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10 Must-Have Website Audit Tools

There are multiple website audit tools available on the internet to the point that it is difficult to choose which one is the best to use. Auditing a website can be a bit expensive. This is especially true since it MUST be done regularly. Sometimes, what works now might not work with browser updates in the future. It is good to have a couple of website audit tools handy.

Here are some of the must-have website audit tools to try:

Website Audit Tools to try:

SEM Audit

  • Pricing: The website tool offers a free trial for all of its packages. The pricing comes in three packages – Pro, Guru, Business.

    • Pro Package is $119.95 per month
    • Guru Package is $229.95 per month
    • Business package is $449.95 per month
  • Features: 

    • All basic features include competitor analysis, backlink analysis, position tracking, etc.
    • Pro Package offers basic SEO audit features. It checks for broken links, missing titles, etc.
    • Guru Package offers historical data analysis and additional content marketing features
    • Business Package offers API access, Google Data Studio integration, and more.


  • Pricing: Offers a 14-day free trial

    • DIY SEO package – $19 per month
    • White Label – $29 per month
    • Embedding Package – $59 per month
  • Features: 

    • Deep scans EVERY page of the website for any possible problems
    • Scans possible issues like text too long for the title tag, page text content too short, no redirect to HTTPS, missing meta description, poor URL links, etc

Site Checker Pro

  • Pricing:

    • Basic Package: $19 per month (3 websites)
    • Startup Package: $29 per month (5 websites)
    • Growing Package: $69 per month (10 websites)
  • Features:

    • Finds images with large sizes, images without alt attributes, images without titles
    • Checks size of pages, H1 tags, titles, meta descriptions, etc
    • Google scores for usability and speed
  • Other Features:

    • Google analytics
    • On-page checking of technical issues
    • Tracking of backlinks
    • Traffic checking

SEO Site Checkup

  • Pricing: Offers free tools like

    • Meta Title Test
    • Meta Description Test
    • Google Search Results Preview Test
    • Most Common Keywords Test
    • Facivon Test
    • Deprecated HTML Tags test
    • More
  • Features: 

    • Checks for common issues like keywords, images, meta description, etc
    • Offers security checks as well
    • Also scans for programming errors affecting speed and performance

Site Analyzer

  • Pricing: Offers 14-day free trial

    • Starter package: $29 per month (1 website)
    • Pro Package: $69 per month (10 websites)
    • Agency Package: $139 per month (50 websites)
    • Reseller package: $359 per month (200 websites)
  • Features

    • Offers site comparison with selected competitor website
    • Checks rank tracking, keyword analysis, and backlinks

Neil Patel SEO analyzer

  • Pricing: Offers service for free
  • Features: 

    • SEO Analysis
    • Speed analysis
    • Checks backlink

My Site Auditor

  • Pricing: Offers 10-day trial

    • Basic Package: $39 per month
    • Pro Package: $70 per month
  • Features: 

    • Conversion tracking
    • CRM Integrations
    • GDPR Options

Screaming Frog

  • Pricing: 

    • Offers a free package
  • Features:

    • One of the best website crawlers on the internet
    • Find broken links
    • Checks redirect chains
    • Analyzes metadata and page titles
    • Finds duplicate content

Ahref Site Audit Tool

  • Pricing: Offersfreetrial
  • Features: 

    • Flags possible SEO issues
    • Provides recommendable fixes to SEO issues found

UpCity SEO Report Card

  • Pricing: Offers report for free
  • Features: 

    • Link building
    • Rank analysis
    • Website accessibility


The good thing is, there are more website audit tools online that developers and designers can use. If you can’t find the feature that you are looking for in just one tool, having multiple tools to check your website is also a good idea. This way, you can cross-check possible issues one tool has missed. It is worth trying the following website audit tools as well:

Deep Crawl

Google Analytics

Google Search Console

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