14 Ways to Utilize Videos on Your Home and Landing Pages

Heard the hype about landing page videos and realize you need one for your website? Landing page videos can increase conversion rates by 53%! But what kind of web-based video design should you feature on your homepage? 

While explainer, testimonial, presentation, and advertising videos are the most common video content used by marketers, there is a myriad of different ways for you to deploy video website marketing techniques on your landing page in 2020.

Need some inspiration? Try some of these 15 landing page video examples to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Teaser Video 

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Creative branding firm, Whiteboard, places a teaser video at the first scrolling point on its homepage. 

The teaser video contains video clips that show the companies’ past clients, previous projects, and working process.

Why does this landing page video tactic work?

A teaser video is a great example of video content that elicits an emotional response from your target audience by building up anticipation. 

Equally, by showing your company’s inner workings, you invite the audience in, creating a relationship, while demonstrating your brand’s personality.

It’s really simple to put together a montage of teaser clips using free online video editing software.

2. Interactive Video

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Interactive digital design firm, Simple Creature, showboats its fabulous work with a landing page video, spurred on by interactive elements.

Inviting engagement, the click-through button leads to a full-page video that demonstrates the agency’s design capabilities.

Why does this landing page video tactic work?

Interactive elements are key to engagement since interactive design elements get twice as much engagement from consumers as static content.

Encourage your visitors to engage by adding interactive video elements that lead to teaser videos or promotional videos that show off your work.

3. Mobile-Ready Responsive Video

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Branding firm, Robot Food, dedicates itself to providing dynamic multimedia branding and social media campaigns for next-generation brands.

The branding company’s video website features a grid of scrolling videos that are responsive to the device used by the consumer.

Why does this landing page video tactic work?

Mobile users make up about 50% of web traffic. 

Since nearly half of mobile users get super frustrated when websites don’t have responsive design, it’s a good idea to ensure your web developer keeps responsive web design in mind when creating video files.

4. Clickable Explainer Video

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All-round physical and digital design company, Opacity Design Group, uses a clickable explainer video to educate visitors on its working processes.

There is a strong signpost with a time indicator to tell visitors how long the explanation will take.

Why does this landing page video tactic work?

Not only does this clickability increase engagement, but the signposting also helps to qualify the type of customer Opacity Design Group is looking for: customers with time to explore high-quality design.

5. Pop-Out Video

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Events company, This Is Beyond, creates immersive experiences for brands. 

The non-intrusive pop-out video on the event organizer’s homepage shows a montage of snippets from previous events that the company has arranged.

Why does this landing page video tactic work?

While videos on landing pages do increase engagement, two-thirds of buyers get annoyed by loud autoplay videos, resulting in a higher bounce rate for your website. 

Instead, give visitors the option to play your video as this increases engagement and adds another measurable engagement metric to monitor visitor behavior.

6. Podcast Videos

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The Serial Podcast uses a podcast video background on its landing page to help set the scene for the newest series.

Why does this landing page video tactic work?

Creating a multimedia experience, adding a podcast video helps to boost the storytelling aspects for better podcast marketing.

Try to either use dramatized footage, as Serial does, or use a live video recording of the guests.

7. Background Video

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Ping pong bar, Twenty Twenty Two, uses a silent background video to show footage of people enjoying the venue, using the facilities, and playing the games.

Why does this landing page video tactic work?

This promotional background video shows off the brand’s personality by creating an emotional connection by showing visitors what to expect rather than simply telling them.

The immersive marketing technique is designed to use visual storytelling to invite visitors to picture themselves in this unique bar.

8. Banner Video

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Australian non-profit, Auspire, uses a full-width banner video to display a montage of footage that shows the types of people the charity helps.

This brand film is used as an introductory video that presents Auspire’s values and underlying motivations while highlighting the user personas that should be using its services.

Why does this landing page video tactic work?

By using a banner video, Auspire is able to add a complementary mantra that involves and engages the target audience emotionally. 

Rather than a full-page video, visitors are drawn, first, to the idea of being part of something, and secondly to a video that confirms this concept with real-world use cases.

9.  Looped Video

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GoAura, a revenue-boosting software, uses a looped video of an astronaut on its landing page.

Cleverly alluding to the idea that profits will be ‘out of this world’, the looped video features around five to six seconds of footage.

Why does this landing page video tactic work?

Quick looped footage works because it’s short. When asked about brand video content, 66% of people say they would prefer a short video.

Equally, looped content means you can create the illusion of an ongoing video with only a few megabytes of footage in your video files. Where big videos cause delays or take a long time to compress, looped landing page videos are lightweight.

10. Animated Videos

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Creative firm, Yoke, works with companies to turn their ambitions and visions into reality.

The homepage features a scrolling banner of recent content. Each banner is accompanied by an animated video that illustrates the content that visitors are being linked to.

Why does this landing page video tactic work?

According to Richter Studios, product animation is a very smart investment for a multitude of reasons: 

  • Explaining sophisticated concepts in visual, easy-to-understand ways
  • When budget doesn’t permit custom-filming
  • The features & benefits of your product or service which would be difficult to showcase through custom-filmed footage

If your products are digital or service-oriented, like the SaaS space, product animation is your best bet at utilizing video to drive more engagement and sales. 

11. Scroll-Powered Video Navigation

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Creative technology company, Airnauts uses video in a very unique way. The video will pause, continue, and change as users scroll down the landing page.

The video is an introductory, behind-the-scenes, full-page background video that immerses the audience in Airnauts’ working process.

Why does this landing page video tactic work?

By tying the video’s pace to the user’s scrolling rate, this responsive content drives customer interaction with the creative technology company, while simultaneously showing customers the dynamic design skills that the company has to offer.

12. Storytelling Brand Film

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Boutique branding firm, Anchor, uses a pop-out brand film that channels storytelling to convey the ethos behind Anchor.

Featuring a slow, tension-building narrative unpinned with cinematic music, this brand film combines literal imagery to illustrate the points made by the narrator.

Why does this landing page video tactic work?

An extremely professional brand film, this video works because it creates dramatic tension, leaving the visitor wanting more. 

Similarly to a dramatic movie, the effect of a story unraveling keeps visitors encapsulated, in turn increasing time spent on your website.

Use brand videos to demonstrate your brand’s story to personalize the experience for your audience.

13. Product Videos

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Gili Sports is a sporting brand that uses product videos to show how their products work and the types of customers who use the company’s products.

While these videos are tucked into the product pages, there’s certainly room for placing a product video on your landing page.

Why does this landing page video tactic work?

Seeing as 95% of marketers claim that video helps with customer understanding of a product, placing a product video in an easy-to-reach place offers a helpful way for customers to better familiarize themselves with your value.

This video is on the product page, but incorporating a product video in the web design of your landing page showcases your goods to customers immediately.

14. Testimonial Video

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Accounting app, Xero, offers two testimonial videos on its landing page to show two different customer stories.

While these videos aren’t at the top of the page, Xero still uses testimonial content on its initial landing page.

Why does this landing page video tactic work?

Testimonials are a strong form of social proof, which is why testimonial videos are used by nearly half of all marketers.

You should include a testimonial video on your landing page since 47% of consumers say that testimonial videos help them to visualize how a product works, while 39% of buyers said video testimonials helped them understand the effect a product would have on their life.

In this sense, use testimonial videos to drive sales by encouraging conversion via social proof.


Since companies that leverage video marketing campaigns have 35% higher success rates, it’s about time you considered a landing page video to increase engagement and conversions.

From explainer videos to animated content, from video testimonials to brand films, the type of landing page video you choose depends on the message you’re attempting to convey and what you’d like your audience to do.

To best decide on a landing page video, use these excellent examples as inspiration, and consider what your target audience would most like to see from you.

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