20 Best HTML5 Game Templates of 2017

Over the past several years, we have seen HTML5 used to create many great online solutions. We have also seen it used to create some great fun! With the vanishing of Flash, HTML5 quickly became the universal platform to create browser-based games for both desktop and mobile devices.

Whether you have a game concept you would like to flesh out further or would like a fun way to learn more of the ins and outs of HTML5, here are the 20 best HTML5 game templates of 2017 to get you started towards making something awesome:

1. Leaves Boy

You won’t be able to leave this game alone as your friends grow jealous of your high scores.

Setting all puns aside, Leaves Boy is a game made for mobile.

Leaves Boy

“Leaves Boy is an addictive one touch game…”

Features include:

  • Facebook and Twitter high score sharer
  • documentation
  • HTML5 files
  • and more

Collect coins, avoid obstacles, and bounce your way to victory.

Use Leaves Boy to skin or use as a foundation to build your own game using Construct 2.

2. Indiara and the Skull Gold

Indiara and the Skull Gold is a mobile platformer with an Indiana Jones feel to it.

Collect the eight gold skulls, but be on the lookout—the caves are full of traps!

Indiara and the Skull Gold

“Meet and play with Indiara, a girl who loves to collect ancient artifacts.”

Features included:

  • supports both desktop and mobile
  • includes layered PSD and AI files
  • 860×480 graphics
  • and more

Easily reskin this HTML5 game template by editing and replacing the images.

Indiara and the Skull Gold includes eight complete levels and can be completely customized by using Construct 2.

3. Dont Crash

Don’t crash while you play Dont Crash!

As two cars race around the track, tap the screen to change lanes and avoid a crash.

Dont Crash

“Don’t crash—this is the only rule of the game.”

Features include:

  • supports both mobile and desktop
  • easy, one-touch control
  • 1280×720 graphics
  • and more

Reskin this HTML5 game using the included AI files or completely change the game elements using Construct 2.

Dont Crash is simple, fast, and addictive.

4. Game FlapCat Steampunk

Game FlapCat Steampunk is a cute and simple HTML5 game that’s perfectly made for mobile.

How high can you score?

Game FlapCat Steampunk

“Help the cat FlapCat to go through challenges that are super difficult.”

Features include:

  • includes PSD and AI files
  • 1280×720 graphics
  • infinite level
  • and more

Whether you’re playing in your web browser or mobile phone, all you need is a single touch or mouse click to play. Easy to play, hard to master.

Game FlapCat Steampunk can easily be re-skinned by replacing the images or fully customized with Construct 2.

5. Panda Love

It’s easy to love Panda Love.

With simple design and unique approach, everybody is going to love it—not just pandas.

Panda Love

“Panda Love is an adventure platformer with pixel art.”

Features include:

  • autosave using Webstorage
  • Ludei and ads supported
  • over 20 levels
  • and more

This HTML5 game supports all platforms and includes the Construct 2 file for full customization.

You’ll love the look and one-touch control feel of Panda Love.

6. Jumper Frog – HTML5 Game

Frogger is a classic arcade game that makes a great adaptation to mobile.

Take a leap and jump on Jumper Frog – HTML5 Game for some fun.

Jumper Frog - HTML5 Game

“Enjoy this colorful version of the classic game Frogger.”

Features include:

  • includes PSD and AI files for customization
  • fully developed in HTML5 and CreateJS
  • fully customizable
  • and more

This is also compatible with CTL Arcade.

The Jumper Frog – HTML5 Game brings this arcade classic to any screen.

7. Bubble Shooter – HTML5 Games

Launch the colorful bubble into place, and when you get three or more in a row, they disappear. Clear all the bubbles to win!

The Bubble Shooter – HTML5 Games is a classic puzzler that’s easy to learn, but hard to master.

Bubble Shooter - HTML5 Games

“The goal of the game is to clear all the bubbles from the level avoiding any bubble crossing the bottom line.”

Features include:

  • includes PSD and AI files for customization
  • fully developed in HTML5 and CreateJS
  • fully customizable
  • and more

If you think this HTML5 game is fun, be sure to also consider the 50 Levels Pack.

Bubble Shooter – HTML5 Games is also compatible with CTL Arcade.

8. HTML5 Tetris

There’s hardly anything more addicting and fun than Tetris, and with HTML5 Tetris’s unlimited levels, you literally won’t be able to stop playing.

HTML5 Tetris

“Works on all HTML5 browsers.”

Features include:

  • easy to personalize
  • touch support
  • seven themes
  • and more

Fully customize the sights and sounds, but most of all, you’ll have unlimited fun with HTML5 Tetris.

9. Katana Fruits – HTML5 Game

If you’re familiar with Fruit Ninja, you’ll be familiar with Katana Fruits – HTML5 Game.

Katana Fruits - HTML5 Game

“The goal is to cut all the fruits that appear on the screen without dropping them and avoid the bombs.”

Features include:

  • includes PSD and AI files for customization
  • fully developed in HTML5 and CreateJS
  • promote with social share buttons
  • fully customizable
  • and more

This HTML5 game is compatible with CTL Arcade for WordPress and can be easily customized.

Sharpen your Katana, it’s time to slash some fruit with the Katana Fruits – HTML5 Game.

10. The Sorcerer – HTML5 Puzzle Game

The moment the screen loads, you’ll know what to do. Inspired by Zuma, The Sorcerer – HTML5 Puzzle Game is an instant hit.

The Sorcerer - HTML5 Puzzle Game

“The Sorcerer was awarded as the best puzzle game in HTML5 Most Wanted contest”

Features include:

  • fully developed in HTML5 and CreateJS
  • source code included
  • fully customizable
  • and more

Mobile or desktop, the 960×540 resolution is fully optimized.

The Sorcerer – HTML5 Puzzle Game is hard to put down, so you may want to consider acquiring extra levels, too.

11. Rearrange Letters – HTML5 Game

You’re given a clue and a jumbled mess of letters. With the clue in mind, rearrange the letters until you’ve got the word right as the timer counts down.

That’s how Rearrange Letters – HTML5 Game works.

Rearrange Letters - HTML5 Game

“Rearrange Letters is an HTML5 game where you can arrange the letters and make the right word with the given description as a clue.”

Features include:

  • customize the text, game mode, and timer
  • social media high score sharer
  • mouse and touch control
  • 1024×768 resolution
  • and more

With plenty of customizations and built using CreateJS, you can reimagine Rearrange Letters – HTML5 Game any way you like.

12. Word Search Game

If you love word searches, search no more. You need this HTML5 game: Word Search Game.

Word Search Game

“Very addictive.”

Features include:

  • manage game options within the included admin interface
  • works on everything from the iPad to IE6
  • unicode support—use any characters
  • and more

Lightweight and easy to install, the Word Search Game is a great find.

13. Coloring Book – HTML5 Game

Simple. Creative. Great for kids.

The Coloring Book – HTML5 Game is a virtual coloring book with full touch support and responsive to any size, on any device.

Coloring Book - HTML5 Game

“This game is a coloring game and can be very interesting for children.”

Features include:

  • smooth coloring
  • print system
  • 24 colors
  • and more

In its third itineration, Coloring Book – HTML5 Game has evolved into a leading coloring book HTML5 game.

14. Canvas Puzzle

Using any image of your choosing, create a drag-and-drop puzzle HTML5 game using Canvas Puzzle.

Canvas Puzzle

“…a fully customizable and easy to implement HTML5 jigsaw puzzle…”

Features include:

  • drag and drop images from your desktop to create puzzles
  • choose any number of pieces
  • disable rotation of pieces
  • and more

Simple, lightweight, and customizable, Canvas Puzzle is an HTML5 game anyone can enjoy.

15. Sliding Puzzle

Another cool image puzzler, Sliding Puzzle works by letting you slide the pieces around until the image is complete.

Sliding Puzzle

“Three game modes!”

Features include:

  • three modes: classic, challenge, and fun
  • full window or fixed canvas size
  • customizable image packs
  • customizable and more

Sliding Puzzle mixes things up nicely with multiple game mode and the ability to add your own images.

16. Sweety Memory – HTML5 Game

Do you remember memory?

Sweety Memory – HTML5 Game works the same way. Flip the cards, make the matches, and win!

Sweety Memory - HTML5 Game

“Match all identical cards before time runs out!”

Features include:

  • fully customizable with included PSD and AI files
  • fully developed in HTML5 and CreateJS
  • source code included
  • and more

Mobile or desktop, the 960×1200 resolution scales to fit the whole screen of almost any device.

Sweety Memory – HTML5 Game is also compatible with CTL Arcade.

17. HTML5 3D BlackJack – HTML5 Casino Game

HTML5 3D BlackJack – HTML5 Casino Game isn’t designed to be used with real money—it is simply a fun game to be played.

HTML5 3D BlackJack - HTML5 Casino Game

“Enjoy this blackjack game with hi-res 3D graphics!”

Features include:

  • fully customizable HTML5 and CreateJS files
  • insurance feature, double bet, and split hand
  • PSD and AI files for easy customization
  • and more

This HTML5 game is also compatible with CTL Arcade for WordPress.

Easily monetize with banner ads and promote with social share buttons included with HTML5 3D BlackJack – HTML5 Casino Game.

18. 3D Roulette – HTML5 Casino Game

This is another high-quality casino game built for fun. The 3D Roulette – HTML5 Casino Game includes many great features and is designed really well.

3D Roulette - HTML5 Casino Game

“The game contains all the main roulette game features like Voisins zero, tier, orphelins, neighbor, final bets.”

Features include:

  • fully customizable HTML5 and CreateJS files
  • PSD and AI files for easy customization
  • fully responsive 750×600 resolution
  • and more

This HTML5 game is also compatible with CTL Arcade for WordPress, but if you’re looking for a mobile-centric version, I recommend Roulette Royale.

3D Roulette – HTML5 Casino Game is the perfect desktop, in-browser roulette HTML5 game.

19. Missiles Again – HTML5 game (Construct 2 Capx) + Admob

Missiles Again – HTML5 game (Construct 2 Capx) + Admob is a fun time-killer that works on almost every possible platform.

Missiles Again - HTML5 game Construct 2 Capx  Admobvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

“Control the plane to collect all stars and avoid all missiles!”

Features include:

  • easy code that can be customized with Construct 2
  • PNG and PSD files for easy reskin
  • supports AdMob Ads
  • and more

A fun, well-designed HTML5 game, Missiles Again – HTML5 game (Construct 2 Capx) + Admob is one you don’t want to miss.

20. HTML5 Game Bundles

Sometimes it’s better to buy in bulk.

If you are considering multiple HTML5 games, you may want to look through these HTML5 Game Bundles to see if you can pay less and receive more.

HTML5 Game Bundles

A few titles from various bundles include:

  • Fruit Slasher
  • Brick Out
  • Ninja Run
  • Tank Defender
  • Billiards
  • Cars
  • Monster Match-3
  • Bubble Shooter
  • Space Purge
  • Duck Shooter
  • Girl Dress Up
  • and more!

Some of the best HTML5 Game Bundles to consider include Super Bundle No 1 (50 games), 24-Games in 1 Bundle, and HTML5 Games Bundle No. 2 (9 games).


Going through this list may inspire you to reskin, tweak, or build something completely new—using one of these HTML5 games as a template towards success. Whether you publish a game arcade on your website, earn revenue with advertising, or would like to dig deeper in HTML5 using game templates, you’re sure to find something you’re looking for from the Envato Market.

You can also find useful Envato Tuts+ code tutorials on game design or game mechanics, as well as HTML5 tutorials to get you started.

Gaming and coding. Two things that are incredibly fun to do.

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