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12 Useful WordPress Plugins for Page Layouts

When it comes to plugins for laying out the pages on your
WordPress site, Visual
is a hard one
to beat. This easy-to-use drag-and-drop page builder with over 200
unique addons will help the developer and the novice alike create
just about any layout imaginable.  

for users looking to modify just one page in a specific way, this powerful page builder
is probably overkill. That’s why we’ve scoured CodeCanyon for the most useful WordPress
page layout plugins and have come up with these 12 that will meet a variety of

1. Essential Grid WordPress Plugin

Whether you’re
looking for just the right grid to display your blog posts, photos, products,
testimonials, social media streams, services or whatever else you have in mind,
The Essential Grid WordPress Plugin has got you covered.

This multipurpose
grid enables you to display any content on your WordPress site in your choice of elegant grid form. First you decide what source
you want to use for your grid entry. Then you customise the grid by choosing
from three available styles before selecting your required number of columns and
rows and setting spacing for the items. From there you can add any number of skins
available to customise your look further.

Essential Grid WordPress Plugin

Notable features:

  • over 25 example skins included
  • widely varied content sources possible, including images,
    YouTube, HTML5 self-hosted video, etc.
  • various animation styles available
  • responsive and mobile optimised
  • and more

Grid WordPress Plugin is an engaging and visually appealing way to show off content on your WordPress page.

2. FlatFolio

FlatFolio is another great option for those
looking for an alternative grid layout. Aside from being highly customisable,
the plugin has the additional benefit of offering both Carousel and Slider functions as well. You can customise the
grid with logos, captions, coloured overlays, titles and subtitles, hover
shadows, and more.


Notable features:

  • preview feature
  • carousel and slider features
  • unlimited item formats
  • various overlay effects
  • and more

For creatives and other users
wanting to show off their visual content, FlatFolio is a versatile and
easy-to-use layout choice. 

3. Sidebar and Widget Manager

If you’ve ever
wished for the freedom to place a widget in the content area of your WordPress site
page, the Sidebar and Widget Manager has heard your prayers. The plugin allows
you complete control of where you add widgets to your site’s pages by expanding
placement possibility beyond the sidebar and footer area to the page content

Sidebar and Widget Manager

Notable features:

  • drag-and-drop grid
  • vertical or
    horizontal widget alignment
  • ability to display
    or hide any widget on any page
  • supports any kind of
  • and more

Being able to add
widgets to any area of your WordPress site page with the Sidebar & Widget Manager plugin is a great way to build your own
unique page layout.

4. Content Manager for WordPress

The Content Manager for WordPress plugin is probably the
most versatile of the plugins in this list because it allows you to create any
kind of layout you desire in three simple steps. Simply add a new page, create
your desired layout with the drag-and-drop interface, and then add your

Content Manager for WordPress

Notable features:

  • ability to add unlimited fully editable pages
  • 10 layout colours
  • 30 Google Font options
  • multiple language support
  • and more

User rjhuntington says of Content
Manager for WordPress: “Love it! Solves
so many irksome WP shortcomings.”

5. Stupid Simple Testimonials

The Stupid Simple Testimonials plugin makes it super easy to
add testimonials or quotes to your page layout. Using a simple shortcode that
can be inserted in pages, posts and widgets, the plugin features eight unique
ways to customise your page layout.

Stupid Simple Testimonials

Notable features:

  • grid layout
    automatically adjusts to match the total number of testimonials
  • six unique colour
    schemes provided to match your theme
  • ability to divide your testimonials into categories for easy management
  • ability to edit using the standard WordPress editor
  • and more

The Stupid Simple Testimonials plugin is
a straightforward way to alter your page layout and will integrate your testimonials or
quotes into your site in a crisp, professional fashion.

6. WordPress
Meet the Team Shortcode Plugin

Just as the Stupid
Simple Testimonials plugin above is dedicated to adding testimonials to your page
layout, the WordPress Meet the Team Shortcode Plugin is dedicated to adding
your team members to your page layout in an elegant and professional way. 

The plugin allows you to not only show members of your team but also arrange them by categories or groups
as needed. What’s more, the plugin allows you to add and manage individual
member information like job titles, locations, social media, etc.

WordPress Meet the Team Shortcode Plugin

Notable features:

  • responsive grid or carousel view
  • unlimited custom fields
  • drag-and-drop ordering
  • supports up to 12 columns
  • highly customizable
  • and more

Meet the Team Shortcode Plugin is a good choice if introducing your team and their specialities to potential visitors to
your site is a priority.

7. JC
WooCommerce Multistep Checkout

The JC WooCommerce
Multistep Checkout plugin is designed to improve your customer’s checkout
experience by replacing WooCommerce’s default checkout layout. The aim of the
plugin is to display each step of the checkout process clearly, so that at any
given time users know exactly where they are and how far along they are in
the process.

JC WooCommerce Multistep Checkout

Notable features:

  • easily control which
    steps are displayed
  • ability to add
    custom steps like user authentication
  • customisable text,
    style and layout features
  • and more

WooCommerce Multistep Checkout is a good choice for refining your WooCommerce checkout process.

8. UberMenu

What’s a great site
without an equally great menu layout to help your visitors navigate your
content seamlessly? UberMenu plugin is designed to facilitate just such easy
navigation. The highly customisable and responsive plugin offers seven main
menus and several submenu options to suit a wide variety of tastes and needs.


Notable features:

  • easy to add images, descriptions, Google maps, etc.
  • choice of 18 layout
  • fully responsive and compatible with mobile and touch-enabled
  • extensive user-friendly
  • and more

UberMenu works out of the box with the WordPress Menu
System, making it simple to get started and create gorgeous menus quickly and easily.

9. WordPress
Events Calendar

If you’re looking
for a clean and elegant way to keep your customers, clients and/or followers
updated on your public appearances then adding the WordPress Events Calendar
plugin to your WordPress page layout might be the right solution for you. 

WordPress Events Calendar

Notable features:

  • ability to add
    multiple calendars to a page or post
  • upcoming events widget
  • multiple languages support
  • and more

User Applicist praises WordPress
Events Calendar for its “excellent functionality and UI”.

10. WordPress
Content Boxes Plugin

With the WordPress Content Boxes Plugin, it’s all about boxes. 43 stylishly designed boxes to be precise, any of which users can select
to contain and showcase site content, like testimonials, social icons,
team members, products, pricing lists, etc.

WordPress Content Boxes Plugin

Notable features:

  • over 1,000 icons
  • highly customisable
  • ability to use multiple content boxes in one page
  • and more

Though one of the newer additions to CodeCanyon, WordPress
Content Boxes Plugin with Layout Builder is sure to be a big favourite in
the coming months. 

11. Flip Magazine

Flip Magazine is a beautifully conceived magazine layout
which enables users to simulate page turning by pressing forward or backward
arrows. It will appeal to creatives who want to show off their image gallery in
full-width magazine-page format, but will also work equally well for those who want
to display their WordPress posts stylishly.

With Flip Magazine, you can build unlimited pages with each
page carrying its own settings.

Flip Magazine

Notable features:

  • user-friendly touch optimised design with gestures support
  • all Google Fonts supported
  • unlimited flip magazine pages
  • CSS3 animations for navigation menu
  • and more

Flip Magazine is possible
the coolest of the 12 plugins featured here, but don’t take my word for it. Check
it out for yourself.

12. Smart
Footer System

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty tired of the same old
same old when it comes to footers, so I got pretty excited when I found the
Smart Footer System, which made me look at footers in a whole new way.  

Smart Footer allows users to customise their
footers in any number of ways, including adding photos and videos and various
animations. With over 70 different styles to choose from, this highly
customisable plugin will breathe new life into the bottom of your WordPress site

Smart Footer System

Notable features:

  • several animation modes and speeds
  • innovative and powerful admin panel 
  • video background possible
  • highly customisable
  • and more

With the Smart
Footer System plugin, you no longer have any excuse for having dull, snooze-inducing
footers on your site.


These 12
plugins just scratch the surface of page layout plugins available at Envato Market. So if
none of them catch your fancy, there are plenty of other great options there to
hold your interest.

And if you
want to improve your skills building WordPress sites, check out the ever so useful free WordPress tutorials we have on offer.

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