10 Free Dashboard Templates for WordPress

Free dashboard templates for WordPress are easy to find online. What is great about WordPress as a content management platform is that there are various themes and templates to choose from.  There are communities that offer free resources for many WordPress admin features. The WordPress website itself offers downloads for templates, themes, and plugins that are free of charge.

The dashboard is an essential feature of WordPress. Basically, it is where website managers control and monitor their websites. This panel is where content could be created and managed. Functionality can also be improved through the use of varied plugins. For instance, website managers could see the performance of their content, the comments, and even traffic from readers. In fact, managers could use the admin panel to oversee what other users (e.i. writers, editors, etc) could see and control. The dashboard is very easy to customize as almost everything is editable – from the menu down to the widgets.

Here are some free dashboard templates for WordPress:


Fancy Admin UI


Material Admin Theme

White Label CMS

Frontend Dashboard


Absolutely Glamorous Custom Admin 

Ultimate Dashboard

MainWP Dashboard

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