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19 Inspiring Pastel Colored Website Layouts

Although composition may be the framework of a great design, color is the extra little detail that makes a project feel truly complete. Color schemes can be used to evoke feelings and attitudes about a particular design or piece of content. In the past, we’ve covered the use of color in web design and how it plays a role in the final layout.

For this gallery, we’d be diving into a more distinct area of the color pool. Pastels are seen as faded colors that don’t have as much saturation. A lot of people prefer this type of color scheme, as it looks lighter and gentler on the eyes. Many times these are used in children’s websites, but they can be found all over the Internet. Take a peek at the following examples to see how you can use pastel colors in your own web design work.

Pastel Colored Website Layouts

Future of Car Sharing

future of car sharing parallax site

#Hash Contenidos

Izumi Massage


Rainbow Nursery

Every Last Drop

every last drop website pastel colors design

Project Pulse



wrist biweekly illustration website


Wonderfully Wild


pastel color melonfree website design layout

Squilla Fund


Mont Roucous



Mend Seltzer


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