15 Best iOS App Templates of 2017

Building an app used to be the domain of hardcore developers
only, but with over 1,400 app templates for sale at CodeCanyon,
even complete beginners to coding can build an app.

But what is an app template, you might ask. Well,
essentially, it’s an app with core functions already implemented for you so
that you can customise it easily and add the elements you most prefer to the app’s
code to create the product you want. 

Many beginners use app templates as a learning tool to
improve their coding skills, while others choose to upload their new app
creations to iTunes for approval and inclusion in the app store.

Whatever your needs, get started by taking a look at the 15
best iOS app templates available at CodeCanyon. You may just find exactly what you’re looking for.

1. Universal for iOS

The magic of the Universal for iOS app template is that it lets users create just about any app they want
by pulling in unlimited content from blogs, timelines, feeds, channels, playlists,
webpages, etc., and easily combining them in one customisable app.

Universal for iOS

One of the best-selling iOS app templates at CodeCanyon, Universal
for iOS supports most popular web
resources, like WordPress, YouTube, Facebook, RSS, etc. It also supports AdMob and
gives your users the option of removing banners and interstitial ads with an
easy in-app purchase.

The app is
completely based on Objective-C and designed for the latest version of iOS. It
comes with step-by-step instructions and video tutorials on how to configure
your template from scratch and is suitable for both professionals and beginners
as no code knowledge is required.

Customers say
Universal for iOS is a “very good app” with “no crashes”.

2. BeoNews

There are a large
number of users out there with a content-rich website that they want to
convert into a gorgeous app, allowing their visitors to access the key
features of the site easily and seamlessly. That’s what the BeoNews
app template does. 


One of the best-rated templates in this category, BeoNews will allow users to convert any of
the content of their WordPress site, including video, photos and blog, into a mobile
app. How cool is that?

The app stores user data on Firebase and synchronises across

Customers have praised the app’s design quality and the
support offered.

3. WebViewGold 

Another app that allows you to convert your website content
into an app, WebViewGold app template’s key difference from BeoNews is
that it enables users to turn their entire site into an app. It does so by using
a Swift Xcode package to wrap the URL or local HTML into an iOS app. The real
genius of this app template, though, is that it does its work in just a few
clicks. So no coding knowledge is required!


One customer, zyn, said: 

“The script is awesome + the team
is incredible …. They helped me integrate exactly what I need.”

4. MStore Pro

With so many businesses selling products and services online
these days, the MStore Pro app template is an easy favourite among developers. The e-commerce app
allows users to convert their existing online shop to a mobile store app so
that they can more easily target busy shoppers who’re trying to make the most
of their time by doing their shopping while commuting or waiting in a queue.

MStore Pro

The template requires no coding skills and is very easy to
customise. It is fully integrated with WordPress and WooCommerce, supports
PayPal, Stripe and COD, and allows users to log in with their Facebook account.
What more could you ask for?

5. Mokets

Mokets, which stands for mobile markets, is another e-commerce app template targeting
today’s busy shoppers. The app template distinguishes itself with a gorgeous Pinterest-type
grid that displays items for sale with all relevant information. It features
user registration and login, shopping cart with checkout, transaction history,
Apple push notification, user feedback, analytics which track customer
interests, and so much more.


Customer, Simorq,

“Apple approved my app just 5 mins ago. The app is really
great and works well.”

6. woopy

As sustainable living becomes more and more critical, apps
that allow users to buy and sell used items and handcrafted items have grown in
popularity. woopy is an app template that allows developers to create listing apps that
facilitate such buying and selling online. Users can browse by keyword or
category. They can also chat with sellers or potential buyers and give feedback
on each transaction.


One of the app’s
outstanding features for sellers is the ability to add a 10-second video to
their listings. Another is the app’s optional email verification system that
gives buyers and sellers extra assurance by posting a verification symbol next
to the user’s name.

Customer Kaya09

“Great support, well designed and code is perfect and no issue with iTunes,
approve in a few hours.”

7. Store Finder v1.9

Though we all know that online shopping is becoming more and
more popular, most seasoned shoppers will admit that shopping in person gives a
certain sensory pleasure that online shopping cannot emulate.

 Store Finder v19

When you need to find a specific item or store, however, and
don’t want to spend all day driving from one end of town to the other or doing
laps around the mall, a store finder app is a lifesaver. Enter the Store Finder v1.9 app
template, a developer’s dream, with a long list of must-have features like
call, email and SMS integration, Google directions, social media logins, pinch
and zoom function, and so much more.

Customer reviewer larrybird1 said about the app:

“This is a fine code, from a fine developer … oh, and the
support is pretty good.”

8. Restaurant Finder v1.5

Restaurant finder apps are always popular because they solve
a common problem: how to find a good place to eat when you’re in a
neighbourhood you don’t know. The Restaurant Finder v1.5 app template allows you to create your own
app to help users looking for restaurants in a specific area. 

Restaurant Finder v15

The template uses
an XML/JSON file for restaurant data, so you have full control over the
restaurants you want to include as well as the amount of information you want
to include about each restaurant.

This Objective-C-based
app template supports AdMob.

9. PhotoGram

If you’re passionate
about photography (and really, who isn’t these days?), you’re always on the lookout
for photo editing apps that make your photos look even better than they already
do when you post them to Instagram, Facebook, or your preferred social media


The PhotoGram app template requires no configuration and is easy to customise.
Some of its selling features that will keep users happy are its filters, tonal adjustments, resizing, and cropping.
Users can also add text to their images and share them directly from the
app on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The app supports both iAd and AdMob.

Customers confirm
that PhotoGram is indeed “easy to customise” with “clean code.”

10. PikLab

Owing to the popularity of photo editing apps, we’re
featuring not just one but two photo app templates in our best of 2017 roundup. The PikLab app template has fewer bells and whistles than the previous PhotoGram app
template, and that is its main selling point. It will appeal to users who prize
simplicity and ease of use and are looking for a photo editing app that allows
for a bit more creative play by using features such as collage frames, stickers,
borders, textures, and custom fonts. Users can also share their pictures directly
to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.


The app is AdMob ready, and includes PSD graphics and a PDF
user guide.

One happy customer, tunebaco, said: 

“Code, Design,
Documentation, support! Everything is perfect with this guy!”

11. iOS Recipe App

Cooking shows,
cooking competitions, cooking websites, Instagram food porn. In the last decade
or so, we’ve become positively obsessed with food and how to prepare it well.
So of course recipe apps have gained in popularity as well, and developers will
love the iOS Recipe App template.

iOS Recipe App

iOS Recipe App
allows users to organize their recipes into categories, which are accessible
both from the home screen and the menu. Users can build their own favourite
category and add both video and images to each recipe. Other features include push
notification, search, shopping list, and the ability to share recipes. The app also supports AdMob.

12. Feedews

Another thing that has proliferated in the past ten years is the
number of blogs and online independent and alternative news sources we have
access to—so much so that it is impossible to keep track of our favourites
without a good RSS feed reader. Feedews is a highly customisable RSS feed reader app template that allows
users to get all their articles and news in one place. 


Users can organise their
sources into categories and can share articles with their social networks or
via email. The template also supports the translation of the app into other

Many users say the app is “well designed and documented”.

13. ToDo List and Task Reminder

If you accept that good organisation is key to high
productivity, then a to-do app is an indispensable tool for you. The ToDo List and Task Reminder is one
of the newest iOS app templates on CodeCanyon and has a few cool features that
will interest developers in the market for an organising app.

ToDo List and Task Reminder

The app allows users to set tasks according to their
priority from high to low and displays either a progress wheel of their task or
a pie chart based on the priority you’ve assigned it. It includes a map feature which allows users
to mark the place where the task is taking place. 

Users can also include an image with a task
and set reminders using their favourite ringtone or set each reminder with a
different tone or talking alarm. Best of
all, users can create secret lists that they can keep hidden from prying eyes. These are just a few of the great features
that set this app apart from other to-do list apps already on the market.

14. Mustage

Love Instagram? Want
to create your own Instagram-type app? We have just the thing for you. The Mustage app template allows developers to create a photo and video sharing app
in the vein of Instagram where users can follow, like, comment and share photos. 

The app allows users to log in with their email, Google or Facebook accounts
and supports monetisation with AdMob. It also supports push notifications
and comes with built-in Analytics to
monitor performance.


Customers have not only been
impressed with the template itself, but have also commented on the high
quality of support offered to customers. One such customer, birdiesawyer, said: 

“This template is AWESOME and as a person
learning Swift I can see how things were structured and why they were
structured that way. The support has been outstanding and every question I had
was answered to my satisfaction.”

15. Four

Our roundup of the 15 best iOS app templates wouldn’t be
complete without including a game, and our choice to round out the list is the
highly rated Four
Dots game template.

Four Dots

This game is made up of a cluster of four circles, each of a
different colour, at the bottom of the screen. Once the game begins, dots are randomly generated from the top of the
screen and fall down the screen towards the cluster. The player must rotate the
cluster of circles at the bottom of the screen by tapping the screen quickly so
that the circle facing the falling dot matches it in colour. For every correct
match, the player gains a point. 

Give it
a whirl. I dare you to not get addicted. The template supports AdMob and comes
with PSD files and a comprehensive user guide.


These 15 best iOS app templates of 2017 are just a small selection
of the hundreds of iOS
app templates we have available at CodeCanyon, so if none of them quite
fits your needs, there are plenty of other great options to choose from.

And if you want to improve your skills building iOS apps and
templates, then check out some of the ever-so-useful iOS tutorials we have on offer!

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