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15 Ready Made Ionic 3 App Templates

With Ionic, creating a high-performance, cross-platform mobile app is as easy as creating a website. In fact, if you are a seasoned web developer who wants to become an Android or iOS app developer overnight, all you have to do is install and start using Ionic. I assure you, you’ll take to it like a fish to water.

Building a feature-rich Ionic app with an elegant user interface, however, can be challenging—even more so if it is to look native on multiple platforms. Fortunately, by using a ready made Ionic template you can save substantial amounts of time and effort.

CodeCanyon is one of the largest online marketplaces for Ionic templates. No matter what your app’s requirements are, there’s a good chance that CodeCanyon has a template for it. In this article, I’m going to list 15 outstanding Ionic 3 templates you should consider using this year.

1. Ionic 3 UI Theme 

Ionic 3 UI Theme

This template, developed by elite author CreativeForm, is ideal for Ionic developers who to create beautiful apps but want to spend less time designing them. It offers just one theme that uses over 70 commonly used screen and more than 45 finished layouts ready to use. It also has a well-organized Sass file containing dozens of variables you can change to further customize your app’s looks.

2. IonFullApp 


IonFullApp, developed by elite author IonicThemes, is a multipurpose app template which comes in three different versions: basic, pro and elite. These three versions offer from 30 – 38 screens and different combination of components to suit a variety of needs. Some of the best features offered are Google Map integration, social login, geolocation, a video player and an image slider.

3. Ionic 3 App for WooCommerce 

Ionic 3 App for WooCommerce

Ionic 3 App for WooCommerce, developed by hakeemnala, is a template you should definitely consider using if you are creating an e-commerce app. It allows you to quickly create a beautiful app that can connect to your WooCommerce website, pull data and settings from it and sync categories and products in real time. It also promises your customers an easy and hassle-free shopping experience. 

The app template supports most of payment methods out there, automatically loads shipping methods, allows customers to search for products globally on the home page or within categories, and much more. 

4. Ionic 3 Restaurant App

Ionic 3 Restaurant App

If you’re looking for an intuitive, easy to set up Restaurant app then check out Ionic 3 Restaurant App template, developed by Lrandom. The app is well structured and offers useful features like food categories, item details that allows you to use images of products, product names and details, prices, current promotions etc., a powerful search, a cart list view and much more. In addition the source code for the app comes with an admin panel CMS that will help you build your app faster.

5. IonChat v3

IonChat v3

IonChat v3, as its name suggests, is a template that lets you build cross-platform instant messaging apps. Developed by IonCoder, this is a large template offering dozens of powerful features, such as support for group conversations, social login, and friend management.

Not only is this template easily customizable, the apps you create with it will be powered by Firebase, a cloud-based platform that’s owned by Google. That means you can use the Firebase console to manage your app data.

6. Ionic Framework App

If you are looking for a modern template with dozens of beautiful pages and a wide variety of useful features, this template, created by gtsopour, is for you. Built with Ionic 3, it is very modular and extremely easy to extend. In fact, it has over 20 modules and over 35 components!

The apps you create with this template will be able to communicate with your WordPress blog using its REST API. They’ll also be able to display charts, YouTube videos, Google maps, and RSS feeds. Another impressive fact about the template is that it offers a barcode scanner module, which you can use to scan several types of barcodes.

7. Restaurant Ionic 3

Restaurant Ionic 3

Restaurant Ionic 3, developed by appseed, is a template that’s bound to entice any restaurant owner. Apps created with it are feature-packed, and have intuitive user interfaces that let customers view menus, place customized orders, read about special offers, and choose delivery methods. They’ll also allow you to communicate with your customers using push notifications.

Setting this template up is a breeze. So is customizing it, because you can dramatically change the looks of your app by simply selecting one of the several beautiful Material Design-inspired color themes it offers. 

8. Ionium 2 

Ionium 2

Ionium 2 is an update of the popular multi-purpose app template Ionium, created by ionicpremium. Built with Ionic 3, this multipurpose app template is a great choice whether you’re building an e-commerce app, a hotel booking app, a news reader, or even a social media app. The template allows you to quickly create CRUD-oriented apps, which support both local and remote storage.

Using SASS and Material Design components, animations, and gestures, you can be sure that the apps you create with Ionium 2 will look very modern and polished.

9. Ionic 3 Toolkit 

 Ionic 3 Toolkit

The Ionic 3 Toolkit app template developed by appseed certainly lives up to its promise of being a toolkit with its wide range of features and its modular structure, which allow users to build whatever kind of app they need quickly and easily.  It also allows you to collect data from your WordPress, Drupal, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram and other social media accounts and add them to the content of your app as needed. Furthermore, the template makes it easy to customise the template’s default styles by changing the pre-defined colours or the default value of the Sass.

10. Firetask


Apps with social features tend to be more successful on both Google Play and Apple’s App Store. If you’re looking for an Ionic 3 app template to build a social media app for yourself or a client, look no further than Firetask by developer Stewan_io. Firetask is a social media app template that has everything you need to get started. It offers screens that allow users to sign up, sign in, create posts, write comments, browse through trending topics and much more.

11. WooCommerce Mobile App

WooCommerce Mobile App

In spite of being on the market for just a few months, WooCommerce Mobile App template by hakeemnala, has been selling steadily and is one of the best-rated templates in this category. 

The app allows clients to connect to their WooCommerce store and sync categories and products in real time. Once customers register and log in, they can shop, pay for items, view order status and order history, and manage their account. Useful features include a featured products page, categories, a powerful search and filter, list and grid views, ratings and reviews, etc. 

12. Hotel Room Reservation

Hotel Room Reservation

Another recent addition to CodeCanyon’s mobile app section, the Hotel Room Reservation app template by developer FunnyIonic is created in the vein of popular hotel booking services like Booking and AirBnB. The template helps developers to create an app that will allow end users to search, view and book hotels in their targeted location. The app is integrated with Google Maps and PayPal for user convenience. 

13. Conference Ionic 3

Conference Ionic 3

Another app template by the prolific developer appseed, Conference Ionic 3 app template offers something unique in the app template arena. The app is aimed at conference organisers who want to create an app for attendees that provides all the information related to a conference in one handy app. It allows attendees to view conference information such as location, exhibition halls, speakers, schedules sponsors, committees, etc. Users can access speaker profiles and can create their own personal agendas based on what events they want to attend.

14. Ionic Ecommerce 

Ionic Ecommerce

I’ve featured a couple of e-commerce app templates here so far, but I’m adding IonicEcommerce by the developer vectorcoder to this list not just because of its popularity but because of the templates all-round usefulness. A relative newcomer to the field, IonicEcommerce offers a variety of ready-made e-commerce pages to create your mobile app and provides a comprehensive CMS to manage your store. Some key features include interactive themes, social share, product filters, sorting and search, inventory management and much more. The developer provides full support and will customise and install the app for you for a fee.

15. Nearme


Nearme is a location-based app template by developer quanlabs. The Ionic 3 template helps developers build an app that will identify supermarkets, restaurants, places of interest, gas stations, etc. that are near the user. The template comes with a admin panel that allows developers to manage categories, places, deals, slider images, users, reviews and send push notifications to users etc.


In this article, you learned about 15 premium Ionic templates you can use to jumpstart your app development process. But don’t limit yourself to just them because these are just a small selection of the hundreds of Ionic 3 app templates we have available at CodeCanyon, so if none of them quite fits your needs, there are plenty of other great options to choose from.

And if you want to improve your skills in building Ionic apps and templates, then check out some of the ever-so-useful Ionic tutorials we have on offer!

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