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10 Days of Freebies From Envato Tuts+

What better way to celebrate ten years of Envato Tuts+, than with a fantastic selection of freebies and resources for our community? Join us as we take a look at how Tuts+ has changed over the last ten years, and share a selection of free courses, templates, eBooks, graphics, and lots more.

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10 Years of Tuts+

Not many of you will remember when Tuts+ used to look like this! But at its core, Tuts+ remains focused on exactly the same thing we started out doing. We’re teaching technical and creative skills, helping people grow in their careers. In the past decade, we’ve:

  • Published over 24,000 tutorials (and 15,000 translations)
  • Published over 1,000 video courses
  • Grown from one topic (Photoshop) to nine topics
  • Re-built our entire platform three times (with countless re-designs!)
  • Grown our team from one, to fourteen, fantastic editors and experts
  • Worked with over 1,800 talented instructors and translators

10 Days of Freebies

This month, we’re doing something a bit special to celebrate the ten year anniversary of Envato Tuts+. We’ll have a selection of “10” themed content in Design & Illustration, as well as a fantastic promotion featuring ten days of freebies.

What will we be giving away? We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but you can look forward to a selection of:

  • Free courses and videos
  • Graphics, backgrounds, icons, and brushes
  • Presentation templates
  • Exclusive eBooks
  • And much more!

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Thank You!

We’ve had an incredible ten years creating tutorials, courses, eBooks, quizzes, learning guides, and so much more. We know it’s had a wonderful impact on many of you, changed lives, and helped further countless careers.

Thank you for reading Tuts+, subscribing to watch our courses, commenting, sharing, and being part of Envato’s incredible community of creators.

Here’s to the next ten years!

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