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15 Best PHP Help Desk Scripts

If you sell services or products on your own website, you need a good, reliable Help Desk system that will enable your clients or customers to reach you quickly and easily with queries or complaints. Solving issues related to your products or services in a timely and satisfactory manner will lead to happy clients and customers, and that in turn leads to referrals and repeat business, which is the lifeblood of any venture. 

With this in mind, I’ve compiled a list of the 15 best PHP Help Desk scripts available at CodeCanyon. Have a read to find the one that best suits your needs. 

1. PHP Live Chat Pro

First, let’s start with Live Chats. PHP Live Chat Pro concentrates support for your clients and/or customers in a live chat. The service, which features easy installation, uses a clean, modern design, emoticons and avatars, customisable automated messages, and mobile support.

 PHP Live Chat Pro

Other features include: 

  • geolocation
  • dynamic translation
  • operator initiated chats
  • transcription of chat which can then be sent to the client via email
  • and more 

User mace6466 says:

“Easy to install and works perfectly, plus you have the ability to download the app to your cell phone and interact with prospects. Just amazing!”

2. ChatBull Pro

ChatBull Pro is another PHP plugin that provides support for website visitors via live chat. The plugin includes desktop apps for both Mac and Windows and mobile apps for Android, with an iOS app coming soon.

ChatBull Pro

Other features include:

  • one-time purchase for lifetime use
  • ability to use on multiple sites
  • notifications when new requests are made
  • multi-language support
  • and more

User laughingsteam says:

“Absolutely amazing plugin. I’ve tried about 3 others and this one blows the others out of the water. It’s updated and looks amazing.”

3. Live Client Chat

Live Client Chat does exactly what it says on the tin. It allows business owners to chat live with clients on their website. Installation is as simple as adding a bit of JavaScript code to your page, and you’re up and ready to go. 

Live Client Chat

Other features include:

  • desktop notifications system
  • map indicating the location of all visitors
  • ability to automatically redirect your visitors to the desired page
  • full customisation
  • and more

User orhan1507 says:

“I bought this “Live Client Chat” in PHP version and it’s working perfectly on my website. The support also answered me very fast. Thank you very much.”

4. PHP Flat Visual Chat

Last in the live chat category is PHP Flat Visual Chat. This is a live chat with a twist. It not only allows you to communicate with your clients and customers directly, but also enables you to guide them through the pages of the site to show them various visual elements and to clarify any questions they may have.

PHP Flat Visual Chat

Other features include:

  • beautiful responsive design
  • chat logs management
  • contact form appears if there’s no one available for chat
  • sound notification on new message
  • and more

User SethHerbert says:

“Bought this script 24 hours ago and ran into some conflict issues. Not only were they dealt with in a quick professional manner but the developer was patient and worked quickly to resolve all of my issues. Highly recommended both the script and support.”

5. SupportDesk

Now for scripts that focus on support using support tickets. To access support for a product or service, using the SupportDesk script, your clients and/or customers simply need to go to a dedicated support page on your website, enter their name and email address, select the department they need help from, and write their message. This opens up a ticket with a special ID number, and your customer service will get an email notification that a ticket has been opened.


Other great features:

  • tickets are organised by departments
  • clean and simple user interface
  • Slack integration
  • and much more

User pixel375 says:

“Perfect system! Simple to use, looks great, and my customers will love it! Also great support!”

6. Support Centre 

The beauty of Support Centre is that it allows you to add a database of frequently asked questions, so your clients have a resource to turn to that may possibly answer all their questions and preempt them opening a ticket. 

Support Centre also allows you to assign your staff to specific ticket categories and has an optional built-in payment system that allows you to create Premium Plans users can buy for more customisable support.

Support Centre

Other features include:

  • clients have a choice of registering using a registration page or their social media account
  • registration page is Captcha enabled to prevent bots from spamming your site 
  • notification system to be alerted of newly created tickets 
  • ability to assign a specific staff member to a specific ticket 
  • and more

User ssnetinc says:

“Awesome package. Incredible customer support. They work hard to constantly improve all their scripts.”

7. Best Support System 

Best Support System is another great choice for managing customer queries. With its easy-to-use step-by-step installer wizard, you’ll have your service up and running within minutes and move right on to managing queries, whether they arrive via email or the support form provided. 

Best Support System

Other features include:

  • relevant articles from the database are triggered when users ask frequently asked questions
  • easy-to-use search engine to help users find relevant articles 
  • PayPal integration
  • ability to collect user feedback
  • and more

User RotaryPower says:

“Very nice script and fast friendly support”.

8. BeDesk 

Like the two previous plugins, BeDesk also enables business owners to potentially reduce support ticket volume by creating articles based on frequently asked questions and setting up the software to automatically suggest an article when customers create a new ticket with the relevant topic. 


Other features include:

  • ability to categorise tickets
  • ability to automate repetitive tasks with triggers
  • ability to customise appearance to match site seamlessly
  • allowing users to log in with popular third-party sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.
  • and more

User jatinsahani says:

“Amazing product, fast support.”

9. nDesk Support Center

nDesk Support Center uses escalation rules to escalate tickets if they are not resolved within a certain period of time. Business owners have access to an overview of ticketing activity, including active tickets and unassigned tickets.

nDesk comes fully featured with ticket auto-import, user auto-register, knowledge base, escalation rules, predefined replies, and many more features.

nDesk Support Center

Other features include:

  • ticket auto-import
  • user auto-register
  • FAQ database 
  • predefined replies 
  • and more

User fliper says:

“The best help desk script. Simple, elegant and easy to config. The support is excellent!”

10. Tickerr

Tickerr, as the name suggests, also offers client support via tickets. With this system, when the client’s problem has been resolved and the ticket is closed, the client can rate the support provided and you, as an admin, are able to keep track of those ratings, which is useful for quality control auditing.


Other features include:

  • three different user roles available: client, agent, administrator
  • three different priorities available for categorising ticket email alerts: low, medium, and high
  • four different support statuses available for monitoring tickets: solved, reviewed, insolvable, other
  • and more

User hansen-florian says:

“A very good job! I will translate the application completely into German.”

11. iTicket

iTicket seeks to make things easier for your clients by giving them the option of logging in or not, when they want to create a support ticket. If they choose not to log in, they can easily contact your customer service department by sending an email to the designated support email address. iTicket also allows clients to attach a file when they open a new support ticket.


Other features include:

  • email notification: a copy of the reply to tickets is sent to the user’s email address
  • ability to group staff into departments to help clients target the appropriate staff member for help 
  • FAQs can be added under each department in the admin section 
  • each staff member’s profile indicates their online status 
  • and more

User epino says:

“Extraordinary application! Very flexible and has impeccable code quality. Highly recommended.”

12. Support Board 

Now for scripts that use live chat as well as support tickets. Support Board is a powerful and simple-to-use support desk and chat plugin that provides a great dual solution for communicating with clients. The plug has full Slack integration for sending and receiving user messages directly from Slack, as well as full Bot integration with Dialogflow that can reply automatically to your customers and allows you to get in touch with them quickly and easily. 

Support Board

Other features include:

  • email notifications 
  • ability to customise the design of your chat 
  • ability to send a welcome message to new users automatically 
  • ability to send customisable follow-up message automatically
  • and more

User DevzStudio says:

“Good script and quality support.”

13. HelpDesk 3

HelpDesk 3 also offers clients support via live chats and tickets, but has taken things a step further by allowing clients to email their queries.

HelpDesk 3 also allows you to create an FAQ articles database to cut down on unnecessary inquiries.

HelpDesk 3

Other features include:

  • simple installation 
  • all history you have with your clients is saved and can be viewed at any time
  • ability to set up standard responses for the chat and tickets
  • ability to set up automated answers for the chat feature
  • and more

14. Pearls!

Pearls takes a crowdsourcing approach to help desk support by providing your clients with a question and answer platform similar to that of Quora, to help them resolve their issues. Clients can log in using their Facebook or Google accounts, follow other users’ topics, feeds, and questions, and get notified when someone posts new questions or answers. 

A powerful admin section gives you the ability to moderate users and upgrade them to become senior publishers, reviewers, or even admins.


Other features include:

  • special adManager script for handling Google AdSense
  • users who follow each other can access live chat 
  • you can also approve questions/answers before they become public
  • and more

User marufyusupov says:

“Michael listens to customer feedback and is very quick to patch for bugs and introduce new features based on user input. Worth your money.”

15. FAQDesk 

FAQDesk takes a different approach to help desk support by not offering either live chat or ticket support. Instead, it offers clients a frequently asked questions page only. This strategy will probably not be the number one choice for most established businesses, but for startups with limited resources to invest in a fully functional support team, it offers a viable option. 


Other features include:

  • simple and clean design
  • content organised into categories
  • content easily managed from admin panel
  • free lifetime updates
  • and more


These 15 PHP Help Desk scripts just scratch the surface of products available at Envato Market, so if none of them fit your needs, there are plenty of other great options you may prefer.

And if you want to improve your PHP skills, check out the ever so useful free PHP tutorials we have on offer!

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