features:

  • real-time check for username availability
  • spam protection with CAPTCHA verification
  • ability to change and reset password
  • store user information in database

Be sure to check out the demo of the signup flow, login interface, and password retrieval.

Universal Cost Estimator

If you are in the business of selling a product or service, this Universal Cost Estimator script can help a lot with your billing needs.

It comes with a drag-and-drop builder and easily integrates with any website.

Universal Cost Estimator

Here are some of its features:

  • integrate discounting functionality in your cost estimator forms
  • automatic invoice generation and PayPal payment integration
  • multiply the value of different fields
  • conditional logic to show different elements

You can visit the product description page to read more about the Universal Cost Estimator.

Universal Form Builder

People who need to build a lot of forms for a variety of purposes should consider using this Uniform Form Builder.

This one script will help you create anything from a simple Contact Us form to a job application form.

Universal Form Builder

Here are some features of the Universal Form Builder:

  • easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface
  • fully responsive design and customizable
  • multi-language support

You can head directly to the product description page to read more about the script and its features. You can make sure this form builder meets your needs by trying out the online demo.

Contact Plus+

The clean and minimal design of this contact form ensures that it can integrate into any website without looking out of place.

It has two styled versions and an unstyled version that you can customize however you want.

Contact Plus

Here are some of its features:

  • CAPTCHA verification to prevent spam
  • form validation with error messages
  • add and remove input fields according to your requirements

You can read more about the Contact Plus+ form features on CodeCanyon. There is also a live preview, so you can try out all its features.

Forms Plus

The Forms Plus script is invaluable if you plan to create a lot of forms with a large variety of colors, themes, and designs. It comes with over 40 color themes, 13 unique designs, and over 90 form templates.

Forms Plus PHP Forms Framework

Here are some of the features of this plugin:

  • Input field values are validated on both client side and server side.
  • Font Awesome icons make the forms more appealing.
  • A responsive and very easily customizable design.

There are a lot of other features in the Forms Plus script. Just try customizing one of the templates on the demo page, and you will be amazed at its capabilities.


We have reviewed 20 popular PHP-based forms in this post, ranging from basic contact forms and form generators to email marketing solutions. Hopefully, you will find one of these scripts useful. If none of these tools suits your needs, you should check Envato Market for PHP scripts related to email forms.

If you still don’t find anything suitable, you can learn how to create your own forms easily by following different tutorials and courses available on Tuts+.

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