10 Best iOS News App Templates

In an age of information overload, news apps are the perfect solution to help people cut through the daily noise and get to the news they really want. 

The best news app templates organise news into a few broad categories, allow users to save news stories they want to read later in a favourites list, and have a powerful search feature that helps them find relevant news stories quickly and easily. 

If you’re not an experienced developer but you have an idea for a news app that you want to create, here are ten of the best iOS news app templates available from the wide selection at CodeCanyon. 

App templates are ideal for novice coders because they already have core functions implemented for you so that you can customise the app easily and add the elements you most prefer to the app’s code to create the product you want.  

Whether you’re interested in building a news app from posts on your own website, creating an app for a localised news source, or pulling together all major news sources into one handy app, there’s an iOS news app template here for you.

1. iOS News App

Create your own news app with the iOS News App template. Developed using Swift 3, the template provides developers with clean and commented code and is easy to configure. 

iOS News App

Some of the template’s best features are its great user interface, ability to add unlimited categories and unlimited news to related categories, push notifications, powerful search, and the ability to share news stories via social media.

User Rushikeshk9 says:

“The author resolved my issue ASAP.  He personally took control of my Mac through Teamviewer to assist me. I would definitely recommend buying products from ViaviWeb. The application is the best one could get for this price.” 

2. Feedews

Looking for the perfect RSS feed reader news app template? Feedews may be just the thing you’ve been searching for. The template helps coders develop their own RSS feed reader app that pulls news stories from whichever sources the end user selects and puts them in one place.


Feedews also allows users to organise news into different categories, and users can share articles to social networks and by email. This highly customisable app template is written in Swift. 

User Kurdcode says:

“Well designed and documented.”

3. One Place

Developed in Objective-C, One Place is an RSS reader app template featuring a unique layout that allows end users an at-a-glance overview of news items in their feed. If the user then wants to read more about a specific news item, they can tap on it and a new screen pops up with the full news story. 

One Place

Users can also use a link to the news story to view the source website without leaving the app, and they can share the selected news item with any social media app installed on their device. Google AdMob support is included with the app template, so developers can make revenue out of this app.

4. Global

Global is more of a radio app template than a strictly news app template, but I think it earns a place here because it’s a great template for developers looking to create a dedicated radio news app. Written using Swift 3, Global’s features include unlimited radio stations, news module, push notification, and the ability to add, edit and delete categories.


User od040491 says:

“Great app and support! The best Radio App at CodeCanyon! This one includes everything I need and works great!”

5. YouNews

YouNews app template is ideal for those looking to create their own news app to keep followers, clients and/or customers updated with news about their business. Administrators of the app can easily add and edit news items via the Parse Dashboard, and their additions and changes will be displayed right away in the app.


User WeecomCA says:

“Amazing app with a great support! Very easy to customise the app with your colors and brand.”

6. My TV App

With the My TV App template, developers can create an app that allows users to stream TV news channels right on their iPhones and other Apple devices. Written with Swift 3 in Xcode 8, the template’s source code comes with three different versions. 

My TV App

There’s a version specifically for use with local stations that allows developers to insert specific channels into the .plist file. Or developers can add every single channel on the free Back4App server, which uses Parse as the back end. 

In a final version, a bulk playlist is uploaded via one file which includes all of the channels and source code parses from the file. This allows developers to modify the app for local TV channels, quickly and easily. The interface for MyTV App is simple and clean, and no coding is needed to set up the app from the template. 

7. MultiPurpose News

MultiPurpose News app template helps developers create a news app capable of capturing news stories in text, images, or video. Developed with Swift 2, the template organises items in categories and subcategories determined by the developer.  

MultiPurpose News

The end user can organise stories under their own favourite categories, can like, unlike or dislike items, discover what news stories are trending, and much more. 

8. PSNews

PSNews has only been on the market for a few months, but it promises to become a serious contender in the iOS news app templates category. The Swift app allows developers to build their app in just a few hours. 


Like the other news app templates here, news stories are organised in categories created by the developer, but PSNews also adds an editor’s pick category as well as trending and recent news categories. PSNews also has a powerful search function which allows end users to find stories quickly and easily, as well as the usual push notifications and the ability to share news stories on social media. 

User  pascalsegers2212 

“Not only a great app with complete backend and news site, the customer service is GREAT and fast. Thank you so much!”

9. appyWP

If you run a WordPress blog that is news rich and want to reach a larger audience by turning your blog into a news app, appyWP is the answer for you. AppyWP is quite different from the other app templates featured here because instead of drawing news from various sources, it allows users to turn their WordPress website into a news feed just by inserting their website URL into the template. News stories can be organised by category just like with other news app templates, and the app is AdMob ready.


User Ahmeric says:

“Thanks for great customer support. The product is working properly.”

10. NewsAmp

NewsAmp is a simple and easy-to-use app template that helps developers create a news reader app of minimalist design. End users are able to save articles in a collection which they can read later and share with others. They can also view news by category, by top articles, or by latest articles, and they can arrange articles by list or grid. 



These top 10 iOS news app templates are just a small selection of the news app templates we have available at CodeCanyon, so if none of them quite fits your needs, there are plenty of other great options to choose from.

And if you want to improve your skills building iOS apps and templates, then check out some of our other posts on app templates and iOS app development!

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