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10 Best PHP Instagram Scripts & Widgets

Whether you’re using
Instagram for business or pleasure, it’s a great way to make new friends,
customers, or fans. Doing the work of getting your account before as many
eyes as possible, however, can be time-consuming, and since we all have the same limit to the hours of
the day, any tool that saves us time and helps us to use Instagram more
efficiently and effectively is bound to be invaluable.

Today, I’m taking a
look at the 10 best PHP Instagram scripts and widgets available at CodeCanyon.
Some will help you automate routine functions, others help you break through
the barrier to downloading images and videos from Instagram, and others still
help you do a range of tasks like creating e-postcards from Instagram photos.

Automation Tools

1. Nextpost Instagram

Automation tools can
save an enormous amount of time, and Nextpost
Instagram is just such a time-saver. 

Nextpost Instagram

First, it allows you to manage your
Instagram account or multiple accounts from a single panel, and secondly you can
use it to schedule posts into the
future. Nextpost is easy to install and has a mobile responsive design.

2. VTGram

is another time-saving tool that carries more features than Nextpost. With
VTGram, users can auto-post photos, stories and videos on their Instagram
account using the schedule feature. You
can also use hashtags, locations and/or usernames to find posts you’re
interested in and auto-like or leave an auto-comment on those posts with one


VTGram also allows
you to auto-follow users based on a hashtag they use, their location, or their
username. You can auto follow back users who have just followed you and can
send them a pre-determined direct message. Finally, the tool
will auto unfollow users automatically based on specified criteria. 

User Gasmania says
of VTGram:

“Great product in
every sense! The creator is always in contact and ready to help. This tool is
the best in the market.”

3. Gram

Like the other two
tools featured in this section, Gram
Post allows users to manage one or multiple Instagram accounts by auto-posting
photos, videos and stories to multiple profiles. It has the additional
advantage, however, of providing reports on the success or failure of each post.

Gram Post

User SiriusDM says
of GramPost:

“This is an awesome
script and works exactly how it is supposed to. Great work!”

4. Warbler

If you use Facebook,
Twitter and Instagram and you find it time-consuming juggling all three, then Warbler
may be the best automation tool for you. Warbler helps you organise your social
media accounts. 


First, it saves time by helping you select specific times you
want to post, so you never have to think about the best time again, and your
audience knows when to expect a post from you. 

Next, it allows you to post on
multiple channels and to track when your content will be sent out. Best of
all, it helps you manage unlimited clients with multiple social media accounts
from a single dashboard.


5. Instagram Downloader Script

Even with permission from the copyright holder, downloading
images from Instagram is neither easy nor simple—that is until Instagram
Downloader Script arrived on the scene. 

 Instagram Downloader Script

With one click, this simple, lightweight script allows you to download photos and videos to your hard drive for use in an online exhibition, a feature on a website, or for whatever other purposes you’ve gained permission to use the image.

User EnthusiastEdge

“Love this script!
Super simple and to the point. Very easy to add your own style too. Highly
recommend to anyone who just needs a straight forward Instagram downloader.”

6. Instagram Multiple Photo and Video

If you need to
download several photos or videos from Instagram, the Instagram
Multiple Photo and Video Downloader is a great choice as it lets you
download multiple images and videos with a single click. 

Instagram Multiple Photo and Video Downloader

All you need to do is paste the targeted
Instagram post links into the downloader, hit the download button, and the
downloader will add your images to a ZIP file. This is a great way to back up
all the images and videos in your Instagram account.

7. Instagram
Video/Image Downloader with Ajax 

Video/Image Downloader with Ajax is another downloader that supports
single and multiple image and video downloads from a single Instagram post via
post URLs.  

Instagram VideoImage Downloader with Ajax

The tool uses the Bootstrap Framework and comes
with excellent documentation.

Mixed Tools

8. Instapostcards

Instagram is all about images, and what better way to share
your love of the world’s greatest image gallery than to turn the images you
most love into email postcards and share them with friends?


allows you to select any Instagram user or a hashtag you fancy, view and select
a photo you like, compose a message to go with it, and send it to a person of
your choosing via email. The tool doesn’t require any external API to connect
to Instagram but uses the Minibots PHP class, which is included in the package.

9. Instagram Connect and API Integration

Most people know
about using Facebook or Google+ to log into various accounts, but now by adding Instagram Connect and API Integration script to your website, Instagram users can also log in with their Instagram

Instagram Connect and API Integration

The script also allows users to display their Instagram stats, including their followers list and the photos and videos they’ve posted.

10. BioLink

Instagram allows
only one link from your Instagram account, which can be very frustrating if you
want to take advantage of a large following to promote different services you
offer or if you want to share content on several sites. 


provides a workaround to this problem. Users register and create an account on
BioLink’s dedicated website, where they can add as many links to relevant sites
as they want to. They can then add their custom profile URL from this site to
their Instagram bio, guaranteeing that when a visitor clicks on the link, they
will then be guided to the webpage containing multiple links.

User d3rd4
says of BioLink:

“I am very happy
with this product and support. Fabian is an honest and helpful developer.
BioLink has good design and it is open to upgrade.”


These 10 best
PHP Instagram scripts and widgets just
scratch the surface of products available at Envato
Market, so if none of them fit your needs, there are plenty of other great
options you may prefer.

And if you want to
improve your PHP skills, check out the ever so useful free PHP tutorials we have
on offer.

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