Comparative Responsive Pricing Tables

10 Elegant CSS Pricing Tables for Your Latest Web Project

Pricing tables are an important tool for businesses promoting and selling their products or services on their website. As such they need to be simple
and attractive in design, to highlight the most important information
about each product or service and to clearly differentiate between available
features, options and costs so that potential customers find it easy and
intuitive to choose the most
appropriate plan for their needs.

Here we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most tastefully
designed CSS pricing tables to be found at CodeCanyon. Some are quite minimalist in
their design, others provide a dizzying range of options, and others still take
a somewhat more creative approach to design and function. No matter what you’re
looking for, you’re bound to find a pricing table here that will suit your

1. Comparative
Responsive Pricing Tables

Comparative Responsive Pricing Tables offers a wide array of
options for designing your pricing tables. Users can select any of 13 unique
designs which they can then customise in variety of ways with a selection of
hover animations, colour schemes, tooltips, etc. These tables, which are fully
responsive, use Font Awesome icons and are also cross-browser compatible.

Customers reviewing this product have described it as a “very
good product that comes with premium service.”

Comparative Responsive Pricing Tables

Best features:

  • 13 unique designs
  • tooltips with text and lists
  • multiple colour themes for each design
  • three types of hover animation
  • and much more

Responsive Pricing Tables is exactly what you need if you’re looking for feature-rich
design options for creating your pricing tables.

2. CSS3
Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables

CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables is a
CodeCanyon bestseller and for good reason. Like Comparative Responsive Pricing
Tables above, it offers a wide range of highly customisable design options from
simple static tables to tables with sliding columns, crossfade animation
columns, various hover features and tables with images. It also offers browsers
support for the six most popular browsers on the market.

Customers like these pricing tables because they say they’re
very flexible and “well designed for any kind of comparison with multiple
adjustment options.”

CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables

Best features:

  • admin panel with live configuration
  • 20 predefined colour versions
  • unlimited number of columns and rows
  • ability to set different width values and font sizes for each
  • and much more

A solid performer CSS3
Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables will hold its place in the
pricing tables market for years to come.

3. Responsive
Multi Style Bootstrap Pricing Tables

Responsive Multi Style Bootstrap Pricing Tables is another
good choice for users looking for pricing tables that offer a wide range of
design possibilities.

Responsive Multi Style Bootstrap Pricing Tables comes with three different attractive designs, and each design can be configured in several different ways
using 20 different colour schemes. Users can decide whether they want to use
the pricing tables with or without Bootstrap.

Responsive Multi Style Bootstrap Pricing Tables

Best features:

  • three different designs
  • 20 colour themes for each design
  • hover effects
  • tooltips
  • Font Awesome icons
  • and much more

Multi Style Bootstrap Pricing Tables is not a WordPress plugin; however, WordPress
users can purchase a WordPress version.

4. Pure
CSS Responsive Pricing Tables for WordPress

Pure CSS Responsive Pricing Table for WordPress is a
Bootstrap integrated plugin for WordPress that provides users with 15
predefined themes which are easy to use, highly customisable, and provide unlimited
colours and styles to fit into your existing WordPress theme.

Support for the plugin is provided via email and includes answering
technical questions about the item’s features and assistance with reported bugs
and issues.

The Pure CSS Responsive Pricing Table for WordPress

Best features:

  • create unlimited tables
  • drag and drop column and row sorting
  • PayPal integrated
  • Google Fonts supported
  • and much more

Around since 2015, Pure
CSS Responsive Pricing Tables for WordPress has
been consistently updated to keep it a crowd favourite.

5. Pricing—Responsive
CSS3 Pricing Table

Pricing—Responsive CSS3 Pricing Table is the latest pricing
table plugin to arrive on CodeCanyon. It’s fully responsive, build on the
Bootstrap framework and compatible with Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge, and
IE10 and IE11 browsers.

These pricing tables are fully customisable but do not offer
a wide variety of styling choices, so will appeal to users looking to create
tables with simple and clean, yet attractive design.

Responsive CSS3 Pricing Table

Best features:

  • responsive and mobile-friendly layout
  • month/year pricing toggle included
  • button CSS3 effect, hover CSS3 effect
  • and much more

With its stripped-back design, Pricing—Responsive
CSS3 Pricing Table is definitely the newcomer to watch.

6. Great
Pricing Tables Framework

Another newcomer to CodeCanyon, Great Pricing Tables
Framework’s strength is its simplicity and ease of use.

The plug features a responsive design and three style variations.
Like the other plugins featured here, it uses standard HTML5 and CSS3
technology and has wide cross-browser compatibility.

Great Pricing Tables Framework

Best features:

  • easy
    to use
  • responsive design
  • Font Awesome included
  • Bootstrap supported
  • and much more

Pricing Tables Framework may not offer a
lot of features, but its very clean and simple approach to pricing table design
is definitely its strength.

7. 7
Responsive Flat Bootstrap Pricing Tables

7 Responsive Flat Bootstrap Pricing Tables provides users
with seven distinctly different pricing tables in a minimalist style.

These tables support Bootstrap, with a promised Bootstrap 4
update coming later this year as well as free CSS and jQuery updates in the
future. Customers praise the pricing table’s  “sleek and modern design” that you “can copy and paste
straight onto my site”.

7 Responsive Flat Bootstrap Pricing Tables

Best features:

  • minimalist
  • responsive
  • horizontal
    and well as vertical tables
  • and
    much more

If clean and classic is what you’re looking for, then 7
Responsive Flat Bootstrap Pricing Tables is the right choice for you.

8. Round
Pricing Tables

Pricing Tables is quite a unique offering among this list of pricing
tables as it offers round pricing tables instead of rectangular ones.

prices are displayed in each circle and when visitors move their mouse over each
circle, the list of features offered is displayed. Customers who’ve bought this pricing table
found that it is an excellent product with “good code” that “doesn’t conflict with
others, and is easy to edit.”

Round Pricing Table

Best features:

  • creative design
  • CSS3 animations
  • Google and Font Awesome supported
  • cross browser support
  • and much more

Pricing Tables obviously
won’t appeal to every user, but for those users with less information to display
and who are looking for a more creative approach to pricing tables, this
pricing table is ideal.

9. Hexagon CSS Pricing Table

The Hexagon CSS
Pricing Table is another pricing table that uses a cool and clever design to bring
a bit of pizazz to your site.

Like Round
Pricing Tables, this pricing table challenges the
tradition pricing tables model, in this case by using hexagons instead of rectangles. Comparative prices are displayed in each hexagon, and when visitors hover over each hexagon, details of each pricing plan
are revealed through any number of different animation effects.

 Hexagon CSS Pricing Table

Best features 

  • 16 different hover styles
  • 12 different colour schemes
  • cool animation effects
  • Google Font and Font Awesome supported 
  • and much more

As is the case with the Round Pricing Table Features, Hexagon
CSS Pricing Table will appeal to users who are open to a more creative approach to pricing tables.

10. CSS Pricing Tables

CSS Pricing Tables has been trending recently on
CodeCanyon, probably because users are drawn to its uncomplicated
design. The plugin uses one design but allows users to customise the colours schemes used to create the right look for their site.

CSS Pricing Tables

Best features:

  • responsive design
  • hover effect
  • 361 icons included
  • easy to use
  • and much more

CSS Pricing Tables may not offer enough styling options for many users, but for those looking to get pricing tables up and ready to go in the shortest possible time, these tables are a great choice. 


These 10 elegant CSS pricing tables for your latest web project are by no means the only ones available at Envato
Market. So if you haven’t found anything here that meets your needs,
we have plenty of other great options on offer.

And if you want to improve your CSS skills, check out our
ever so useful free CSS

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