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20 Best Bootstrap 4 Plugins

Totally open source and free to use, Bootstrap has become one of the most popular front-end frameworks for desktop and mobile development. With a mobile-first approach, the framework essentially forces designers to create sites for small screens and then scale designs up from there. 

Bootstrap 4 is the newest version of the framework, and today we take a look at the 20 best Bootstrap 4 plugins available at CodeCanyon. Whether you’re coding a WordPress theme or searching for form or navbar templates for your static site, CodeCanyon has a plugin for you!

1. WP Pricing Builder

WP Pricing Builder allows users to set up responsive pricing tables within minutes. The plugin offers a drag-and-drop builder, 89 unique designs and a colour theme generator among other features. This makes setup easy and allows for a high degree of customisation.

WP Pricing Builder

User TelosAlpha says:

“Fast clear support. But beyond that, this is a very advanced and well written piece of code. Very intuitive to use, many fantastic styles.”

2. Progress Map

Progress Map is a WordPress plugin for location-based listings. It enables users who have websites that showcase services like hotels, real estate, restaurants, jobs etc. to have the locations for those listings identified on Google Maps by markers and a special carousel. The carousel is connected to the map, which means that when you select an item in the carousel, the corresponding location is shown on the map, and vice versa. New locations can be added to the map and carousel using a form on the “add new post” page. 

Progress Map

User Moraviani says:

“Very customizable, sleek and elegant plugin that takes your site to a professional level. Many great options. Very fast and when used well, it will give your site the perfect look and usage. Highly recommended.”

3. Nearby Places

The Nearby Places plugin is an extension of the above Progress Map plugin. It allows users to display points of interest near a specific location added from the owner’s Progress Map. These points of interest are supplied by Google Maps. The plugin also provides a powerful search form that allows users to target their position or to enter a given address and display all nearby points of interest. The plugin can be customised from the admin panel in order to match the general look of your website.

Nearby Places

User gijon says:

“After so much searching, this is the best map plugin I have found very complete and easy to use.”

4. Modern – Bootstrap 4 Forms

Modern – Bootstrap 4 Forms allows you to build any kind of cards you want for your site. It provides eight different styles of cards such as product cards, profile cards, testimonial cards, etc. as well as a grid. The plugin is simple to implement, and users are able to edit, change and customise them easily.

Modern - Bootstrap 4 Forms

5. Web Slide

Inspired by mobile design, Web Slide brings slide navigation to your website layout. Featuring one code for all devices, a mobile drawer style menu, an app style look and CSS 3 animation effects, the plugin is compatible with major desktop and mobile browsers like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

Web Slide

User quadnine says:

“A great product with top-notch support. This was money well spent.”

6. Reside Rental Property Management

The Reside Rental Property Management plugin is designed to make it easy to manage all information related to property management such as properties owned, leases, tenants using those properties, rental payments received, etc. The plugin helps you keep important details of your business accessible at any time, from any computer or device. 

Reside Rental Property Management

7. JQuery XML Shopping Cart

If you’re looking for a shopping cart that’s easy to install and use, check out JQuery XML Shopping Cart. Some of its great features include support for unlimited products, which can easily be divided into categories and subcategories; a default tax rate which can be modified to a per-product tax rate; and a base shipping charge to which additional charges can be added as needed. 

 JQuery XML Shopping Cart

User dnkn76 says:

“Documentation quality and flexibility is excellent comparing to another non-PHP shopping cart I bought. In no time the store was up and running and shipping cost, taxes and changing currency is a breeze. 

8. Bootstrap 4 Carousel

Bootstrap 4 Carousel gives users multiple options for displaying images on their website, including slider with thumbnails, multiple items carousel, fade effect carousel, Bootstrap image slider gallery, and more. The plugin provides over 200 pre-built examples and layouts for user convenience. This responsive carousel is compatible with mobile and tablet devices and all the latest web browsers. 

Bootstrap 4 Carousel

9. Scroll Magic WordPress

Scroll Magic WordPress is a clever and creative plugin that allows users to create a webpage that easily reacts to a visitor’s current scroll behaviour. Website owners can either trigger an animation or synchronise it to the scrollbar movement. Elements can be pinned at a specific scroll position either indefinitely or for a limited amount of scroll progress. The plugin also features the ability to add parallax and a host of other fun effects to your website.

Scroll Magic WordPress

User vallered says:

“Awesome Plugin. With the newest update one can implement any custom CSS on scroll. Performance is great, very smooth animations, as well as the immediate support. This is the solution that I’ve been searching a long time for.”

10. Modern MegaMenu

Modern MegaMenu is all about giving users as many options as possible for creating the menu and navbar of their dreams. The plugin offers over 50 header layouts and a wide variety of navbar styles. This fully responsive Bootstrap 4 plugin is easily integrated into your site and is highly customisable. 

Modern MegaMenu

11. Schoex

Schoex is an incredible school management system that allows educational institutions to build a flexible communication system between administrators, teachers, students, and parents. The plugin allows the school to assign users different level of access to information contained on the site. Information like attendance, grades, exams, homework assignment, etc. can be recorded and monitored.


User erpaulsmith says:

“I am very happy with the application and especially with the support service. Thank you guys for this great service!”

12. Digital Sell Marketplace

There are many models for selling goods and services online, and Digital Sell Marketplace is a Bootstrap 4 plugin that offers what it calls an “advanced lightweight PDO PayPal digital download script” that lets you sell your products quickly and easily. Though the script is lightweight, the features of this plugin are not. It comes packed with tons of professional components like stock control and inventory, categories and subcategories, coupon codes and support to help businesses run professionally and efficiently.

Digital Sell Marketplace

User tarkuslove says:

“Brilliant script. Works very well. Well designed and very well coded. The customer support is first class. If you need a digital marketplace and don’t want the stress of trying to set it up on WP or something then get this script. Great Quality, Great service, Highly recommended.”

13. SNOW UI Kit

SNOW UI Kit is a responsive and multipurpose skin template which provides users with a large selection of user interface components to add to their websites, including buttons in various shapes, sizes and colours; a wide range of options for displaying images; a number of styles of features boxes and cards, plus over 675 icons by Font Awesome. An excellent choice when starting work on your new website, SNOW UI Kit is easy to install and well documented.


14. Floating Form

A collection of floating inline label forms, Floating Form contains a large number of forms such as contact, review, search, login and subscription forms, as well as a wide variety of booking forms. Each form has its own stylesheet.

Floating Form

15. Laraship E-Commerce

Though a newcomer to the e-commerce field, Laraship E-Commerce has already distinguished itself as one of the best-rated plugins in this category at CodeCanyon. Among its outstanding features are its product, tax and shipping management. It also offers a powerful search using full-text search indexes and supports multiple currencies. 

Laraship E-Commerce

User callelance says:

“One of the best e-Commerce platforms, ready to go. This is what I have been looking for my project. Seller was very responsive to all my questions and helped us install on our server. Great design. Well structured code. Great customer support.”

16. Cascade

If you’re getting ready to build a new website, Cascade might come in handy. That’s because the plugin offers a huge library of user interface (UI) components like progress bars, popovers, navbars, carousels, cards and panels, forms, buttons and badges, and much more. What’s more, the SCSS files are included, so customisation is simple and easy.


17. User Management

WordPress already comes with some basic user management functions which the User Management plugin aims to improve on and expand. The website administrator can add, edit and delete users and view stats from the dashboard, while users have access to registration and login pages and their own dashboard. Additional features include email verification, Google Recaptcha, etc. 

User Management

User garimam says:

“Prompt support for fixing issues. The interface and code quality are also good.”

18. Bootstrap 4 WYSIWYG Editor

If you’re looking for a Bootstrap “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) editor that will allow you to see what the end result of your project will look like while you’re creating it, then Bootstrap 4 WYSIWYG Editor may be for you. This simple and easy-to-use editor requires jQuery, Bootstrap 4, and Font Awesome. 

Bootstrap 4 WYSIWYG Editor

User innovationco says:

“I’ve used this for another plugin that I am making and it’s a very nice editor with no bloat, which makes it easy for me to use. I have had no issues with it and I would highly recommend it to others.”

19. Ultimate Before After Slider

The Ultimate Before After Slider for WordPress lets you showcase before and after images beautifully. There are four viewing modes available: horizontal, vertical, fade, and side by side. Other great features include the option to add image credits under the slider, unlimited sliders on one page, and touch and swipe on mobile devices. 

Ultimate Before After Slider

User PapaJohns says:

“I’ve spent only 2 minutes to make a before/after slider on my website. Definitely recommending this plugin.”

20. WooCommerce Step Filter

WooCommerce Step Filter helps your customers choose the product that’s right for them by filtering the products they are interested in by price, a specific attribute, or a custom rule. The plugin is customisable so you can tailor it to suit your needs. 

WooCommerce Step Filter

User APlayer says:

“I was searching for a plugin to suit my needs for a long time before finding this one. It is simple to set up and to use, and the customer support has been fantastic.” 


The 20 Bootstrap 4 plugins featured here just scratch the surface of options available at CodeCanyon, so if none of them appeal, there are plenty of other great options there to hold your interest.

And if you want to improve your skills using Bootstrap yourself, check out the ever so useful Bootstrap tutorials we have on offer.

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