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10 More Popular HTML5 Projects for You to Use and Study

Without a doubt, HTML5 has established itself as the best way
to build applications in a multimedia rich world. In so doing it has brought
about several huge advancements in web technology. For example, HTML5 provides superior support
for vector graphics and interactive online features like file sharing and photo
or video editing. It also enables us to stream audio and video files in a web
browser without the need for third-party plugins, which thankfully in turn makes
connection speeds quicker. 

With smart devices of varying screen sizes and
resolutions saturating the market, HTML5 also enables users to have a better
and more consistent web experience across several devices. Developers have responded to all these
developments over the years with greater and greater numbers of cool and useful
HTML5 projects, all taking advantage of this great technology. 

Here are the
10 most popular HTML5 projects at CodeCanyon that you really need to know about.

1. Real3D
FlipBook jQuery Plugin

Real3D FlipBook jQuery Plugin is definitely right up there
in terms of HTML5 projects you need to check out. A favourite at CodeCanyon, the Real3D
FlipBook jQuery Plugin enables users to easily create beautiful magazines and
brochures with realistic 3D
page flip effects.

Once users
have downloaded the plugin, they can simply customise one of the many available
templates and create interactive pages with links, buttons, videos, music
players, and so on.

Real3D FlipBook jQuery Plugin


  • works on all
    platforms—desktop and mobile
  • realistic 3D graphics made with WebGL
  • three skins included, customisable skins through CSS
  • 10 background patterns included
  • right to left mode for countries that read this way
  • and much more

FlipBook jQuery Plugin is a must have for both individuals and businesses who want to display
their products and services in a fun and interactive way.

2. HTML5
Audio Player with Playlist

If you’re in the
market for an Audio Player, check out the HTML5 Audio Player with Playlist.
This audio player gives you several playlist options, including HTML markup, XML playlist, Podcasts, SoundCloud, etc. The download also comes with almost 20 demos to help get your creative juices flowing.

HTML5 Audio Player with Playlist

Best features:

  • Flash fallback included
    for older browsers that don’t support HTML5 audio
  • load any type of
    playlist through XML, HTML markup, or DATABASE
  • mix multiple
    playlists or songs types together
  • uninterrupted audio
    playback across web pages
  • and much more

As a number one CodeCanyon seller in the HTML5 Projects, HTML5
Audio Player with Playlist is bound to please even the most discernible

3. HTML5
Responsive Slider Gallery

You just have to
check out the live preview for the HTML5 Responsive Slider Gallery to
understand why it’s not just a bestseller here at CodeCanyon but also a
candidate for our popular HTML5 projects list. One of the things that makes this slide gallery so appealing is that it
will adapt both height and width to any space that you added it to based on the
parent container, that is the div or other HTML tag, to create a perfect fit on your webpage.

In addition the
gallery uses a graphics processing unit (GUP) for peak performance on both your
desktop and mobile devices.

HTML5 Responsive Slider Gallery

Best features:

  • comes with three different embed styles
  • support for multiple
    galleries in the same page
  • bulk image pre-loader
  • customisable styling
  • compatible with IE9,
    IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome browsers
  • and much more

Responsive Slider Gallery is a wonderful tool that image rich site owners
will want to get to show off their images to their best advantage.

4. HTML5
Canvas Carousel

The HTML5 Canvas Carousel
gives you another great option to show off your images. The 3D photo gallery in
the shape of a carousel gives you six different options for presenting your

Optimised for both
Android and iOS mobile devices, the Carousel is highly customisable, and all options
can be modified inside the XML file.

HTML5 Canvas Carousel

Best features:

  • touch screen
    navigation support for mobile
  • supports any image
    files (png, jpg, gif)
  • able to set the carousel
    position on the canvas
  • possible to feature multiple
    carousel in the same page of your project or website
  • and much more

Canvas Carousel download file comes with a comprehensive help file explaining
all configuration tags and installation.

5. Interactive World Map With Cities

The Interactive
World Map With Cities is a pretty cool tool. It allows you to create your own
custom interactive world map by adding an unlimited number of clickable hotspots
anywhere on the map and adding photos, links, and hover descriptions.

The map is SVG based
so it’s responsive, fully resizable, mobile friendly, and cross-browser

Interactive World Map With Cities

Best features:

  • can add photo and
    text as well as create links to any webpage
  • easily customised through
    simple JavaScript files—no JavaScript knowledge required
  • not a WordPress
    plugin but can be integrated in a WordPress website using HTML Snippets plugin
  • mobile friendly,
    responsive, and fully resizable
  • and much more

The Interactive
World Map With Cities is a great tool for those who travel a lot for
business or pleasure.

6. Word Search

Word Search Game is a simple but powerful tool that lets you
create and add your own word search puzzles to your website quickly and easily.

The game doesn’t require any installation and comes with a comprehensive help file explaining each step
for uploading the script and getting the game up and running.

Word Search Game

Best features:

  • manage game options with the admin interface
  • use any alphabet or even numbers
  • compatible with all browsers and IOS mobile devices
  • easy to install
  • and much more

Word Search Game
is a great way to keep visitors to your site engaged and
entertained.  You can try it before you
buy it by checking out the live preview.

7. Responsive

There’s no
shortage of grid systems for building webpages on the market, but the Responsive
HTML5 CSS Grid wins the popular vote for creating a grid that makes it easy to
get a website up and running in the shortest possible time.

The grid, which is
compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 10/11 as well as iOS and Android systems,
wins high ratings from its customers, and as one says:

“This is a perfect
tool … wish I’d looked for it before today!! Saves sooo much time.. thanks!”

Responsive HTML5 CSS Grid

Best features:

  • column variations
  • use fluid columns or
    add margins
  • stack columns on
  • four header options: static, fixed, sticky, or reveal
  • three navigation
    options: right, left, or centre
  • and much more

HTML5 CSS Grid is the perfect grid for beginners and more
experienced developers looking for a simple grid to build a website quickly and

8. Canvas Puzzle

Canvas Puzzle is a neat HTML5 game that once installed
allows users to upload images from their desktop to create puzzles of 16 to 100
pieces in size. 

Compatible with all modern browsers, Canvas Puzzle allows
you to redirect visitors to another page, for example a signup page, once
they’ve solved the puzzle.

Canvas Puzzles

Best features:

  • simple and clean design
  • use any image
  • shuffle the puzzle when app is loaded
  • choose the default number of pieces
  • disable rotation of the puzzle pieces
  • and much more

Like the Word Search
game, Canvas Puzzle
is another great way to keep visitors to your site engaged. There’s also a live preview that you simply
must take for a test drive. You won’t regret it.

9. Ultimate
PHP, HTML5 & AJAX Contact Form

If you have a website, you need a contact form, and you can’t
go wrong with the ever popular Ultimate PHP, HTML5 & AJAX Contact Form.
Easy to integrate into your PHP site, this contact form uses Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attack prevention
and is Google reCAPTCHA capable.

“The best money I have
spent in ages, saved me hours of work.”

Ultimate PHP HTML5  AJAX Contact Form

Best features:

  • required field
  • repeat submission
  • CSS animations on
    messaging and active field
  • supports file
    uploads to attach to email
  • optional success
    custom page redirect
  • and much more

If you’re in the
market for a contact form, then look no further than the Ultimate
PHP, HTML5 & AJAX Contact Form.

10. HTML5
Video & YouTube Background

HTML5 Video and YouTube Background allows you to configure
your videos as you like using a number of layouts, and customisable options.
This HTML5 project comes with several
demos for easy setup.

HTML5 Video and YouTube Background

Best features:

  • automatically
    generated thumbnails for YouTube
  • skip intro option
  • optional deep linking with jQuery address
  • clean video with
    no other screen
  • and much more

Video & YouTube background is an excellent choice if you want more control over how your YouTube videos look.


These 10
popular HTML5 projects for you to use and study are by no
means the only ones available at Envato
Market. So if you haven’t found anything here that meets your needs,
we have plenty of other great options on offer.

And if you want to improve your HTML5 skills, check out our
ever so useful free HTML5 tutorials.

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